Friday, December 25, 2009

HO HO HO....WE wish you a merry X'mas and A Happy New Year!

Today is 28th Dec , and I thot I am going to clear all these backlogs, all the entries with photos only with no writeups, but I guess they'll have to wait cos tomorrow is my son's birthday, looks like I have to KIV my blog updating cos I might be cooking up something for him and his friends. plus a few ironings need to be done as hubby is going outstation this evening.
I'll try to sneak in every now and then, so this entry and a few more would have to wait for now.

today, 29th december, is my son's birthday, "Happy Birthday Ameer", but I won't be cooking for him and his friends because his Abah isn't here. We might just wait a little while and perhaps he could celebrate it with his sisters because their birthdays are coming soon, in January, 21st and 24th.

I have to update this entry, it's now, today or never...
Received an sms from Yus on 23rd Dec, wondering if she could order some cakes for 27th Dec but I told her if it was okay with her, could she take 'em on 25th instead?She's okay with that, thanx for being understanding yus.

She then smsed me the details for the cakes, two carrot cakes for different people with two different theme: one was for her good friend who would be celebrating X'mas and she would be coming over to her house on Saturday, all the way from KL.Yus specifically requested for the box to be ribboned with Christmasy colours, red, green and gold .
The last time I made a Xmas theme was last Christmas , an order from a friend in KL for her friend in Alor Star, oreo choclate cheesecake and being a delicate cheesecake, I only made snowman from buttercream on top, nothing much but this time it would be different, a carrot cake which means I could deco more. Decided to make two scenarios, one inside the house , with a Christmas tree and teddy with his presents and the other, outside the house with Snowman and snowflakes everywhere .
the verdict via sms which I received from Yus, these were the comments from the recipients:
kek krismas:"nice deco. my mum loves the topping

kek rabbit:"eee..Cantik!! Sedaap dlm dunia. lepas ni boleh la order bila balik AS"

the other cake, carrot walnut cake with cream cheese topping too but for Happy New Year 2010" wishes. Yus specifically requested for the deco to be the same like the one I made for her, the " Bunny in a Hole" carrot cake

Except that this Bunny is slightly bigger and perhaps they, the bunny, the carrot and the deco had improved a bit from the last time.

nozzled out some grass on the sides, add some blossoms, a butterfly and a mushroom on the sides.
another sms from yus: "lupa nak ckp, linda yg dpt kek rabbit tu kata, semua berebut nk makn kepala rabbit tu. masa dia call i, dia kata kepala rabbit dah hilang, anak dia telan.ha ha..i dulu simpan rabbit tu kalau boleh nak boh dalam frame." sweet....and sooo cute.....
i do appreciate all these comments , really means a lot to me . Glad to be part of it all and Yus, thank you for trusting me with your friends' gift cakes and I do appreciate the opportunity given for me to ber'karya" on the cakes. Wishing you my good friend, "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010" I wish you love, peace, success & joy, great health & everything u everdreamt of in 2010 & beyond.


  1. aunty .... aunty carol tak jadi nak datang!!!! what can we do with the cake now?!

  2. ahhh!!!mom lied! aunty carol did came.....

  3. zue,
    the cakes were great as gifts. I didn't get the recipients responses about the taste yet, as they (the cakes) are on their ways to Penang and KL respectively today. But Carol was happy as she admired the cake given to her to take back home.She said it was pretty. I'll wait for their comments by tomorrow and let you know. Thanks zue!

  4. hye nina! terkejut aunty but...i am glad she did and i guess she didn't come empty handed...

  5. salam yus, i still haven't got the time to update my posts, baru post gambar.Am so glad they Carol likes it. I look forward to hear their comments, hope to get favourable remarks.and thanks yus for trusting me and for giving me the opportunity to ber'karya' on the cakes....