Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kalau tak kawan kacau, siapa lagi......

brownies wih walnut,

I couldn't sleep after waking up at 4 am this morning, so I turned on the TV and a movie on DIVA Movie channel which had only just started looked kinda interesting, about a young couple starting a new life on a prairie or a ranch ( High Chapparal- Manolito Mantoya )or something, ( her head gear reminded me of 'mary had a little Lamb' or Laura from Little House on the Prairie" and the husband was wearing cowboy hat riding a horse, cowboy style. I ended up watching the movie till the end, a very interesting and heart warming story.

after my suboh prayer, went downstairs and started cooking (since I planned to go out later, I decided to prepare lunch earlier )the chicken which I had boiled earlier, "Chicken Sweet, Sour, spicy, and hot" , with the extra bananas I decided to make cokodoq or jemput-jemput pisang, whilst doing them, turned on the TV and MHI was on air with wardina and Aly Iskandar as the hosts.

The topic for today was rather interesting, about books , how easily we can produce /print our own books , I love books, read many books from different authors from Enid Blyton to Stephen King and Sidney Sheldon, to name a few. Plus the latest buzz about the Apple i-pad. Will be available in the stores today for as low as RM1500 to RM2000 plus plus.

I-pad, i-phone, Blackberry, e-book, , i-pod, all these terms may not sound alien to me but what they are, what they do, how to use them, are they worth buying, are a bit blur to me. but this lady (moi), can blog despite her lack of IT knowledge, well, she stumbled upon the blog creation and after keying in this and that, voila, this blog was created two years ago! and this blog still look the same as it was two years ago, well, perhaps only one time she changed the background from black to this current colour, pink. She is still struggling wih some of the features but until then, she's happy with what she's doing now:-)

Breakfast, cokodoq ready, one dish for lunch, done ( for now, until I figure out what other dishes to dish out later), checked my outstanding items in my "to do List', quite a long list but today I am quite free and so I thought I would go out and get a few things done, the top on the list, actually, my new list for today, to buy the fabric for the baju kurung for my brother's wedding which is only less than three weeks away!purple theme for the kenduri in KL and pink for the one in Kelantan. what about for the akad nikah? Hmmmmm...... it's been awhile since I last made myself baju kurung or kebaya. three pairs of baju for my brother's wedding, actually just an excuse to make new ones, not that I didn't have any purple or pink attire in my wardrobe.....hehe.....but would my tailor be willing to accept my last minute order, speaking of which that was what I was going to get pretty soon.

while I was busy selecting and choosing which ones to buy, dah bergulung-gulung kain salesman to bukak for me to see, when my phone rang, saw the name on the phone, I thought she had something to say about her 7th dec order but no, that one was okay but she needed a cake and she needed it today!potong steam betul ...hehe.... tengah syok tengok kain ni, but the interruption was good, if not I would still be standing in that Gul*t* store, asking the salesman to show me all kinds of kain some more....so I cut my shopping spree short, just bought two pairs of kain which cost quite a fortune ( they don't come cheapp anymore), itu belum masuk upah jahit...
from there, drove straight to my tailor's huose in jalan Kampong Pisang ( macam nama movie tu pulak, Zombie kampung Pisang....hehe ) and fortunately she's willing to accept the order.Phew! stopped by at hubby's office and went straight home and started baking the brownies, by 1.30, it's already in the oven ( she's coming by at 3.30 pm to pick it up )

I was still feeling sleepy and tired from yesterday, so while waiting for the brownies to cool, I decided to take a short nap and told Batrisyia to wake me up when the long hand of the clock shows number 6 ( ie 2.30 pm ) so that I could decorate the brownies. Luckily she did wake me up, if not I would just continue sleeping because I was totally knocked out!
finished early , by 3pm I texted her saying that her brownies was ready. thanking me profusely for taking her last minute order for she wanted to give it to a colleague ( being her last day ) at the work place today.
I was just glad that I could help in any way that I could cos it so happened that I was in that day ( 'in' as in town, not out of town) and I was free ( no other orders ).thank you Nik for thinking of me to make the cake or brownies for this occasion. Kalau tak kawan2 kacau, siapa lagi nak kacau kan? I don't mind being 'kacau' this way......:-)

Happy 26th birthday Mario

Mario from the nintendo game I think, had never drawn or made this before but when this sweet lady requested that I made the MArio figurine, I then googled,
the same name as her sweetheart, celebrating his 26th birthday

Thank you Leek Hui for trusting me with the love of your life's birthday with my banana choc chip cupcakes and thank you Gladys for recommending me.Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday and happy birthday to Mario too


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thank you for the interest shown.

Monday, November 29, 2010

makan2 di ofis

thank you FKA, two chocolate moist cake with ganache and simple deco for their office jamuan.

is this her craving?

there's Ayu Alime and there's Ayu Bt 3 Langgar but this Ayu is different. This is Ayu Titanic. Remember the so called Titanic cake, you jump I jump? she's the one. Browsing in my pondok the other day ,she saw the chocolate moist with the ganache on top and so she smsed me, requesting for one. Belum sempat reply her sms, she called. hmmm.... mesti dah tak sabaq ni, atau ada apa-apa ni........

Adalah tu....... six months already. tahniah ayu and hubby., and thank you. Dia tak mau deco nak plain je tapi tangan ni itchy, nak taruk gak love love merah tu:-)

Two is A Company but Three is a joy!

Two's A Company
Three's A Joy

there was a boy

and there was a girl

they fell in love ......and the rest is history

celebrating their 4th anniversary with their bundle of joy, a two year old baby boy.
Reen started emailing me a few months back and finally she made the confirmation last month and yesterday, after a change in the pick up date, we finally met for the first time when she came to collect these cuppies.Thank you Reen for allowing me to be a part of this joyous occasion. Happy 4th anniversary Reen and other half, may you celebrate more anniversaries in the future.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Silver with black and white hantaran set

vanila cupcakes with butercream and simple deco for makan2.

banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for makan2.

mana aci bagi kat pengantin je, kami pun nak makan juge:-)

MCB it is

8.30 am: Whatcha doing?Still sleeping?
Already awake my dear.
Baking cakes?
not yet, but going to.
Nak kek,
Nak bila?
12 noon.
Bertuah sungguh!
The fastest is either MCB or brownies with walnut.
After much discussion with her colleagues, decided on MCB and so MCB it is.
Thank you Azira and Happy birthday to Zuhairi

Saturday, November 20, 2010

kak nak kek kahwin dua tingkat......esok.....

This was truly one testing cake, not that it was dificult to make but the time frame given and my state of physical being. i was already on a three day marathon , no, make that many days including the days before raya and the days after raya plus the driving to and from the hospital in between. I was about to put my feet up, to clear the pans and baking equipments away for a while, cleaning my messy kitchen and baking area, after almost finishing my red and white romantic bouquet, when I received the call.

A friend's friend/relative needed a two tiered fondant cutting cake, the design, simple , up to me, only to stick to the theme, maroon and white. She did say sorry that this was a rather last minute order. I asked how last minute was it? when did she want it? Tomorrow!

That sure was a last minute, two tiered and fondant too. I would not mind if it was brownies or marble cheese brownies, or other types of cakes and I would have said yes on the spot. But i was very tired and very sleepy.I didn't feel good about having to turn them down but what she was asking ( on behalf ) was a bit difficult for me to agree. I did have a few ready made flowers for emergency cases such as this but I didn't have any in maroon. It would take sometime for me to make them in such a short notice . to make it worse, the cake ingredients shop was closed and would only open the following day.
with heavy heart, I had to say no

but she insisted , and thinking that, what's a wedding without a wedding cake ( or two), reluctantly I said yes, I couldn't and wouldn't want to disappoint the married couple and especially not my friend. despite the short hours , I did what I could , baked one vanila cake followed by one chocolate cake whilst mixing or rather trying to create a maroon coloured fondant for the filler flowers. Since I couldn't have the maroon flower as the main flower, I decided to use white and to make some filler flowers using maroon fondant.After a few trial and errors, mixing burgundy and red and a bit of purple, i finally got the colour that I wanted

feeling so sleepy, I slept at 12 midnite, still no deco on the cake, hubby woke me up at 3 am reminding me that I had two cakes to finish. Started rolling and covering the cakes with the patterned fondant. slept again at around six am cos i was feeling so knackered and could hardly opened my eyes no more. Woke up again around seven and continued decorating. My friend would be coming over at 12 noon to collect the cakes and I still had not done anything with the deco. 8.0am I had to go out and only came back around 10am. I started decorating the cakes, put ribbons around the cake, and some small pearls on the cakes.At exactly 12 noon, alhamdulillah I managed to complete everything, including decorating the tiers and knife set too.

top tier- chocolate cake with ganache sandwiched in between and for the botom tier, vanila cake wih blueberry fillings in between.

with matching knife set for cake cutting.I hope they have had a nice and beautiful wedding. tired and sleepy I might be but I was glad that I managed to make the cake on time. My friend came at around 1 pm and the minute she left, I locked the door behind me and slumped myself on the sofa in the living room and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....................................nite nite........:-) with happy thoughts, mission accomplished.

red and white romantic bouquet

red and white romantic bouquet

I was making the small fondant roses for the pink and purple set and made more pink than prple to prepare for this set, but when I later checked my book, i realised that it was not pink and white but red and white, so another late night for me cos I had to make the red fondant roses.

It was such a joy making this set as i did others. thank you Datin ADA for giving me this opportunity and pleasure of making this for you.

"Because my love for you

would break my heart in two"
no, that has nothing to do with this marble cheese brownies for this MCB was the joining of two hearts, two hearts ( or rather half hearts ) become one.

that phrase was from a song by David Bowie

At first I was blur, I was not really sure what she wanted, she wanted both parties to have the MCB and was saying something about one heart to cut into two and when they meet, would put the half hearts togehter and they would become one, very symbolic to mark the engagement of her daughter's friends. I hope I had interpreted it correctly.Thank you Kak Baayah and Areena and best wishes to the newy engaged couple

coming up next

What's pink, purple and sweet?

pink and purple:- the mini cakes ,
sweet:- the lady who requested this.

I made pink and white deco brownies for her grand daughter's akikah ceremony before and she really took a liking to my brownies and decided to order more this time.

this hantaran set was for her niece.Her request came in two words only : flowers and beautiful. the rest was up to me. She gave me the theme: pink and purple.

brownies with walnut

another deco on the sliced brownies

my interpretation of her flowery and beautiful pink and purple hantaran set

suitable as wedding favours too ( bon bonaires)

two brownies cut into 70 slices packed in individual square transparent casing, nine mini cakes for the hantaran set, a box of six vanila cupcakes for her to enjoy with her family. Thank you Kak Nor ( though she's a Datin but insisted on me not to call her that).such a sweet , soft spoken and humble lady, it was really a pleasure dealing with her. A smile never leaves her face and in fact i could even see the smile when we were on the phone.Both, she and her husband have this sweet and sincere smile which softens any hearts that see them.