Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Malu Tapi Mahu"....crimes of Passion

What would you do if someone told you that she felt that her heart had been stolen, that someone might had been able to capture her heart, that 'he' could be the one, that, 'this is it'?

I had felt that before, but I am not here to talk about me, but about this sweet girl. She wanted the cuppies to say it for her but ' not too jiwang2 please' ie not too lovey dovey stuff. The minute I got her sms my mind started imagining all sorts of things and wordings I wanted to put on the cuppies, this and that, but most of them were lovey dovey, you know , the usual, 'u mean everything to me', u light up my life', 'u complete me', j'taime', love u always, together forever, and the list goes on but I had been reminded, no jiwang2, so I was a bit stuck ....what should I do, didn't want it to be too conspicuous, yet I wanted the message to be conveyed.

"Mama, can I help you?"

even before I could say 'Yes' or 'No', Batrisyia had already started filling the white heart shape buttercream with the red dregees and I must say that she had done quite a job at it.

Setiap dari kita dilahirkan berpasangan insyaAllah, just like these two butterflies.
Uda dan Dara, Laila dan Majnun,Romeo and Juliet, Brad & Angelina?, Cleopatra & Mark Anthony, Edward & Belle ( Twilight ), Beauty & The Beast......

9.30 pm, i started yawning and my cupies were still bare except for the ganache.
"Ameer, could you please wake me up after one hour"
one hour was up."mama, dah 10.30pm. you have cakes to finish"
"okay"....still yawning and could barely open my eyes, went downstairs to my kitchen , looked at the cuppies and went straight up to my bed and continued sleeping!the bed looked so tempting and inviting and I couldn't resist it...

11.30 pm, woke up and feeling refreshed and I felt that I was ready to complete my mission, started on the deco while still looking for ideas in my head!
"mmmm...malu tapi mahu", how was I going to deco that?

Hello 911?
yes, how can I help you?

Could you please arrest someone

Why? What has he done?

He has committed a crime!

What kind of crime?

Crimes of Passion. He's a Thief of Heart! He stole my heart!

Hatiku kau curi,
dengan sepenuhnya,
entah bagaimana bila bertentang mata,
air yang kuminum,
bagaikan tak lalu,

.................couldn't remember the rest of the lyrics..:-)

Sejakku bertemu padamu,
fikiranku telah terganggu,
hanya kekanda
yang akan dapat,
mengubatkan hatiku rindu....

a song by Sanisah huri.... I think

A good way to end the year 2009 with this set of 'love' cuppies. Let our hearts be filled with love today, tomorrow and always....
I'd like to wish sya all the best, may this new year 2010 be a good year for you and may all your deams come true. Thank you dear for your endless and continuous support and for allowing my cakes to enter your family's lives , to bring smile and joy to your father with the MCB, your mum with the carrot cake, your sisters with the choc cuppies and choc moist cake.Happy New Year!

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