Saturday, October 27, 2012


cinta tidak mengenal usia

she, in her 60s and he, in his 70s

both have lost their loved ones and now they find new happiness together, thankyou Ita,who ordered these vaanila mini cakes for her mum's akadnikah ceremony.

she wanted the deco similarto the purple and white theme which I did many months back, and placed in a box with less and simpler deco

Selamat Pengantin Baru to both Dato'andDatin,semogakekal bahagia hinggake hujung nyawa.

one for his Mum,oneforMIL and theother for ex Boss

After seeing the eight white baskets ,he called me and asked for three hampers forhisown. one for his mother, the other forhis MIL andanother ine wasfor his ex-boss. 
white basket with red flowers
pinkbasket with black and white polka dots ribbon
another white basket with slightly different deco. I don't know which basket goes to who but ijust want to say thank you to En.Zaki.thank you

raya hampers part 2

hamper oh hamper!

macam nak buat bekashantaranlah pulak, my table filled with baskets,ribbons,flowers,etc
fille with cookies
and ready,three of these for Dr Annie who will then give them to her Malay friendswho celebrates EidilFitri, thank youAnnie

hamper raya 2012 part 3

A basket of raya goodies
carrot walnut cakewith creamcheese frosting and EI of Boboiboy,thank you Su
brownies with walnut 
one of the basket for Elah

the other one
mediumsized hamper
big mengkuang
small mengkuang
almond london and roselle jem tart, all the hampers, two big hamper, five mediumones,and10 smallmengkuang with the cookies are for my Srikandi friend,Elah who ordered them for her hubby and she drove themall back to Perak.
one complimentary BWW for Elah,thank you for your support,dear

Saturday, October 20, 2012

salamAidilFitri 2012

15 boxes of brownies with walnut for her staf,betuah staf dia nidapatBoss yang pemurah macamWati ni.
spacked and ready tobe further packed intohampers
marble cheese brownies with Zue's Oven raya packet, my very own!
BWWbefore packaging
cookies in smallmengkuang (hamper)
thank you Fizah
impromptu order
Thank you Dr Annie, these are for her Malay friends
the additional 5 BWW for Wati, thank youWati.