Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My first ........

It's a season to be jolly..tralalalalala

no, it's not Christmas!oopss...wrong song...

Aidil fitri, hari bahgia,
hari yang mulia,

mohon maaf sesamalah kita,
Selamat..selamat Hari Raya...

time of giving, zakat fitrah,
duit raya,
time of sharing, all the kuihs and lemangs and ketupats
time of visiting, to bring the relationship closer

yang jauh kita dekatkan,
yang dekat kita eratkan.

shown here are the result of my first attempts at preparing raya goodies in a box , decorated nicely with nice deco, ribbons and flowers and butterflies. , for they were intended for special people.A daunting and tough challenge but with a little help from a friend whom I have only just known but kind enough to assist me and also a little helping hands from my neighbour and her daughter who offered me their time and assistance., i managed to complete this task on time.
Thank you Linda, Kak Bahyah and Areena.

Two sets were on its way to KL as I was preparing the other 18 sets. these were to be delivered personally by me to the respective recipients.

two types of wooden boxes used to make these "hampers". Never made "hampers" before, let alone an exclusive ones like these ones.

I made sure that the goodies inside were exclusive too. Home made cookies by Zue's Oven, homemade chocolate placed in a three legged bowl with lid decorated with "swaroswski" like stones.

Most importantly, serunding specially imported from the state where famous serunding were made, negeri Cik siti wan Kembang .In addition to that one, traditional kuih, "batang buruk" from Johore.

ready to be delivered.

all 18 boxes minus two which had already left for KL.

chocolate cuppies with fondant & buttercream deco

This set of simply decorated chocolate cupcakes with ganache is requested by my neighbour for her to bring back to her sister in law in Penang.
this lady has been very kind to me in terms of lending me her hand, not just her hands but also her daughter's hands when I was in need of extra hands during those crucial period ( more stories on that later , the entry would probably be titled, singapura dilanggar todak or Tsunami di 1915R)
couldn't have completed those 20 wooden boxes of raya goodies plus 100 cookies containers, plus 20 small mengkuang and 20 more bigger mengkuang cases for raya cookies and goodies for my customers wihout some of their help.not forgetting the aggressive businesswoman ( who ordered the mini choc cupcakes for her daughter's birthday ). Of course, most importantly, my family, hubby and my three kids.
thank you kak bahyah for this order and Areena too for those "hands" and time.
terima kasih daun keladi:-)

cookies and chocolate ( the other 2Cs)

I have made 3Cs ie cheesecakes, cupcakes and chocolate cakes, now it's the other 2Cs: cookies and chocolates.

semolina cookies, a favourite this year, as much as the ice cream green tea.

roasted almond with milk chocolate, the first container ready to be collected. My personal favourite, what's not to like, it's made of pure milk chocolate, one bite is not enough.

Didn't make much cookies for individuals but more for packaging in "hamper" raya.

mini choc cuppies

A set of mini chocolate cupcakes with ganache and simple deco for a friend's daughter's birthday. She didn't want me to write anything on top, just make it simple. She wanted to give it to her daughter's friends at the tadika. unfortunately her daughter wasn't feeling well on her bithday so, the cupcakes were distributed among her friends and neighbours. Dah nak jadi rezeki orng lain.
thanks Linda, not just for this but for a lot of things....
Happy 5th birthday ainun Sofia, be a good girl kay.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

cupcakes and cheesecake for berbuka puasa

This entry is just a summary of all the orders by this lady, Ms Peng from KL who requested me to make cheesecakes with lots of fruits on top and also 4 sets of cupcakes with fondant deco with teddies.

She is the lady responsible ( perhaps in the initiating part ) for inspiring me to pursue my dream ( after a late night conversation at a kopitiam with my hubby in June 2008).

Thanx again Ms Peng for your continuous support. Hope you are having a ball with your children in the UK.

Teddies for the ladies

"Zue, can you make me cupcakes with beautiful and sweet deco and a teddy for each one ( the ladies )as for the gentlemen, can you make them your cheesecake with lots of fruits on top"
Those were the request and these were the result plus the ones I had posted earlier.
four sets of cupcakes with a mixture of chocolate and vanilla flavour with ganache and buttercream with fondant deco. Each one has a pink teddy and I used soft pastel shades of pink purple, yellow and blue.
Don't know if mycustomer has seen these or not cos she flew to London on the 10th Sept to see her kid there.
I'd like to thank her for her support . This is not her first time. last year I madpcakes and oreo choclate cheesecake as per her request.
i hope shelikes these and I sincerely hope that the recipients will enjoy these cupcakes too.

oppsss....two more fruity cheesecakes....

finally... all eleven fruity cheesecakes, forgot to snap a photo of one.

mak ooii...besaqnya stoberi...

the end of fruity cheesecake saga...for now...

fou more fruity cheesecake

The fruity cheesecake saga continues

A few more fruity cheesecake for this lady for her clients. A few more to come. this is just part of her orders. I had to make them in batches, in between preparing the hampers because these had to reach her clients in the month of Ramadhan for berbuka puasa.

Fuity cheesecakes for the gentlemen and cupcakes with teddies for the ladies. will update that one later.

thank you Ms Peng.Thank you so much..

from a friend to friends

Annie's way of saying "thank you" and wishing them "Selamat Berbuka" puasa in the month of Ramadhan to her muslim friends.

I'd like to share her comments:
"Thank you for the beautiful cupcakes........"

Thank you to you to Annie for supporting me and for the nice words on my cookies too.

My small contributions for the orphans

Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak, the opening remark of this entry.

Alhamdulillah Ramadhan began with a good deed. I went to a friend's office after she requested for raya cookies samples. One conversation led to another and she told me that they would be organising a " majlis Berbuka Puasa dengan anak2 yatim scheduled to be held on 6th sept 2009.

earlier, the proposal was to give cookies to the kids and guests but later changed to kurma in a box. my small contribution to this event is 250 pieces of cupcakes in individual dome cases each with several designs and decos.

for what I got , i gave some back in the form of cupcakes for the orphans and guests. I made 250 of them all by myself, from baking to decorating and packaging. as for the dates in boxes, i managed to get to know with a nice lady, an aggressive business woman whom i got the hand made paper boxes from.

some of the deco. the cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate flavour with buttercream and ganache topping with fondant blossoms,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Satay oh satay

Aidil Fitri,
Hari bahgia, hari yang mulia,
mohon maaf sesamalah kita,
selamat, Selamat Hari Raya..

this burning flame was on 4th Syawal.

Syawal 4th this year was really.....happening!All my hubby's brothers and sister, except one eldest sister were here and not forgetting a few of his uncles and aunties and nieces and nephews and cousins were here .
Main dish for the night was....satay and more satay.....

Thank You

was it too simple or was it too plain? it's for an engagement ceremony so I didn't want it to be too much, just subtle, simple yet sweet . we leave the grand and splendour for the bigger function. that's my opinion, perhaps some people would beg to differ.
'It should turn out differently but due to time constraint and other unforeseen circumstances, this is all I could come up with, very minimal and very basic. However, I had spent numerous hours on the individual casing, each wrapped with TLc and with the very best of intentions.
'this could have been my best effort , but somehow, God knows better. My path was already laid out as it should. It was written that this was the outcome, come what may. Redha dengan ketentuan dan Qada' dan Qadar.Nevertheless I am grateful and thankful for what was and is bestowed upon me cos what I have , comes from the One and Only.
To this sweet young lady, hope everything went well on your special day and wish you the best in everything that you do.......