Thursday, August 9, 2012

Orchid itu menawan

suka nyer.....

I was already at the counter, getting my card from my purse to make the payment for my purchase of the goodies from the shop when I received the call. 8 hampers for tomorrow for very very important people. However , there were not many choices there, very limited . I opt for this basket ( plain looking white rattan look basket) and with the help of the shop assistant got myself a selection of orchids, ribbons, etc to decorate the basket with.
lagi suka, lapan kali suka.... sebab lapan bakul.......

lagi suka....
the goodies inside, all home made fresh from my oven, I like also.....

eight basket with eight different designs
yang ni ke kanan
yang ni pulak ke kiri...

All eight baskets filled with goodies, ready for pick up at 9.30 am, which I managed to complete by 8 am ( less than 24 hours notice)...
thank you Sue and SSI.Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan AlMubarak and soon, Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidil fitri.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

the smell of rendang daging, ketupat is getting stronger..

12th day of Ramadhan, time flies and we are already in the second week of our fasting month. Mothers busy looking for new garments ,clothes and shoes for their children,fathers,  probably visiting the nearest cars showroom ,to replace the old car with brand new one maybe ,no no, that should be done months earlier because cars are not like shoes or handbags where you can buy them off the shelves,right? They need time to be delivered to you.but I got mine ( last year) on the first day of Ramadhan,just one month before Eid, others celebrate raya with new 'baju' but,me,new,beaming machine on wheels....and that also became my birthday present,and my anniversary gift, last year and this year too!!! but who's complaining.Alhamdulillah, we should always be grateful with what was bestowed upon us.
This one I like,( like only but can't join those crowds...huhu...) those with plenty of RM to spare ( mind you, the price of gold is quite high these days, not like it used to)would flock to the nearest Jewellery stores, Pak H*b*b ke ,P*h K*ng ke, Wan H*ssin ke, doesn't matter what the name of the Goldsmith is. Speaking of  high price, one decent looking bracelet which cost say, around RM1000 2-3 years back could easily reach RM3000 or RM4000 nowadays. Seriously!
but hey, there are other options where you can please your loved ones, not only through diamond,gold and bling bling, but  in this case, not so much of a loved one but someone equally important, in different ways. Even the most difficult to please mother in law would be smiling or grinning ear to ear, receiving this wonderful basket of home made goodies this coming eid festival. 
A basketfull of home made brownies and cookies, three types of each. There are MCB,marble cheese brownies, BWW, brownies with walnut and LB,luxury brownies ( kalau LV kan best..hehe..) and cookies, thefamous ( famous to me! ) CCC, chocolate chip cookies,sweet smelling SC, semolina /suji cookies and the cookies with all kinds of powders in it, with green tea powder ( the price is like a bomb!! very explosively expensive), ice cream powder, rice flour, corn flour, name whatever flour you like, and they are in the there, none other than the GT, ice cream green tea cookies. 

something simple yet still as delectable and scrumptious, this BWW in  small transparent boxes as gifts
Even with just a single ribbon tied around it changed the appeareance and make it presentable and suitable as 'buah tangan'.
Add a simple note with the Hari Raya wishes, complete the final touch of this hamper. 
Thank you Nani for making me part of your kind gesture in giving these hampers/basketful of goodness and those mini BWW. Wishing you and family "Selamat Berpuasa ' and a Happy hari Raya. 


zue, ada kat mana?
KL ke?
taklah, HSB
siapa sakit?
my SIL
I nak hantar durian ni?Ada orang tak di rumah?
durian kampung ke? Ada, anak anak ada di rumah, nanti Zue suruh Tsara' buka pagar.
when it comes to durian kampung, I would not refuse, and this good friend , a friend of my husband knows that we both like durian kampung, the small ones , small inside but sooo tasty. I don't like the big sized durian with big isi inside and the big seed, i prefer the ones from my father's little dusun in kelantan, makan sepuluh bijik pun takpe sebab isi kecik and tak banyak, but the taste is heavenly......orang kata, kalu mak mertua lalu kat belakang pun tak sedar.....orang kata, bukan saya kata.....hehe......
terima kasih daun keladi
kalau ada, hantar lagi......


edibleimage of our creepy crawlie friend who likes to swing from one building to another, on a 9 inch chocolate moist cake covered with chocolate ganache
and here's another friend of his, the real spider, well, fondant spider friend.
thank you Sue!


simple, sweet, romantic......what else? how elese can I describe this cake?
soothing, calming, blissful, 
whatever it is, I am glad i was asked to do this, it is just beautiful ( and so I said, and i will say it again and again......hehe...)
thank you Balkis dear