Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Teringin" pineapple pie

My first pineappple pie!thanks to Nas!
I've heard of apple pie, who hasn't.... pumpkin pie, treacle pie, and all sorts of pie but pineapple? There's pineapple jam tart, pineapple upside down cake, but pineapple pie?
therefore when Nas smsed me saying that she's "teringin" nak makan pineapple pie after seeing the apple pie ,here in my blog, I said, I could give it a try. I had made apple pie and I guess it wouldn't be much difference between the two, right?or so I thought....
to be sure, I looked up for the recipe and found a few in the internet. thanks to google and the power of the new technology. The aroma was soo good when it was baking in the oven and I thought I must have done it right but I haven't actually tasted it so I wouldn't really know what it tasted like.
I do hope that Nas would enjoy the pineaple pie with her family. thank you Nas for putting up to this challenge.
feedback from nas via sms:
" don't worry pie tu ok. ptg jumaat juga dh settle. Ada rsa manis pineapple & msam lemon. Pineapple pun byk. sedap..lpas ni bleh order lg. Kn nas dh cp, tgn k.zue tu magic. Thanx Kak.."

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