Friday, December 18, 2009

From Malacca to Alor Star with love

"Please use the design but use grey and silver for the theme. TQ"

so I did something almost similar to the requested design but i added a small touch, an engagement ring on one of the cuppies.

This is the sms that I received from Syidi yesterday,( 3 days after that special day )

"cupcake yg akak wat tu lawa btol.Yg best tu ade cincin tu. Thanks kak sbb sudi watkan saye nyer cc. sbelah tunang puas hati ngan design"

i thank you too syidi for trusing me with your engagement cuppies and for the opportunity to create something with these two gorgeous colours. i didn't know that grey could make such lovely design , as for the silver, I used silver dregee instead since I couldn't really get the actual silver colour.

"Selamat Bertunang Syidi and Syafinaz" was the wordings requested.

fondant butterfly and small blossom on buttercream swirl.

grey heart shaped fondant on white buttercream swirl on a buttercream covered chocolate cupcake with silver ribbon.
Thanks to Ina too, for recommending your fiance to place his trust in me to order the cuppies for your special day. May you both find happiness together.

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