Monday, November 28, 2011

pink and blue

'his' - blue and wwhite theme, from my previous design only change the colour and the wordings

and 'hers' - sweet pink and white, she chose my previous design too. thank you dearies...


it's been almost a week since her engagement when I suddenly received this text message from her:

"Salam kak zue, hani nie..thanx sgt sebab cupcake yang kak zue bt sgt cantek n yang penting SEDAP sgt.. T nak order utk wedding plak"

how sweet! and i am so glad that she likes them. thank you hanie and Azmir and Congratz on your engagement. Insyaallah ada rezeki, I'll look forward to that....

peacock colourcake and cupcakes

The colour theme was blue, striking or electric blue, purple and green, basically peacock colour, a totally unfamiliar colour to me for i always go for soft pastel colour, but those were the colours requested.

fortunately she's happy with them, the blue was exactly the same colour as her dress, the one that she's going to wear for the ocassion. These cupcakes on tier is the continuation to the cake which I prepared earlier

rainbow cake amd banana walnut cupcakes with peacock theme for the ceremony, a joyous and lively singing and dancing ceremony for the bride and her family only

Thank you Simran for trusting me with your cousin's wedding ceremony.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'Leica' cake

more grass.....

thank you Za, the lady wwho loves 'grass'.......

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From chennai wwith love

last minute drawing of the Man U logo because I find it a bit difficult to draww the shoes, believe it or not, shoes!! then again, but her initial order was for Man U, so i guess she finally got what she wanted...:-)

this vanila cake was for her nephew's 10th birthday, although she's not here to celebrate it with him and the whole family for she's far away in chennai, India ( just like the celebration for the other newphew ) but she took the trouble to order this cake and requested me to deliver it on her behalf.

thank you again Aslamah for your trust in me to make the cake for your family members, hopefully we can meet up the next time you come back for your holiday.

from Penang to Langkawi via alor Star

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rainbow cake driven to KL

An e-mail from unfamiliar address but familiar questions, "do i make this cake?" , "Do i make deliveries?," yes and yes. This is the beauty of doing this, i get to meet people, new people ( well, sometimes i don't even meet them in person, only in cyber space and they get to taste my cakes and sometimes they don't , because sometimes they are ordering these cakes not for themselves but for their loved ones, the special people in their lives or perhaps the intended special person, and I am glad that i am the one to connect these people.

He is in KL and wanted me to deliver this rainbow cake to KL too and could I do it? Of course I did and still do, I find the means, to try to fulfil other people's dreams and wishes and i too get connected with special people who make it possible for me to do this

there's a small cake inside the miniature cake which I had forgotten the flavour and also another cake inside the small gift box, which i had also forgotten its flavour:-)the teddy? no, ther's no cake inside teddy.......

can't resist one last time to snap a picture of this cake before I close the box:-(

boxed and ribboned before placing it in another modified box ( i couldn't find the right size box to fit the cake box , lined the box with a thin layer of paper first

sealed it and made a window on top of the box so that the person carrying this box will know that there's a special and fragile package inside, to be handled with the greatest care

and they had done a good job of it when I found out from Ikram that he received this cake in good condition.Teddy, thre mini cake and the gift box , with the rainbow cake arrived safely to its destination .

Thank you Ikram for trusting me with this cake to give to a special friend of yours, the pleasure of making this cake is all mine....thank you.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

gambar2 dulu....

will load some more photos later, layan dulu yang ni, story mory nanti dulu.......

red velvet as hantaran for engagement, thank you Shawwal and Farahplus this

chocolate moist cake 6 inches in layers of ganache and strawberry filling, covered with lilac buttercreamand just simple border deco for she wanted to put fresh flowers on top later

red velvet with cream cheese frosting individually packed , thank you farah and this MCB ( with one MAG- photo not included) is for Kak Tengku, thank you.

MAG- macaroni au gratin and lasagna, the former for Ita, thank you dear and
lasagna, she requested chicken lasagna, thank you Athira

oreo chocolate cheesecake, thank you Yong

ayam masak portugis, our lunch, it's been a while since I cooked this....yummmm.....

bluberry cheesetarts and brownies-for her realtives from Trengganu, thank you dear

MCB- marble cheese brownnies- three tiered,
my first three tiered MCB, thank you Pn Zarina, my neighbour

rainboww cake inside, rode on a bus to Pudu Central, thank you Ikram

carrot walnut- hantaran, blue and grey theme, thank you Za

red velvet wwith 'grass', she's so into grass, not her first request and it definitely isn't her last.....memang suka rumput betul this lady.......thank you Za