Friday, December 25, 2009

Atie and Olie's pink and white engagement sets

looks familiar, right?except for a few details on the cupcakes and the side of the cake plus the flower and ribbon and butterflies on the boxes.

tini specifically requested for this pink and white set similar to the one I made recently. They were for her sister's engagement ceremony held on 26th dec 2009.

so sweet, so romantic, so soothing, so blissfully serene, calm and tranquil, looking at these pink and white buttercream roses on these vanilla cupcakes

the ganache gave a stark contrast to the soft pink and white flowers with "Selamat Bertunang Atie & Olie on pink and white fondant decorated with silver dregees on the borders of the fondant heart shaped base.

Atie herself with her other sister came to collect them.ramai betul adik perempuan Tini. So far I have met three of them.
Wishing Atie, "Selamat Bertunang " dgn pasangannya, Olie. Atie ni manis orangnya, bila dah bertunang ni, bertambah2 lah manisnya....
Tini, thank you for trusting me with these sets.

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