Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's unofficially official....

what is? My classes... my sharing of knowledge session., had commenced!

I was at my umi's house, drafting what I was going to write, my schedule and the module for the upcoming classes. Like I said, I was away fom my oven but not away from my sister's oven!
I asked her to take me to the shops here in Kota Bharu and see if they have something that i couldn't get in Alor Star but we ended up buying the ingredients for marble cheese brownies instead!

" looks like not the student is going to the teacher's house but the teacher is coming to the student's house" she said. she had been planning to come over to my house for quite some time now but something always came up and since I was back home, she took this opportunity...

a new menu at Zue's Oven, kek lapis kukus masam manis

mixing the ingredients for choc cuppies using hand held mixer. mula tu pakai kenwood hand blender, silap2 tak lama lagi, pakai kenwood chef or major lah kakak saya ni..

only the hands can be seen as my sister is a shy person, just like ke?:-)it's 100% hands on, from mixing to drawing ( i just showed her a little bit and the rest she did on her own) and baking. or decorating lessns, she would have to come over to alor Star ya.... no proper tools here, but who knows, after a while, she'd be more advanced than me!

my sister ni berseni jugak orangnya, she sew her own tudung bawal, the manik2 and deco on the tudung, pandai buat cross stitch ( that is one thing i have no idea on how to do and she can bake too!

she wanted to learn two recipes,MCB and choc cuppies. I wouldn't call this teaching, but more of sharing knowledge. What I know I share it with her and

in return i later become the student and learn how to make this kek lapis masam manis from my sister. But she did most of the baking and steaming cos i was already fast asleep on her bed in her room , hat five hour driving the previous day was really taking its toll on me....( her hubby was outstation ), by the time I woke up, the cake was done....:-)

this was drawn by her daughter.
Thanks for putting us up for the nights and for your great hospitality sis, not forgetting the nasi kak wok for breakfast and best of all, your nescafe susu....

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