Saturday, November 28, 2009

pink and white for engagement

I love these colours, pink and white, so soft and so sweet. It was Wani's choice of colour, she told me that she wanted them simple but sweet.

Wani e-mailed , smsed and called me to make the booking, to confirm the order and she came to collect the cake and cuppies herself on her engagement day.
made chocolate moist heart shaped cake with ganache and buttercream roses and also vanilla cupcakes with buttercream glaze and deco.

sweet pink and white roses.
was a bit worried tho because she would be driving back to Jitra, so requested her to drive ever so slowly and so carefully. I later texted her to find whether she and the cakes arrived safely. here's her sms reply:
" kek pun slamat smpi ke rumah mgunakn highway plus dgn 70km/jam..he.heh..fmily tunang pun suka kek akak.Sweet sgt, good job"

wani loves syah
thanx Wani for trusting me with your engagement cake and cupcakes

red roses for hantaran cake

the final look

I started this deco around midnite, that was after the guests left our house.

roses just on top

roses on top and side

Kak Siti wanted me to add " Selamat Pengantin Baru"

then, we added the green leaves too and
Thank you kak siti

MCBs for yus

Yus ordered two more MCB for raya. One for makan2 and the other as a gift

Thank you again Yus for your continuous support. Really envy you bermanja2 di spa tu. Nanti next time I'd love to join you, to pamper myself pulak selepas bergelumang dengan sugar and flour. It's been a while since I last went for a facial or a massage.

Devil's Food cc and MCB for Ida

Simple deco for the cc, just for makan2 for raya. Ida wanted to try something new from Zue's Oven, so I suggested this Devil's food cupcakes which I tried the other day. It taste completely different from the other chocolate cupcake.
the top is rather crumbly and the inside is very soft . , very nice

sori Ida for the misunderstanding masa nak ambik cakes ni. I thot you were someone else who ordered the cheesecake with MCB jugak . She said she would be coming at 4 pm and coincidentally you also came around 4 ( I was expecting you around noon ), so I showed you the cheesecake with fruits. You insisted that it wasn't your order. You said that you ordered cupcakes and the cuppies were right in front of us at that time and I said that those were for someone else when it actually was yours. Quite funny jugaklah masa tu because I honestly believe that you were someone else, so sori about that mesti kes tak cukup tidur ni, sampai confuse habis.

ape ape pun, thank yo so much Ida for your repeat order. Have a wonderful raya with your family.

one choc moist and 2 MCBs for my neighbour

Choc moist cake with roses ganache with Salam aidil Adha written with white chocolate.

2 MCBs and one choc moist. my neighbour ordered one MCB last month for makan2 and this time she ordered 2. I guess it could mean that she likes it, right? I do hope so.
Thank you Kak Masriah and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

oreo choc cheesecake for Azura

oreo chocolate cheesecake for Azura, Hafizah's colleague from HBAS. Thank you Hafizah for recommending Zue's Oven to your friends.
thank you Azura for this order and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

cheesecake with fruits for raya

one plain bake cheesecake with peaches and strawberries for Balqis. she also ordered one MCB.
Balqis worked in KL, came back to Alor Star to celebrate raya with her family and twin sister, who is studying in Sarawak.
Thank you Balqis for this order and wishing you and your family, Selamat Hari raya Aidil Adha. Sejuk perut your mum dapat two beautiful sweet daughters , sama pandai, sama cantik.

MCB for Hasni

2 MCBs for Hasni from Sungai Petani, coming back to ALor Star to celebrate Eidul Adha with her family here.
Thank you Hasni and Selamat HAri Raya Aidil Adha

2 MCBs and 4 green tea

2 MCBs and 4 jars of ice cream green tea for Anis Cyberjaya. she came back for raya and I finally get to meet her.Thank you Anis for supporting me all the way from cyberjaya.
Hope you had a good and wonderful raya with your family here and thank you for the biskut makmur that your mum made.

Devil's food cc and cookies

One "bowl"of Devil's food cuppies wrapped hamper like and a few jars of chocolate chip cookies and ice cream green tea for Kak bahiyah and her friend.

Since the cuppies are bare, without any cream or deco, I decided to do it this way, making it more presentable

Devil's Food cupcakes, bare.....

Thank you Kak Bahiyah and friend. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

MCB for Yus pre raya order

Yus ordered two MCBs, one as a gift for a friend and the other for makan2.
Having seen and heard so much about my MCB on my blog, Yus decided to order and taste it for herself.,

one for gift

one for makan2.

The verdict:
Yus prefers it moist and sticky but her friend's aunt thought differently. this is her testimonials forwarded by yus from the sms that she received from the friend's aunt:
" semua dok suka d brownies cheese cake..he he u did it again yus."

thanks yus for the feedback. Some people have different prefentials than the others and brownies too have different taste and textures, some are chewy or gooey, some are cake like, some are fudgy , some are moist and some prefer extra cheese for the top. insyaAllah kalau yus order next time, Zue try cari resepi brownies yang moist and sticky pulak.

thank you yus. Have a wonderful raya with your family

MCB, MCB and more MCB

8 MCBs for Eidul Adha. 2 for my neighbour, kak Masriah, 2 for Hasni, 2 for yus, 1 for Ida and 1 for Balqis.
Thank you all so much and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy 20th Anniversary

Ni plan rumah siapa pulak ni sesat kat cekmekzue ni?
Fear not, you are still in the right blog, Zue's Oven a.k.a cekmekzue's blog. It's just my hand drawn sketch of a so called office plan to reflect the nature of this company's business thru my design. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary and i thought, hey, why not.... write the message in such manner. I got the logo from one of the staff, an architect, who ordered this MCB and chocolate cuppies for their celebration fiesta.
I've drawn a few of these sketches before, whenever we wanted to renovate the house, huubby dearest would ask me to draw what I'd like our kitchen to look like, or the rooms upstairs and so, being married to someone in this profession, i kinda "terikut' his style.
i guess it's only natural for someone who loves to draw , be it cartoon characters or fashion design to have this habit. My proudest moments ( one of few )when I was in my primary and also secondary when some of my drawings were posted on the board.

During my student days, i used to follow the architecture students during their study trip to Venice, and like them ( I guess ) , i enjoyed watching the beautiful view, the magnificent buildings and the like, St Marc Square, the romantic gondola ride in Venice, the breathtakingly beautiful view in Florence, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Vicenza just to name the few cities that we visited. i came to know the name of the famous architects there, Carlos Scapa ( dunno if the spelling is right, and who else, the gugenheim museum, the pizza! let's not forget the pizza, Stefanel, what else, and the people were just so fashionable and stylist ( as far as I could remember then ).suddenly i feel like twenty years younger, remembering the places, the alleys, the streets, the bus ride, the poses next to the Tower, in the Square, snap out of it zue! your cakes are calling to be decorated. Ciao!

The fondant with an "architect's" plan was supposed to be placed on top of the MCB. I made the border design on the MCB and wrote " Happy 20th anniversary aZR Architects" on the MCB just in case I didn't have time to do the fondant writing and looks like i did manage to complete it.

chocolate cuppies for the children. CT told me that these cuppies were for the children and she left the design to me. Sounds easy but difficult actually when you are left to do your own design, no theme, just...for the children.

I wanted to do this earlier but..

both the cuppies and MCB.
couldn't help but snapping one last shot of my 'ground floor plan'. Not that I wanted to be an architect but their work fascinates me.I'll stick to my cake deco and leave the plan drawing to the real architects.

thank you CT and thank you aZR Architects. wishing " Happy 20th anniversaries"

feedback and comment that I received from CT via e-mail and sms:

Kak Zue, Thanks a lot. The cakes complete our family dinner. Everyone so happy!"

"semua makan suka sgt cupcakes 2. berebut.

MCB for yus and friend this aidil Adha

Two MCB for yus , one for her and the other for her friend. Two of four, another two in a couple of days, one of which will be given to her MIL.

one of the designs on my plate

A gift for a friend for this aidil Adha celebration. I do hope that this MCB of mine would bring joy to the recipient as it had done to so many others, the joy of tasting one great brownies and the joy of receiving sweet tokens from great friends. Love is sharing and caring and thus by sharing and giving a little something would tighten the already strong bond between friends.

thank you yus for the endless support and congratz to your daughter and mummy and daddy too, on her recent result for the UPSR.Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha Yus and family and to all those who celebrate this "raya tumpang".

Saturday, November 21, 2009

my sketches

eh... ni kek apa plak? kek baju ke....

my earlier sketch for own baju. yup...another one of my passion. Iwas looking for a file and found this in my box collection.tu lah pasal, tak dapat jadi designer, jadi cake designer pulak..:-)

oreo choc cheesecake for Najwa

"Zue, could you suggest a nice and yummy cake for my daughter's birthday", the voice at the other end of the line was saying.I have limited collection on my menu and of course, the first thing that came to mind is my oreo chocolate cheesecake. It may be a little bit difficult to decorate, not much decoration can be made on top of it, I've been saying this so many times before but it is the nicest and most scrumptious cheesecake that I had made. plain bake Cheesecake, marble cheese brownies, chocolate moist cake, and the others are nice and yummilicious too in their own special way.

teddy on cupcake

present on cupcake

made these :teddy, gift and candles to complement the bare oreo chocolate cheesecake.
I hope Miza and her daughter , the birthday girl Najwa ( the eldest of the three girls that Miza has ) like these. From our conversation, I found out that this family really love cakes . Miza first ordered brownies with walnut from me. Najwa expressed her interest in venturing into this cake making or pastry making thing. I guess anybody could do this but first thing you must have is 'passion' and 'patience', followed by determination and hardwork. Nothing comes easy dear, practise makes perfect,but if you put your heart into it, whatever it is, whatever you want to be later on in life, insyaallah you will succeed. One step at a time (as I always say to myself), finish your studies first,enjoy your youthful life, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the star at the same time.
when I was out with my family last night, Miza called , praising and , saying nice things about my oreo chocolate cheesecake, I knew that I had made the right decision in suggesting her this cheesecake.My next mission is to try making apple strudel with vanila sauce , a request from her hubby dearest. I have googled for the recipe and perhaps one of these days, I might try it, It looks kinda daunting with that thin phylo kind of dough, it took me ages to even try making apple pie and this is even more difficult and complicated, I think, but I'd like to try. Speaking of which I still haven't tried that trifle...:-)
thank you Miza again, glad everyone loves it and here's aunty wishing Najwa, Happy Belated 15th brithday!
To Miza and her family, i do hope you will have an enjoyable time on your planned holiday to the land of diamond , the only continent that survived the tsunami and catastrophe in the 2012 movie and also the land of great football and football legends,Pele, Zico , Maradona, samba and tango..ola....

oreo again for Yong....

oreo chocolate cheesecake for my friend, Yong who continues to support me and for that I thank you .this must be her kids's request because she told me that her kids love this oreo. Hope you had a wonderful trip with your hubby, seronoknyer pegi holiday yong.....
thanx again Yong.
found out from yong that this oreo was actually for her neighobur who had been looking after her children when she was away recently. Nice to have such good neighbours