Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy 50th Anniversary

CT told me that her boss wanted one MCB to be surrounded by two rows of cuppies on each side. The MCB, twice the original size ( just the weight , the size is 12" x 12 " ), the cuppies to be decorated meant for children.
the event: his parents' 50th anniversary
the venue: St*rC*ty Hotel
the date: 11th Dec 09
the time: 8pm
she gave me all the necessary details plus the person to whom I was supposed to deliver the cakes to.

I was very excited to do this request. never done MCB bigger than 10" x 10". wondering if the hotel had a tray/trolley to fit all the cakes as per my customer's request and my fear was proven to be right!

I first called the F&B Manager just to confirm the time, the trolley, knife, etc... and when I reached the hotel at around 6 pm with my BFF friend who helped me to deliver the cakes, I saw the trolley and my heart sank!
somehow I had to trust the person in charge to be creative and would be able to arrange them nicely .I was a bit reluctant to leave the place before knowing how the cakes would be arranged but I had to go back, to prepare my macaroni au gratin and 125 cc order for the next day.I was sure my cakes were in good hands

the MCB with the cuppies

colourful deco on choc cuppies for the kids.

vanilla cuppies with flower and ladybird designs for the kids

My first 12" x 12' MCB as requested for 50th anniversary celebration for his parents.

added some bling bling to my MCB design

I decided to make this 50 numbers using fondant since I had sort of misplaced the cutter...(grinning....:-).....) and placed a candle on each cupcake instead of placing them on top of the MCB.

wishing en. zuraimi's parents, Happy 50th Anniversary, a golden jubilee celebration. May they celebrate more anniversaries together in the years to come. Thank you En. zuraimi and thank you CT for making this order on his behalf.

"Our Anniversary
brings back happy memories,
of our wedding day,
and even though
our life together hasn't always been easy,
today, i am glad
for the good times we've shared,
and for the love
I still feel for you

Happy Anniversary with love"

from a Memory Lane card.

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