Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BEN 10 birthday cupcakes

how's the drawings? not bad, ? not good? good enough for amatur. last minute request for ben 10 on cuppies, no time to order edible image, my last resort was to draw ben 10 straight on the fondant piece.

wouldn't want to disappoint an 8 year old Rafiq.

Asked Ana if her friend, who requested these cuppies for her brother, how she likes the cuppies
" hye- suke suke. dia kata cantik n ingatkan simple je, tu baru sikt je, blum all out lg---hehehe..belum tengok yg k.zue buat 4 me b4, lg gempak...."

Happy 8th birthday Rafiq, be a good boy okay. thanks Ana , and friend who requested for these cuppies

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