Friday, December 31, 2010

one day

my cake for my brother, the reason I went back late and the reason I didn't get my sleep that night but it was worth it.

the reason I came back, nasi kak wok and a cup , or maybe two or three, Nescafe susu, courtesy of, Sri Diah, to go with it, well,,,,,, not the only reason but part of it....main reason, my parents of course....

where's the head?.....

being swallowed by the ceiling?

anak siapa ni....suka no main tangga.....

selalunya bertiga, the two cousins, where's the other one?

love this..... classic tul, tisu gulung di gantung begini,

lagi classic, the hanging tap....

more photos and stories later in my other blog ,cekmekzue or Zue's Oven.....too many

photos and stories

Monday, December 27, 2010

Selamat Pengantin Baru to my brother

two tiered wedding cake for cake cutting on 25th dec 2010.
matching knife set

top tier- chocolate moist cake layered with banana choc chip cake with ganache on each layer.

mini versions of the same cakes, covered with fondant, white and cream colour with royal icing deco inspired by Peggy Porschen

the choc cake with banana choc chip layer covered with white fondant and simple minimal floral deco on top and side

door gift

carrot cake later topped with cream cheese frosting and covered with fondant

brownies for the door gift

one single rose for each cupcake and a few drops of pearls

fancy cookies - also part of the contents in the door gift box

fancy cookies idividually wrapped

40 boxes of this as 'gift or token' for the bride's family members

fancy cookies, carrot walnut cupcake and brownies with walnut .

Prepared both the cake and mini cakes for cake cutting ceremony and the door gifts for my brother's wedding in Kelantan for the " sambut menantu' on 25th Dec 2010.
Selamat Pengantin Baru to my brother Den and his beautiful and sweet bride/wife Amily.May you both live happily ever after.

pink, purple and grey

6460, pasangan yang tak berapa baru dan tak berapa lama

a hero each for a family, sorang duk alor Staq, sorang duk Kelate, and sorang duk Ireland..not in the picture, yang duk Mmusang, duk Damansara and duk Puchong.

pasangan dari jauh, paling jauh tapi sampai gak untuk kenduri adiknya

kakak dengan adik atau mak dengan anak.......renung-renungkan......

pasangan lama tapi tak lah lama macam pasangan di bawah ni

eh silap .... bukan yang ni, ini.. bapa mithali....ibu mithali dengan anak yang sorang lagi....

raja sehari turun dari singgahsana....untuk santapan...

bukan pasangan lama atau baru.......

tiga dara pingitan

pasangan pengantin lama....:-) almost 50 years, boleh celebrate golden jubilee anniversary ni....hmmmmm that's a thot, perhaps we could arrange for them

ayahanda dan bonda tersayang

pasangan pengantin baru, A dan A.