Saturday, October 31, 2009

My next next door neighbour's MCB

Her house is only one door away from mine., my neighbour from the same taman.
I was sweeping the dry leaves in front of my house when she came over. She was on her way to pay her bills and when she saw me, she stopped to say hai and talk about neighbourly things and " she just found out" about my cakes and decided o give it a try.
Thank you Kak Masriah.

Friday, October 30, 2009

getting ready

I had been procrastinating this's way overdue and I said to myself, "Get it over and done with"

I had no clue as to what I was doing. No theme, no nothing so I made a bird, no, make it two birds, a basket of flowers, a turtle, smiley mushrooms. bees, flowers and Mr Incredible's kid.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thank You cheesecake

"Do you know what her favourite cake is?"asked my friend.

"i guess it would be the plain bake cheesecake", I replied.

"Very well then, could you please make one for her and simply write, "Thank you from Azah and Family".

This conversation took place during her visit/sleep over at my place last weekend. She had ordered three MCBs before and she also requested me to make chocolate moist cake for her FIL's birthday( the one with the motorbike on it ) together with the blueberry cheesetarts to bring back to Penang.

This other lady, the recipient of this cheesecake , who happens to be my friend too ( we went way back during the A Level years ) has helped this friend ( my friend too, we went all the way back in Ilford back in the 90s) a lot and this is her way of saying thank you.

"Kappunnkap, Merci, Arigato, Terima KAsih, Thank You", they all mean the same only said differently in different languages......expressing gratitude and appreciation

Went over to Nani's house to send the cheesecake and exchanged news. Our houses are not that far from each other but we seldom see one another. we are busy in our own ways, our responsibilities towards our profession and family

Thank you from Azah and Family
and thank you from Zue's Oven to Azah.Thank you for your continuous support and for the beautiful friendship that we share.

Selingan.....a girl and her kitten

Batrisyia and our new kitten

kehangatan marble cheese brownies masih terasa

A request for MCB from Kak Ita, one of my regulars. Made this on Saturday because she wanted to collect it very early in the morning on Sunday, before 8 am.
Thank you so much Kak Ita for your support.

serabai barat

no.. this is not an order from anyone, just a request from my son who wanted me to make pancake for breakfast. Therefore, last Saturday made this serabai barat for our breakfast.
I like to eat this pancake with strawberry jam, my daughter likes it with chocolate spread and my son likes it with snow margarine.

banana cake with walnut again

"Zue, rasa nak makan kek pisang lagi...kalu free, Zue tolong buat kalau boleh kadar segera"
I am most flattered because i made the banana cake with walnut a couple of days ago and now she is requesting for another one. Only this time, she wanted it bigger and with more walnut in it.
She even bought the bananas just in case I didn't have time to go and buy them!Thanks Kak for making it easier for me and all I had to was..bake it.
That night, after the MCB and the blueberry cheesecake were gone, i made the banana cake for her .the following morning I smsed her saying that the cake was ready.
Thanks a lot kak bahiyah for constantly supporting my venture.

blueberry cheesecake and MCB

Her relatives from Trengganu were coming over and they wanted blueberry cheesecake and she immediately thought of me. That was what she told my hubby and later related the same to me when she called to order the blueberry cheesecake. She had tasted my plain bake cheesecake before and took a liking to it.
Since my hubby was outstation and unable to attend her wedding invitation, i made this MCB for her, to congratulate her.

made this MCB for the lady who ordered the bluberry cheesecake.
Thank you Puan Normala fo ordering the blueberry cheesecake and I hope they all like it.
Congratz again on your son's wedding.

banana cake...with walnut

"Whenever you are free, please make us a banana cake"
a simple request from my neighbour. After more than a week only that I had the opportunity to make it for her. Actually I had made one earlier but a friend and her children came over to our house, but my neighbour did have a taste of that version of the banana cake with cream cheese frosting.
I then decided to make another version of the banana cake, this time with walnut inside and this is the text comment that I received from her,
"Marvel0us..thank u..sedap..areena suka sangat"
I've always liked banana cake and even without the cream cheese frosting, it tastes good too, but with additional walnut inside, it tastes even better.
Thank you kak Bahiyah for always supporting me.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy 27th birthday Love

This was quite a last minute order but thankfully I was free, after having completed a few orders the day before, and was I glad that I took this order because I had made someone very happy .

That was the impression I got when she came to collect this set this evening.

"Happy 27th Birthday, Love". That's what she wanted me to write and she chose the colour, red. She left the design to me. What should I make for people in love? Feels good to be in love. We should be in love all the the time, when our eyes first met, when our hearts started pounding when we see one another, when we got married, got our first child, and the second and the next, when grey hair starts showing and wrinkles replacing the smooth lines on your face, is in the air....

Siapa pernah jatuh cinta,

pada pandangan yang pertama,

apakah memang sama dengan ku punya cinta,

yang kini kualami sendiri..(the song by Suhaili Shamsudin , when I was in my primary school back in the 70s)

I felt young again, ( but my aching body is saying otherwise :-), but no aching body will stop me from doing what I am passionate in... )trying to figure out what to design for Mira. Teddies, of course, still in season and very popular choice among them. Who wouldn't want the teddies, they are ever so cute and adorable.

yet again, my box of present contained a piece of chocolate and this time it was covered with red and white fondant.
Mira came around five all the way from Perlis to collect this set for her loved one's birthday which was yesterday.
Wishing Yen, Happy Belated 27th birthday" and thank you Mira and I am so glad that you are happy with the cupcakes.
just want to share Mira's reply to my sms this morning:
"seriously he n his family loved the cuppies, everyone rasa cm syg nk makan, siap his sisters dk posing2 lg. Mmg really worth g amik kt a.staq"
How sweet Mira. I am so glad that everyone likes the cuppies and they are worthy of your trip all the way from Perlis to Taman Stadium ,Alor Staq. Thanx again dear.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Jed

Chocolate moist cake with ganache and very minimal deco since the topper is a bit " heavy", yeah a heavy machine on top of's not fondant made, it's the real thing only in miniature size, the cake is from my friend to her father in law, but the heavy machine topper is from my hubby for this uncle.
wheels on green

I made banana cake that day so gave a few slices to bring back. topped with cream cheese frosting and decorated with buttercream swetpea and rosebuds.
thank you Azah for this order,plus a set of bluebrry cheese tart for her FIL's birthday makan2 tomorrow.

BEN 10 birthday cake

Chocolate moist cake with ganache and my amateur work on the fondant BEN 10 topper,

Azira ordered this for a friend. Thank you Azira.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Raya hampers

Raya "hamper"
mengkuang box with orange ribbon

the whole set

choc cuppies


A set of cookies and cupcakes with green ribbons

EidMubarak Chocolate cupcakes wih green fondant and small red small flowers.
thank you AZR Architect for trusting me with these raya "hampers".Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

Liyana's belated b'day cake

Anakku sayang,
intan Liyana,
kaulah pelita hidup ayah ini,

Hanya satu saja harapan ayah,
beri kasih sayang pada semua,
sayang ibumu ,sayang semua,
hidup mu nanti dipandang mulia
ayah merasa bangga,
bila di hari tua,
anakku bergembira,'sayang..sayang..

teddy, mini cake and a mini present on a choc moist cake with ganache

Chocolate cupcake covered with yellow fondant with the birthday gal's candle

A cute pink teddy for a cute gal

a small present for the birthday gal, fondant covered chocolate.
Thank you Kak Siti and Tuan Haji . Wishing Liyana " happy Belated 18th birthday"

MCB went to Kangar

Ribboned and ready to go.

MCB for these people in Perlis, from my friend Azah who is in Penang but she came over and personally took it with her fo her meeting n Kangar,
Thank you Azah for your support.

Monday, October 12, 2009

orange theme for Diwali

Two sets of Diwali gifts . I was so glad that I managed to complete both sets on time.
My friend, an ex-colleague only informed me of their intention last Wednesday and I had only a few days to look for suitable items to suit the festival .

"where can I find the best maruku in town?
This was the answer that I got after asking around. The same answer after asking different people.
" The lady in front of the old post office, or sometimes she can be found in front of the alley just before R*se restaurant before R*B Bank."

Both Zah and I tried our best to get the best maruku or maruku mixed with nuts and there's the other one which I wasn't sure of what it was called.

Spent the night baking my cookies and made the roasted almond chocolate and cupcakes too. By morning I made the fancy cookies with "rangoli/kolam" sort of designs.

I thought that these orange with black design boxes might suit the occasion. All the cookies, maruku, chocolate placed in their containers and attached with orange ribbon on each one to complement the whole look.Not forgetting an orange butterfly .

Happy Diwali to all who celebrate this festival of light.

This set contained the orange design rangoli fancy cookies.

"Happy Diwali "chocolate cuppies with ganache and topped with fondant and red blossom with silver dregee in the middle.

Another orange butterfly stuck on the orange coloured lid of the other set.

one box ready, aerial view.

colours of rangoli... at least, my version on cookies.

flower and ribbon on the lid

A set of orange coloured fancy cookies.

closer look on what's inside the box, can be seen in this pic were: a set of cuppies, a bx of home made chocolate and fancy " rangoli" cookies. Underneath were the marukus and cookies and a box of teabags.
Thank you Zah for trusting me with this special gift boxes for the special people associated with the organisation.

just wanna share a few positive comments received via sms:
"zue, ramai puji cantik dan kreatif hasil kerja zue"
" Nice Deepavali hamper,zue.Bravo"

MCB fever is still on...

I saw this rangoli design and practised on my MCB first before doing it on my fancy cookies which I think is going to be harder because cookies are much , i mean much much more smaller than this 10" MCB.

though it was still warm, not totally cool but my son couldn't resist the temptation of the cheesy aroma that came from the freshly baked marble cheese brownies. so he cut the small portion.

later, he came down to cut some more. what is left after less than half an hour