Monday, February 20, 2012

Ready...Aim... shoot.....

red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, decorated with archery theme
she gave me a few sample photos for me to follow, credit goes to the original design, i am just realising my customer's wish using the deco which she gave me as a sample
these cuppies were for her students who took part in an archery competition.
her verdict:

" The kiddos loved the cupcakes
the cikgus loved them too.
Thank you so very much:)))
keseronokan yg tidak terhingga melihat cupcake cupcake itu...he he he"

thank you Sharina for your continuous support

Sunday, February 19, 2012

what came out from my oven

marble cheese brownies
10 x 10 inches, with simple deco, with fondant ribbon and roses, thank you Yanie

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
9 x 9 inches, with simple buttercream deco, thank you Su
bluberry cheestarts with 'TQ' on each one, thank you Yanie
another marble cheese brownies, as it is, thank you Jid

chocolate moist cake with ganache,
9 " round, thank you Cik noh
'pound'cake ( i think, ) because the recipe asked for 1 lb of everything, i just followed the recipe given to me, thank you za, glad that your 'pegawai' loves it.
pancakes or serabai barat, plain scones for breakfast

it's soccer time!

12 x 12 " chocolate cake with ganache, the football field covered with buttercream grass and decorated with non-edible players and nets, with a ball shaped candle for Muhammad Aliff Haikal, to be celebrated with his Pra school friends .
spain vs Italia?
delivered this cake to his school, same school as my daughter. thank you zu ( mak dia pun nama zu jugak......hehe......)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

sirih junjung, lambang budaya

kiriman sirih lambang budaya,
hingga kini masih dijaga,
adat meminang warisan bangsa,
tanda cinta uda dan dara.

pantun dipetik dari sebuah majalah.
sirih junjung dan sebiji kek sebahgian dari dulang hantaran kepada pihak perempuan
bunga ros ukiran tangan, begitu seni sekali gubahannya ( credit to the lady who made this, but can order thru me )
vanila cake with buttercream and blueberi filling in between the three layers, covered with fondant and decorated with gumpaste flowers
sebakul sirih junjung sebagai kepala hantaran
purple and white themed cake
thank you Acir and Pijat and congratz to rosli

februari bulan istimewa

"megamind" 9 inch rainbow cake with lemon swiss meringue buttercream
thank you ticer
bluberry cheesetarts, thank yu alia
brownies with walnut 10 x 10 in, dusted with icing sugar, thank you kak

i am sorry ma

sekuntum mawar merah sebuah puisi
untuk mama tercinta, to say " i am sorry"

how sweet and how thoughtful, suddenly, my son has grown up, dah pandai ambik hati mama dia.

Friday, February 3, 2012

love the bling bling

thankfully I managed to complete this doll cake despite getting a less than 24 huor notice for it.
tie a big bow at the back
i like this part, added a touch of bling bling to her strapless dress, rasa macam jadi designer pulak...
sitting pretty in her little garden with colourful small flowers and mushrooms. Happy 7th birthday Sakinah, thank you Kak for allowing me this experience to make a red velvet 'doll' cake.

red and white lovebirds

thank you Pah
red velvet with cream cheese cupcakes