Sunday, May 31, 2009

Renjis-renjis dipilis...part 3

I nak tukar lah, instead of the roses ( in full bloom ) in chocolate colour, make it roses yes,keep the colour but gulung, just like the one you made earlier ( the purple one ) . I am already prepared for this statement cos I knew that she's gonna like it. I quite like these cute tiny rolled roses too, not that difficult to make (dunno if it's the correct way of doing it butI just do it my way )but a bit tedious in the arranging part, with it being too tiny to be placed on the tiny cupcakes
My friend's second set of brownies but this time , 140 pieces. Instead of just the red hearts on the brownies ( for the first two) , i decided to experiment with other toppings pulak. the third brownies I just add some tiny blossoms ...not bad....

the fourth and the last one, I decided to still use the red heart but this time accompanied by the tiny cute......blissful......despite the late hours, I am satisfied, this passion of mine really keeps me crazy for is so fulfilling.....

Saturday, May 30, 2009


" Zue, buat BEN 10, simple2 je, bagi ada muka BEN 10 and tulis Happy Birthday, tak payah write their age. nak buat untuk dua2 sekali., "

I came across BEN 10 cake in sugarpink icing before ( very nicely done Shashue! ), so I guess this BEN 10 is inspired by her, except that mine is not 100% fondant. A 9"/ about 1.4kg chocolate cake layered and glazed with ganache using buttercream as the green and white grass border and using fondant for BEN 10 image and alphabets.

Adam is 8 and Aliff is 14. Mummy dearest really love you guys. She went out to collect this cake without telling them that she's collecting this birthday cake for them. It's a surprise for the boys! I made the Snow White cake earlier for her one and only daughter ( tak nak tambah another princess ke Zah?) Thanx for giving me the opportunities to be creative (trying to be )and to try new things.
To Adam and Aliff, Happy Belated Birthday, be good sons to your Mum and Dad. thank you Zah......

Friday, May 29, 2009

Renjis renjis dipilis...part 2

I finally did it! ( this time it's not kuah laksa.. ( from my other blog )

My first two tiered wedding cake ,100% done by me, myself and I. Have been having butterflies, jittery thinking of making this cake, but alhamdulillah, I pull through. I am quite pleased with the result, just hope that my customer will appreciate it too. ( she came to collect these cakes this afternoon and was very pleased with it.)

Additional cupcakes to complement the wedding cakes, still maintain the colour and the design.

a set of vanilla cuppies with buttercream

decided to add three green leaves on the sides.

a set of chocolate cupies with ganache . I just hought I'd add a blossom to each cupcake. , these 50 cuppies were then individually packaged in a cup with dome cover to be gven to their guests.

The whole set, 100 pcs of brownies with walnut , two tier wedding cake with complimentary cupcakes with gold butterfly nd two sets of cupcakes

Renjis-renjis dipilis....

....ditepungi lah tawar,
hai beras pulut ditabur,
disiram si air mawar....

pabila sedang bersanding, janganlah suka menjeling,
menjadi raja sehari, tersenyum ,nampak berseri.

It's that tme of year, not the mega sale but the school holidays is coming which means Tok kadis and tok imams, wedding planners will be very busy, there'll be many couples building a mosque each, two hearts will be joined into one, exchanging vows, promises to be together, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health...... I do ....( ni orang putih punya style ).

these yellow roses are no exception. This is a continuation of the roses order from this lady. I have yet to make her a set of brown or chocolate coloured roses and possibly another set of maroon, yet to be confirmed. One thing for sure , roses will not be out of season here, it's roses all year round at Zue's Oven or whenever or whatever your heart desire. Just give me a tinkle and say out all your wishes and your wish is my command ( setakat yang termampu dan terdaya ).

I have seen these spiral roses before...tapi di mana ya....rasa2nya Rani did mention to me about her making these rose gulung, not only you can roll popia, or swiss roll, but you can also roll these cute, tiny and sweet roses.Some people write their names on rocks or carved on tree trunks but some people want it done on cupcakes!

A set of brownies with walnut duly packaged, yellow roses and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting with the bride and the groom's names on them.
Congratulations Miza on your wedding, may you live happily ever after like Cinderella did.
thank you rosnani madam for this order.What a delightful experience peparing this order .

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dareen Anas is One, Oreo Choc Cheesecake

Dareen, a very lovely name, as lovely as her mum and presumably as charming as her Dad....It was less than a year ago, that she was this tiny infant barely a week old and now she is one year old, or should i say one year young....time sure does fly....

"Kak Zue, kedai kek ( referring to my Zue's Oven , kedai tak dak lagi ) bukak tak, nak order kek oreo" was the question after salam was made.
"Always open my dear, except masa tidoq, nak ambik bila ni?
"Esok boleh tak?"
Fortunately, my schedule is not that tight and i can accomodate to this request, furthermore all the ingredients needed for this cheesecake are there so, no worries here.

My mind started working, re-playing all the designs and decos that i have made and came across. There is not much that can be done on an oreo choc cheesecake. I saw my ladybirds collection, so I thot, why don't I just spell out her name on top of each ladybird. ( I should have used a brighter cololur here )
This is the result, simple, minimal yet ...nice..... , I hope Anas and Diana will like it, as for Dareen, here's aunty zue wishing you a Happy Birthday, may you grow to be anak yang solehah.

anas and diana, thanx for trusting me with this cheesecake. Stay cool....

new pattern on my marble cheese brownies

"Pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang"

was how I felt upon receiving this sms from this ever so supportive lady, despite receiving it at the wee hours of the nite, 11.30 pm? She wanted it by noon tomorrow, that makes it exactly 12 hours and thirty minutes to collection time. Me, being me, always wait till late to start my baking and i was in the midst of preparing the oreo choc cheesecake ( Dareen's ) , and earlier I had this idea / a new design/ pattern to draw on my marble cheesecake so she gave me just what I needed, in a way i should thank her for this opportunity.
How's that? It's just a simple curly wurly lines with dots and more curls and swirls but it is something different as compared to the usual ones that i did before.
can't help but must take a close up on this pattern....suka sangat ( syok sendiri lah pulak.. :) )
cut into bite size as requested and ready to be enjoyed by Linda and her family.Wishing your hubby and mum " Selamat mengerjakan umrah".

thanx beb, for materialising my idea.Enjoy and savour this cheesey curly wurly chocolatey brownies.
Eh! Apa ini?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Haridz Irfan's Barney and Friends Birthday Cake

The presents ready..
next, place the picture on my 2kg chocolate cake
sprinkle some colourful sugar decoration
Taraaa! My first 2kg birthday cake. Told you there'd be many" first' in this newly found passion of mine. Like they said, " the first is always the most wonderful, is it not? First love, First night?....18sx, first kiss ( with our hubbies, okay...), first baby, first word from your baby, first house, first in class, and the list goes on.

Sheyna, the sweet Mum of Haridz Irfan is in KL and so we exchanged calls and e-mails. She's coming back to Alor Star to celebrate her son's birthday here. Thank you Sheyna for trusting me with this Barney and friends birthday cake. Hope your son and you and the family have a wonderful birthday celebration.

To Haridz Irfan, Happy 2nd birthday on 25th May! Be a good son , kay.By the way, sheyna, Happy birthday to you , kay cos actually it is your birthday, right?As any sweet and caring and wonderful mothers would do, they put their children's happiness first before theirs....

testimonials: extracted ( copied ) from sheyna's blog (27th may 2009):

I love the effort that has been put to do the deco for this cake. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Mek recommended Kak Zue to me. Thanx Kak Zue, Irfan suka sgt dengan kek Barney tu.

Note: Mek dear, if you are reading this, thank you.

Barney and friends- Irfan's mum's comment.

I 'd love to add sheyna's comment about this Barney cake and therefore her comment can be viewed via her blog at

Thanx Mek for showing me how to add this link, kak zue ni memang kurang arif sikit bab2 IT ni and thank you sheyna for the nice and kind words.

Birthday Cake for Mak Teh

I was on the phone with my sister, who is in Shah Alam , when my house phone rang.

"Happy Birthday To You", the person on the other end of the line was singing the happy birthday tune to me. It was my mak saudara ( hubby's side) or mak penakan, the Kedahan called it. That was yesterday, May 22nd. How sweet....She remembers my birthday, hers is today, 23rd May, just one day after mine. I've actually blocked in my diary, today's date and was planning to bake her a cake and so I did .

Actually I was feeling rather blue that Friday morning cos my other half was not here but with that call,and earlier, my sis mmsed me a cute birthday message, a happy birthday tune in Malay sung by a the very the cute..... and then, my Umi from KB also called and with all the birthday wishes that I received thru sms, shoutbbox, facebook and emails, they certainlly had brighten up my gloomy morning. The wonders of simple four words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU'" can do. Thank you all so much for making my day!

Tried using the sweetpeas deco as the border. This is Chocolate Moist Cake, courtesy from MakLang's blog. Thank you MakLang for sharing.

I planned to surprise her with the cake and so I went to Mak Teh's house in Jitra with my kids, just to deliver the cake to her. Fortunately I caught up with her just in time because she's on her way to her daughter's house in Napoh and they , Mak Teh and her other daughters asked me to join them there for makan2 .

It seems that one of her daughters' birthday is tomorrow, 24th may, so at her daughter's house, we , the three of us shared one cake for our birthdays, 22nd, 23rd and 24th May, all Geminian. Looks like, I have got my birthday cake after all!

To Mak Teh, Selamat Hari Lahir yang ke 60, semoga diberkati hidup ini dan berbahagia di samping anak2 dan cucu2 tersayang, tak lupa, anak saudara ini and cucu2 saudara ni jugak.....

Happy Birthday To You..and Me! May 22nd

We've never met, we've only just spoken a few times or maybe, once? over the phone, we exchanged smses and messages thru the shoutbox and e-mails and yet we have one thing in common.. we share the same birth's wishing you, Anis Cyberjaya, "Happy Birthday", May All our Dreams Come True, may Life Always Be Gentle With you.

Roses for "hantaran"

The first of many roses to come from this lady. This one is for her sister's child's wedding and I'll be doing yellow, maroon and chocolate roses after this. Roses are still in season at Zue's Oven.

10 pink? whatever the colour is, it is a beautiful colour, nothing can go wrong with individual cup with dome cover for hantaran purposes.

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Layarilah kehidupan Baru in dengan penuh kesabaran dan keharmonian

Thanx Madame Rosnani for this order.

Marble cheese brownies for hantaran

My first marble cheese brownies in a tiny basket for wedding hantaran.
The colour theme: maroon
The cake choice: marble cheese brownies
The event: akad nikah, as a hantaran for the groom to bring back to M'cca
The problem: me & my "keras tangan!" ( not kraf tangan)

Off I went to the wedding accessories shop in town and straight away I was greeted by the ever so friendly sales assistant, so i just told her what i wanted, 'please get me a transparent box ( to show off my lovely creations ), some laces, little flowers, drone..drone........everything in maroon, okay.

Quite frankly i wasn't so sure how maroon might look like, so when she came with all these maroon stuff, i sheepishly asked her, "these are maroon, yes? " If she said yes, then yes it is , after all she's the one who works there and she should know all the colours that is needed. I'm getting all confused after seeing so many shades of red these past few days, bright red ( which didn't turn out bright at all, X'mas red which is nowhere near Santa Claus coat colour,) no taste red, pink, violet,fushcia...

All set for me to start my "keras tangan" project. First, we prepare the basket, wrap nice silver lace around the edges, glued maroon flower and butterflies on both sides and done, now , the box
Just a simple deco, small rosette bouquet on top, make sure it doesn't block the view inside.
and voila! the end result. What do you think of my first project, 100% done by me, an inexperienced wedding hantaran boxes maker.Not bad, huh....insyaAllah with practise, my "keras tangan" will eventually turn into "lembut tangan" and I can proudly call my work, my hasil kraf tangan.
The balance, cut into bite size, decorated with tiny violet blossom , nicely placed in paper cups in another box
These are the two boxes ready. Wishing both the bride and the groom, "Selamat Pengantin Baru", may your journey as a couple be blessed.

To Zana, thank you for trusting me with this "hantaran" set.

Cupcakes Bidan Terjun..last minute maa....

"Kak Zue, Kak Zue ada kek extra tak?"
sorry dear, tak de tapi cupcakes adalah, choc mud and vanilla

Next came an sms, kami nak ambil 7.40 pm boleh tak?
I looked at my watch, it's 7.30 pm! Gosh!
The date : 18th May 2009
The result: As shown above .very the simple....

" Happy birthday Mek! Sweet xx ..... stay sweet, stay cute, love u just the way u are and to yang ambik ke ni pun, don't go changing,kay, stay as u are, beb....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The year was 1966.......the date was May 22nd....

who is this cute and adorable little girl?
this one is even cuter, with Mickey Mouse in her hand

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of them all?.......All babies are cute when they were young, aren't they?

The year was 1966. The date was May 22nd. According to the chinese calendar, it was the year of the horses. A little girl was born to a teacher and a housewife in a small village in a state famous for its lovely beaches and keropok and kain batik and wau bulan. She was their third child, then, only to be followed by five more siblings 8 years later and the years after.Now there are eight of them. She was the youngest to the couple for eight years only, but those eight wonderful years were enough to allow her to get the attention and pampering from her Abah and umi . She usually gets her way with things., but she wasn't spoilt much. Thanx to her five years of sudying at a school far away from home, where she was taught to be independent, and self-reliant person. If being away for five years from her family was not enough, she was then sent away again to further her studies to a place which took about twelve hours journey by flight to get there.

As time goes by, she grew up to be an independent woman ( or so she thinks , but her hubby thinks otherwise, hmmmmm.....). She now has three children of her own and she shares what the couple, her parents must have felt when they held her in their arms 43 years ago.Life has been like a roller coaster ride for her, there were sweet memories and there were not so sweet memories. She just want to thank Allah for being blessed with a good life , with a wonderful husband and three beautiful kids. . Another year older ( more grey hair and wrinkles ) but hopefully another year wiser. May she be blessed with good health and wealth and happiness today and always. She can only say thank you with soo much gratitude and "Syukur Alhamdulillah".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Biskut Batik

Biskut Batik, or kek batik to some people. That was what it was called when it was first introduced to me about eighteen years ago! Wow! has it been that long?

We, my housemates and a few others, went for a dinner at a friend's house somewhere in a place where you kind find Harrods, Selfridges, Madame Tussaud, Leicester Square, Buckingham Palace,St. James Park, Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Covent Garden, just to name a few. I wasn't exactly sure the name of the place. This is an old story, just to rekindle the moment, to remember the good times we had, the events, the people and the place which took place. We can never turn back the clock and we must always look forward, to the future but we keep the things of the past still close to our hearts especially when it involves the sweet memories of the friendship and the relationship that we had with our old friends. Those things should be treasured and kept in a very special place in our heart.

It was Christmas or sometime around X'mas. We weren't celebrating it but took that as an excuse to have our gathering. Besides other delicacies served and served in the finest bone china available, I guess this was the time when I knew about Royal Albert , the beautiful red roses designs on the plates, cups and saucers...beautiful and expensive too! i was a student then, so royal albert wasn't in the list of " things to buy" ( yet...)

There it was, as a dessert. Me, being curious and always wanting to try new things especially, then I wasn't much of a baker or a cook, anything delectable or delicious or yummylicious to my tastebud, I would try to get the recipe , wanting to try it myself. so I asked my friend and she willingly gave me.

tried it on my own, despite haven't actually seen or showed of how it was done, I did manage to get the taste and texture,perhaps needed more practise. So since then , have been and still am making this Biskut Batik at every available opportunities , birthdays, hari raya, kids' teachers days or just for makan2.It is a favourite with my kids.For that I thank you , Maizan for sharing this recipe with me....

Wanna have a bite? It's available at Zue's Oven a.k.a. cekmekzue....