Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Graduation/ thank you Basket

purple and white themed basket 'hamper'

vanila cupcakes with buttercream and topped with fondant and decorated with fondant blossoms and rolled roses, one of the cupcakes with a THANK U' note on it

cupcakes, brownies and cookies:- semolina, choc chip and melting moments

with a small red card for her to write her own message on it.

a basket of appreciation , from a grateful student, who had just graduated with a Masters, for her Professor.Thank you Sue and COngratulation on your graduation

Have fun ladies!

and they sure had lots and lots of fun that day.....

"Potluck at Mum's 2 Oct 201", I could not be there so, my brownies went on my behalf.....:-(

a bag of little goodies for my friend Intan for taking the trouble to pick up these brownies from the bus station in shah alam, thank you very much Intan

boxed, bottled and bagged

all packed and ready to board the bus to Shah Alam and later on, with a help from Intan would make its way to another friend, Mum's house in Taman Melawati for the 'geder geder' session on 2nd Oct .

MCB and RV for two "Sue"s....:-)

BEN 10 drawn on fondant ( instead of edible image due to last minute order) and placed on top of MCB for anak teruna sue's 8th birthday. thank you sue and Happy 8th birthday Hariz, semoga menjadi anak yang soleh.

red velvet before 'make-up'

red velvet- covered with cream cheese and with swirly deco ala ala deco on MCB with 'mouthful' wordings as per Sue's request. This is another Sue, a birthday cake for her hubby, plus another order for a purple and white basket hamper to be picked up the next day or two. thank you Sue!

Happy Birthday BOSS

Happy Birthday BOSS " were written on both the MCB and BWW

I was in the middle of cleaning the crabs for the Spicy and SOur Crab dish that I planned to cook for lunch when suddenly she apppeared in my kitchen.

She had called many times but did not receive any reply from me, something was definitely wrong with my phone that day for heard nothing, no ringing tone, no SMS tones, I couldn't call or text out and that prompted her to come over, to order these two for that evening!

So, in between cooking, I started melting the butter for the BWW first and once it was in the oven, I started with the MCB and fortunately they were ready on time. thank you Azira for always remembering me and for your continuous support.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

AIESYA on stars

I thought I recognise her face the minute I opened the door and saw her standing there, she looks just like her mother. She found me in the net, when in fact I have known her family for quite some time now, it's a small world!

her specific request, one teddy bear, one present but I made two, the yellow one has chocolate ladybird inside

a birthday message on a 'note' , " happy 1st birthday"

and her daughter's name spelt on stars and one oreo chocolate cheesecake, The only request that I cannot fulfil was to put the stars on top of the cake because this is one of type of chilled cheesecake and I doubt it could hold those sticks, but nevertheless she's happy with her daughter's birthday cake

thank you Haniza and Happy 1st birthday AEISYA.

more BWW

another pair of brownies with walnut, already cut into slices for Puan Noormala's office jamuan

Thank you dear

luxury brownies with pink ribbon

orange and turqoise

Her choice of design which she gave me , only need me to use her colour, orange and turqoise

thank you AMal and Congratz dear!

more MCB and BWW

marble cheese brownies and brownies with walnut for her office 'makan makan'

thank you Kak Ba'ayah!

brownies with walnut spread with ganache and siimple deco and wordings, especially worded from my lovely friend in Penang, for me to deliver to these lovely people. thank you Azah

an assortment of goodies

My school friend , Jay's order for her staff, to bring back to KL

plain bake cheesecake, banana chocolate chip muffins, luxury brownies and marble cheese brownies.

thank you J and thank you Azizul, hope you get to taste them this time Azizul..:-)

To Kota Damansara they went

packed nicely for these cakes to go on board

chocolate moist cake with ganache

plain bake cheesecake

marble cheese brownies,

my nephew's request, to bring back to Kota Damansara via flight.

BWW for jamuan

Thank you Puan Noormala , two BWW for her ofis Jamuan makan