Thursday, December 24, 2009

engagement ganache roses

CT requested a chocolate cake for her sister's engagement. the design and deco, up to me.

I decided to make this roses made from ganache which thankfully turned out beautifully and elegantly with gold dregees scattered on top and inedible golden beads on the side with golden ribbon, inedible too, as the border.

As much as CT 'sayang' to let go of this CMC to her sister's future groom side, I was a bit sad to let go of it too because it's such a beauty to look at, just couldn't get enough of it.For what its worth, I am just happy at the same time seeing the happy look on CT's face, that means a world to me.
To CT's sister, sorry dear, I didn't get your name, but wishing you and your partner,:"Selamat Bertunang" and to CT, thank you dear for trusting me with your sister's engagement cake, for letting me share part of the special occasion.

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