Thursday, April 30, 2009

brownies marathon pulak

This entry will be mosly about brownies, three kinds to be exact. It started with this brownies with walnut , ordered by my hubby's friend. He tasted this before and liked it so much and decided to order it.
I then baked this "Luxury Brownies", true to its name, luxuries indeed, with three types of nuts, walnut, almond and cashew nut, you'll just go nutty about this brownies plus two kinds of chocolates, very rich indeed. A favourite with my hubby and son who keeps coming back for more.

the following night, I baked yet another brownies with walnut, this time it's a request from hubby dearest for his office, topped with ganache

Luxuries brownies with ganache cut into bite size

that same night I made this carrot cake for my office mate, for makan2 ..

brownies with walnut and marble cheese brownies ( my very first attempt and fortunately it turned out marvellously ) That teddy bear , a limited edition which I won when I answered a question during a course which I attended last year.

carrot cupcakes with cream cheese topping for hubby's ofis..makan2.

from left: brownies with walnut, marble cheese brownies and luxury brownies

carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and fondant blossoms with thank you in pink buttercream.

the finale, brownies and brownies and carrot cuppies and my two recipe books which I browsed through so often and wondering when am I actually going to try them out.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Kau berikan mama, kasih sayang maha suci,
Betapa agungnya, tiada ternilaikan,
Oh mama, ooooh mamaku,
tiada cinta yang murni, setulus cintamu.

Petikan dari lagu sharifah Aini.

Some people call them “ Ibu”, others call her “Umi, Mak, Mummy, Mama”, it doesn’t matter what you call them. They are the dearest, the most special person in one’s life.

Some of us, may be mothers ourselves, but this is not about us, this is about the person who had us for nine months in her belly , morning sickness, back aches , not forgetting stretch marks, ( but despite all those, it was worth it )and for those who still have mothers and not forgetting, mum-in-laws too…., treat her to something extra special on this Mothers Day.

Noticed that I used the word “ extra” because you may already have been treating them special but make an extra effort ( go that extra mile) on that particular day. If possible, give her special treatment every single minute and second of their breathing lives, that would be even better.

I can offer you no jewelleries or designer handbags, nor expensive perfumes , neither could I give her leg massages nor manicure or pedicure , but all I can do is offer you these sweet, cute little “ heaven on earth “ creations called cupcakes and cakes to give to a person equally sweet and delectable.

Treat your Mums with this sets of cuppies or cakes . It will surely bring a smile on their faces if they are not already smiling. Well, add a bunch of fresh flowers wouldn’t hurt, would it……., not forgetting give her big hugs and tell her you love her and how wonderful she is… Tell her now when she is still here to hear and feel it and if she is no longer with us, give her some prayers.

LIMITED PERIOD ONLY.( choice of own wordings and colours ( limited designs), minimal extra charge for special request ie deliveries and packaging

Oval shaped chocolate/vanilla cake with ganache/ buttercream topping with captions" Ibu, Ratu Hatiku ( or wordings of your choice)and simple deco

Size: abt 7”/ less than 1 kg
Price : RM30


16 pcs of CUPCAKES( CHOCOLATE/ VANILLA) with choices of toppings from buttercream, ganache
Souffle cup size PETITE
RM25 with buttercream rosette or rosebud


9 pcs of CUPCAKES with single simple fondant flowers

Souffle cup size PETITE
RM30 with fondant / royal icing deco
Captions: I luV u

I read this somewhere, written by an excellent trainer in his newsletter: " A famous saying states that "God could not be everywhere ( but God is everywhere ) and so he invented mothers".

I couldn't agree more, totally and absolutely.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ina and Ummi- pra-tonton

gambar and the work tak berapa nak cun, something wrong with my fridge.( chewah..salahkan fridge pulak.....)9" choc cake layered with chocolate, glazed with ganache and covered with buttercream, deco using fondant.
this is a short notice order, dapat sms masa Maghrib, terus buat design dulu, withot knowing the little girl's actual age, sib baik match dgn her actual age, only found out the next day, kek dah siap cuma belum tulis happy birthday and the nama only.

When my friend smsed me and mentioned that the cake was for his wife and daughter,ntah camana dapat idea nak lukis mum and daughter together, using fondant , saje nak try buat 2D using fondant.masa buat ni tak tahu pun the exact age of the little girl cos no reply from the sender.

susah juge nak buat ni, nampak org buat cam senang je....

sketch of the ummi, I know that she wears tudung. sketch senang but ak convert jadi fondant and nak letak atas kek, the very the susah

masa tgh cari idea ni, layan disney channel with my Batrisyia and "Little einstein " was on masa tu, so I thot, hmmm maybe i could draw the little girl macam the girl in that cartoon, itu yang sketch gambar ni., saje tak use her exact colour for the dress, actual colour is purple.
Wishing Ina and her Ummi, Hapy Birthday, semoga Ina menjadi anak yang solehah .
Thanx Nazri for this order.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet dreams are made of this!

It might be the sweetest and the most memorable day of my life. My " masterpiece" ( first ever ) was published in the Star on 5th April 2009 ( that was about three weeks ago) under the Starmag Heart and Soul column. I sent this so-called" masterpiece" more than a month before that but it was titled differently, " Follow Your Dreams" . Couldn't really remember what prompted me to do this but I did . On each Sunday I would look up under the Starmag to see if it gets noticed by the Editor and gets published, not that Iwas really hoping that they would but if they did, it would be nice, wouldn't it?
On Monday 6th April 2009, well, that was like two weeks ago, Iwas reading the Staronline as usual because it is my daily dosage of getting the news outside my baking world via the net and I saw this catchy caption " Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This! " and I said, hmmm, I wonder what the article was all about.
After reading a few lines, no, in fact, after reading even the first few sentences, it struck me, my heart started beating very fast, felt like it's going to pop out of my chest! Those words sounded so familiar, could it be? Saw the writer's name: BY ZUE. Well, that's my name alright, that's what they call me , and sure enough, it is mine. I was so over the moon, well, elated would be the best word to describe my feelings at that time.
I began searching high and low for the hard copy of the Star , 5th April 2009 issue, which was just the day before but to no avail. No one had it.What was I going to do? I must have it. This is the first time ever, something of mine got published in a local newspaper, well it is the first time I sent anything to the newspaper anyway.
So I called the local newsagent, whom I have always bought my BEANO or any other magazines for that matter and fortunately, he still had yesterday's copy. Off I went to his place and bought a copy , smiling ear to ear and looked forward to showing it to my other half and my children.
If only I knew that they would put up a picture for illustration purpose, I would have sent my cakes and cupcakes photos but then again, myabe they would not allow such things because it might constitute an advertisement.
Anyway, the fact that they decided that my writing is reading material, is good enough for me for besides baking, and drawing and designing, writing is my other passion too. I am always writing in my head and whenever any ideas or thoughts came to mind, I would then put everything on papers later on.
Posting this article with no intention of showing off, not the slightest,merely sharing my joy with my friends, cyber or non-cyber because I am pretty sure many of you out there had done and achieved much more than a published "masterpiece".Furthermore, this writing relates to Zue's Oven a.k.a. cekmekzue.
In the mean time, I would continue doing what I like best...baking, cake deco, besides writing that is, so...keep on dreaming..."keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the sky."( i think Casey Casem used to say this at the end of his show " America's Top 40 )

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Tok

purple rosebud on green vines

three yellow royal icing roses and a purple rosebud

another angle of the purple rosebud

shot from another view

the whole look, chocolate cake with ganache and chocolate filling with royal icing roses and rosebuds with chocolate buttercream shell borders.
I am quite pleased with this look,
When this sweet lady , a mother of two kids requested for a birthday cake for her Mum, my mind started wondering what to design on the cake. I wanted it to be special just like what I tried to do with the other cakes. I really hope that both Linda and her Mum will like what I have done with their cake
Wishing Linda's Mum Happy 63rd birthday,tomorrow , semoga panjang umur murah rezeki . sentiasa, she decided to write " Happy Birhday Tok " instead because the grandkids will celebrate it with their granny too.
Thank you so much dear for this order and for your support.

Hepi Besday Alep

let's play " Spot the difference". see if you can find anything different with these two cheesecakes.
They came in four different colours:blue, red, orange and yellow. The four
blossoms on the kiwi fruits. Just thot I add some colours to this cheesecake
Plain bake cheesecake glazed with strawberry flling and slices of kiwi fruit arranged on the border and three red cherries to add some colour.
Ayu requested this cheesecake for their "makan-makan" while on the way to Haadyai this evening, while celebrating one of her colleagues' birthday who celebrated it on the same day. Enjoy your trip in Haadyai, Ayu and friends and thank you for this order.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

oreo birthday cake

I was told that this cake is for twins
and they turn 1 ( one ) today, 24th April 2009

back view of the dice, flower motif

side view round shape fondant and red flower

the other side of the dice, red heart shaped fondant with tiny blue blossom

top view of the dice, orange flower

the oreo chocolate cheesecake, before putting all the alphabets and flowers on it

voila, a colourful hepi b'day message to two one year olds twins.

Not quite sure how this oreo would turn out, cos always told my customers that this cake is very sensitive, can't deco much on it, but one thing for sure, this oreo chocolate cheesecake is scrumptious..
Wishing both of you kiddos, Hepi b'day, though aunty doesn't know you, but wish you happiness always and will always bring happiness to your mum and dad too.
To Hafizah, who ordered this cake on behalf of the kids' father, thank you for recommending me and I hope they will like the oreo cake cos I do so like that cute little No 1 dice.

THANK YOU brownies

Just piped out the ganache all over the brownies before cutting it.
cut into bite size and placed on a paper cup....looks yummilicious

placed in a box and add yellow rosebud ( now memang tengah syok ngan rosebud ni, so layan aje lah ) and a simple thank you mesej.

can't help but taking another snapshot of this yellow rosebud.

finally, boxed , ribboned and add a flower and a butterfly to complete the packaging and off this box of brownies to KL as a token of gratitude from my hubby to his friend . As we speak, they are on their way to KL. To Mr Lam, this is our way of saying "Thank You" for everything. hope you like the brownies

short notice choc cakes

baru load this photo from the other camera. This cake in this box, nicely wrapped, before being delivered to Dato's house. Met with Datin cos Dato' is not at home at that moment but managed to speak with him on the phone before I left for his house, a very gentle man and soft spoken, said that his wife is at home. A very nice lady, asked me to just call her Kak Nor, skip the formality. Berborak sampai tak perasan Maghrib dah nak bagi salam so mintak diri dulu.

I made this cake right after baking the other one, and while waiting for this one to bake, i started decorating the golf theme choc cake first, and this one took some time to cool off.
the only deoc that I could think of at that time, fortunately I still have some royal icing flowers, so decided to use them for this cake.

choc cake with buttercream deco and royal icing flowers

pink blossom

tiny pink blossoms

I made this one first , baked, deco'ed, boxed, ribboned, and delivered (wrapped in green ribbon with green flower corsage )cos he lives in Alor Star, very near my place, then only I worked on the second cake.

golf theme. a little bit only cos I know that the birthday man is a golfer, decorated within one hour cos I have to deliver it before 9.30 pm. started baking this cake arnd, waited for it to cool first, meantime thinking of the deco, all within the short spam of a time

These two cakes are rather short notice order from a regular customer. These two designs that I could come up with at such very short notice. Anyway, Thank you Peng , all the way from KL, for these orders. Thanx for your support.

To the birthday men, Happy 45 ( err...terbalikkan...) birthday, and many happy returns...