Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Selamat hari Lahir Umi

A belated birthday cake for my Umi who celebrated her birthday on Dec 17. Since we were going back, I decided to bake one for her.

this is the chocolate fruit cake which I had accidentally poured a scoop of cocoa powder mixture into it, but the taste, was not affected at all.

I had finished packing, the BEN 10 was already been picked up by ana and we were ready to leave when I saw my fruit cake still bare! naked! no deco whatsoever on top.
know what I did? took the ready to roll fondant, makde the base and luckily there were a few roses left, nozzled out thepink buttercream where I wanted to place the roses and made some leaves with the green buttercream. all that was done in less than five minutes

wrapped with red ribbon with gold hearts, placed it in another box and put it in the car and off we went on our journey back to Kelate.
after a nonstop five hour driving along the east west highway, we reached my parents' house at 3.30 pm. The cake was safe and sound inside the box and I happily and proudly presented it to my Umi.
Selamat Hari Lahir Umi, love you heaps, more than words can express.

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