Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy 50th anniversary abah dan Umi

one rainbow cake covered with fondant and decorated with gumpaste flower, surrounded by eight vanilla cupcakes which represented their eight children and 22 mini chocolate cupcakes for the grandchildren, blue for grandsons and pink for granddaughters, and I think more are on their ways, err.... but not from me :-), the next arrival would be from Sg Buloh, I think , and probably from Puchong too.

This is me, one blue and two pinks....

slicing the rainbow cake

"Umi, I think this one has your name and Abah on it" That must be what Kamila said to my sister

a cup of Nescafe that I look forward to everytime I go to my sister's place

and a 'bungkus' of nasi kak wok for breakfast

Batrisyia playing chess with her cousin, while her house is still in the renovation stage

these mini cakes and cake were driven all the way from alor star to machang, Kelantan for my uncle's son's wedding ( the son is my cousin )

fortunately they survived the five hour journey , unlike my parents' anniversary cake and cupcakes

which I had to do some touch up and repair works before they end looking as good as before they left Alor Star

abah and Umi dearest, Selamat Menyambut Hari Ulangtahun Perkahwinan ke 50 , semoga berkekalan hingga ke hujung nyawa, and I would make more anniversary cakes for Abah and Umi., insyaAllah.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sweet soft green and yellow

as a gift to a Prof in one of the local Uni here in Alor Star, from a lady in KL, not just any lady, my good friend, not just any friend, my secondary school friend,

ring! ring!
I was interrupted by a ringing tone from my Nokia phone
"Abah lalu "Hj. Ramli", nak tak?"
bagaikan orang mengantuk disorongkan's a big YES or just a simple answer from me, " cantik sekali!"......
message understood and he hung up the phone.
okay, that's lunch settled for today, all I have to do next is finishing this entry, and later pick up the kids from schools, not just one kid but three kids and not just one school, but from three different schools.

How I wish I could just change things to the way they were when I was schooling. No abah or Umi sending or picking me up from school because school was only a five minutes walk away from home, thus, no shouting in the morning, " hurry up! it's already 7 am!". In fact we, my Abah( who's one of the teachers in my school ), Umi and I , my eldest brother and sister were already up and about by then, and already were in our neighbour's house called Mek Hawa who sold the nasi berlauk in the morning.That's breakfast taken care of and Umi sometimes made nasi goreng for me to bring to school.Even if she did not have time to make them in the morning, worry not, for she can always send them to me or rather hand it over to me via the fence behind our house because the school is ......just right there........

maybe I would like to change the 'transportation ' area but maybe not the 'bathing' area. there was one major difference, kids today or rather mums today , okay, me in particular, do not need to boil water in the morning for the kids' bath for they only need to turn on the hot water switch and the hot or warm water just whoosh out of the tap
that was my primary school experience but things were totally different when I was in my secondary school, because I was away, far, far away from home, for five , long but beautiful years, and yet, the sending of food did not stop there, it still continued but not over the fence, this time via registered parcel which contained not nasi goreng but rather packages of serunding daging or ikan bilis

This lady, who requested for this 'hamper' share the same long but wonderful five years with me in the same school, shared the same nasi kawah, air sirap biji selasih during the fasting month, shared the same sky when we watched the movies on the netball court, and shared the same bus going back to our home town during the school holidays, we were only to be separated after our SPM exam where we went separate ways but after many many years, our paths crossed again

goodies for 'makan-makan'- red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese, blueberry cheesetarts, brownies with walnut, semolina cookies, choc chip cokies and melting moments

in Zue's Oven hand drawn paper bag

thank you Jay for your trust in me in making the hamper to be given to the Prof, and thank you Azizul for collecting them on her behalf.

Mickey and friends on BWW

Thank you amal

Thank you Cikgu Rosilah

quite a last minute order, called in the morning and picked up in the afternoon, brownies with walnut with edible image and simple fondant blossoms and colourful 'smarties'
thank you Linda and Happy 7th birthday Ainun Saffiyah.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Raya 2011 cakes and cookies ( part)

paper bag for cookies

some of the cookies made, semolina , ice cream green tea, chocolate chip cookies, melting moments, .....

part of the cakes and cupcakes

wedding 'hantaran' fondant covered fruit cake with gumpase flower

another fruit cake hantaran,

MCB aka arble cheese brownies

carrot walnut cake

assorted flavour cupcakes

edible image for Kak Ein's son's birthday, but since I won't be here on the third raya, she just ordered the image and later will get a cake from a shop and just put this edited image of her son and Kamen Rider on top.

one of the most popular choices for raya and other occasions too- the MCB

banana walnut cupcakes with cream cheese topping

carrot cupcakes with the teddy in the garden theme

brownies with walnut

carrot walnut cake, banana walnut cake and red velvet, all three with cream cheese topping

red velvet cake

luxury brownies

banana cake, plain without walnut and without the cream cheese

carrot walnut cake with cream cheese topping and very simple and minimal deco

oreo chcocolate cheesecake

vanila magnolia cake with buttercream frosting and simple deco

eggless orange cake

XXS size assorted flavour cupcakes

These were some of the cakes that came out from my oven for this Raya, all kinds of flavours, different shapes and sizes, from oreo chcolate cheesecake, to marble cheese brownies, luxury brownies and brownies with walnut, there was one plain bake cheesecake too, to vanilla cake and cupcakes, from carrot walnut to banana walnut cake and cupcakes to red velvet cake and cupcakes, and not forgetting the eggless orange cake too.

Thank you all for your continuous and endless support, wishing everyone a Happy Hari raya Aidil Fitri and Maaf Zahir Batin.

The 'royal' cupcake tier

soft pink and purple romantic bouquet on assorted flavours cupcakes

Thank you Pah, a gift for YM Tunku Puteri ,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011