Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary MCB

their Anniversary falls on the 18th December

Happy 2nd Anniversary Naim & Yany!
Yany came on 7th Dec to place orders for something else, chocolate caramel oreo cheesecake for 16th Dec where they would be having a makan2 farewell for their practical students and also birthday cake for her daughter's birthday next year. Told her that I had never made that version of oreo cheesecake before and if I couldn't find the recipe, would it be okay if I made my version of oreo chocolate chesecake? and she approved it. Before leaving, she added another order for she just remembered that her wedding anniversary was coming soon and that would be a good excuse to indulge in one of my " heaven on earth" creations and she placed an order for MCB for that occasion!

therefore on 17th she came over with a friend and collected both this MCB and the OCC, oreo chocolate cheesecake and this was the verdict and testimony from her:

"MCB ngan COC ( or OCC ) tersngt la sedap! thank u for such delicious delicacies!"

Naim and yany
Yany and Naim,
thank you so much and may both of you celebrate more anniversaries in the years to come.

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