Friday, February 26, 2010

kelly green and white set

soothing white and green as an engagement hantaran set.

16 S size chocolate cuppies with ganache and glaze with white buttercream, with white roses and a touch of green and further deco with a few inedible white and green butterflies

three white roses in a cup and solo white rose with inedible green butterfly

white rose with kelly green blossom and a white butterfly

just want to see what it would like on the green 'alas' on the dulang hantaran.

the box is decorated with reen lacey ribbon with a bow tied in front of the box and a bbig white butterfly attached to it. To make it look more exquisite, I just wrapped around a string og green beads around the box. On the top left hand corner, i just attached another piece of green lacey ribbon with another tyoe of green flower and to finish it off, I just glued two small green and white butterflies right at the bottom right hand corner of the box.
thank you Linda who ordered this set on behalf of her MIL
To the newly engaged couple, "Selamat Bertunang" .

Najah, from Perlis

whose hand is this? left handed, like me...very fair, not like me...hehe.....:-)
don't be shy, let us see your face, so busy drawing on the marble cheese brownies,

done! Wah! cantik sekali, all done by 'the hand'

that hand belongs to Najah who hails from Perlis, to learn how to make marble cheese brownies and fruit cake. this is no ordinary lady, mother of three, a businesswoman with not just a bakery but clothes shop and book shop too. Just undergone her confinement of her third child, she wasted no time.
we were supposed to start the class at 10 am but due to unavoidable circumstances, she had to come slightly later. when she arrived, we had a small conversation just to break the ice, I think the ice had been broken much earlier when we exchanged our e-mails. such a sweet and pleasant lady, so easy to be with.
The session went smoothly, alhamdulillah. I had the whole house to myself because everybody was out, kids at school and hubby at work. Thanx dear for picking up Batrisyia from her school . Normally I would pick her up at 12 noon. we finished off just before five. Actually we finished much earlier but the cake cooling time took longer.While waiting, we had 'nasi dagang' which I bought from the market. Though coming from the state which is famous for nasi dagang and nasi kerabu , i still do not have the expertise and knowledge to do both. I thought of making something I know best, 'ayam masak minangkabau' for Najah but maybe not her rezeki that day, tak sempat buat.
Najah, thank you for your willilngness to share a little something from me, I do hope with the few hours we spent together, mixing, sifting, whisking, baking and chitchatting in between, you have gained or obtained what you were looking for, kalu tak banyak, sikit pun takpe. tapi dengar citer, dah dapat order pun. Well done!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ayam masak entah apa2

made nasi goreng for lunch.( forgot to snap the photo, after all, nasi goreng will look like nasi goreng:-) )

I must write the recipe down for fear of not remembering it . I may be able to make cheesecake or cupcakes or brownies, but when it comes to cooking, I am still learning.. yes ...really learn. One day my kari kepala ikan turned out beautifully and the next, it was a flop. Same with masak asam pedas or sup ekor, no, my sup ekor is fine, but not my fish curry.sat pecah minyak, sat tak.....My cooking is sometimes unpredictable, just like the British weather.

i would check out blogs or fotopages of others for new recipes, bought food magazines, like majalah 'Rasa( from where I got the fried rice recipe for this afternoon's lunch from ) ', watched Chef Kamarul on TV or any other cooking programmes, jot down the recipe, here and there, hoping to try them one of these days but somehow, they remain where they were, on those pieces of paper. I would occasionally try out the new recipes, but I am more comfortable with the recipes that I am so familiar with like masak lemak cilipadi for chicken or crabs and sometimes masak pedas cili for the crab. Not forgetting the masak minangkabau, masak portugis, the dendeng for meat

oops,,,, honestly, before I forget:

bash/pound a few shallots with cili padi.
heat some oil and fry ikan bilis and scoop them out onto a plate.
fry the sliced onion, followed by the shallot and cili padi.

fry until fragrant and cooked, add in squids ( cut into small pieces ), when they are nicely cooked, break an egg , mix nicely and until well blended,

throw in some veggies, I used carrots and cabbage( which I had already cut a couple of days ago ) just chuck them in, ohh I forgot, I added a few pinches of white pepper, salt and sugar to taste. Probably add in a little water if they look kind dry. Finally, add in the rice. Mix thoroughly and voila! Ready to be served with chopped spring onion and sprinkled with the fried ikan bilis.

i kinda like this version,

Since my kids are not nasi goreng people, I made this other lauk for them. this chicken dish, I dunno what to call it cos, I just threw whatever is within my reach.

I heat the oil, tumis the sambal which I made for the ikan bakar last night

the sambal consists of the following:

shallots,lemon grass, belacan, dried chillies, red chillies, cili padi, air asam jawa, lime juice,

I added some chili blend from the shop , fry everything till they are fragrant, pour in some oyster sauce, a little bit of kicap lemak manis, tomato sauce, salt and sugar, add some water for the kuah.but before the water, throw in the chicken , of course, how could I have forgotten the chicken ( a little bit distracted here, am watching American Idol as I am writing this ). simmer till the kuah thicken and the chicken tender.

taste good if I may say so myself. I would definitely try this again, that's why I need to write this down, in case I forgot:-)

so, that's our lunch for today, and most probably tonite, BBQed or rather grilled in the oven lamb /shoulder chop which I had marinated this afternoon. they are for my kids,as I am not much of a lamb person.

gotta go, got to bathe Batrisyia, today, she refused to mandi air hujan ( the shower ) but wants mama to 'jirus' her.


bride and groom toppers

Want to make these cute , sweet and ladylike bride and hemsem, chubby and equally cute groom for your special day?

Can I do it? U may ask yourself. I ask myself that question too, every so often, and I keep on trying until I get the perfect figure, but until then I settle for these for the time being. I am far from perfect but if these cute, sweet and chubby figurines can bring smile to those looking at them, I said, why not?

If I can, so can you. why am I writing this? Because I received several calls and enquiries about this and other things too and perhaps it is time for me to share this little knowledge of mine to more people who are interested to do the same. I have started several classes already for other modules , based on requests and I hope to be able to share more with those who are sincerely interested and passionate about cake making and cake decorating.

my first bride and groom, ( duduk bersanding) on the cupcakes

my pink couple, the demure blushing pride in pink with cucuk sanggul goyang and her chubby hubby

my latest creation, the couple in white, duduk bersimpuh .

so, come on down or up, for those who are interested in making these toppers yourselves either on cupcakes or wedding cakes, look no further, I am right here, just give me a call or text me for further info and detail. This is just one of the few modules that are in store. Iwould also do cupcake deco, buttercream and fondant deco.
How to make chocolate fudge mousse would also be included in my module since there's a request for it. Do let me know what you fancy

Sunday, February 21, 2010

hai Spongebob!

hai Spongebob! it's been a while since I last drew Abang Bob, be it with piping jelly or buttercream. got a call from my friend this morning with 'cepumas' question:-)

"Zue, what are you doing, busy or not?" ( I was smiling at this moment cos I knew what the next sentence would be:-)
i want 50 cupcakes, it's for my daughter's birthday.
Could you make Spongebob for me?
InsyaAllah I could but when do you want it?
this evening? ?@87%*8.! ( smiling at this point)

I was free that day , only planning to go for a kenduri, I love going for kenduris because the lauk all so yummy,and so I said, petang takut tak sempat, kalu malam sikit, insyaallah boleh.

fatimah az-zahra is 8 , a combination of piping jelly and buttercream spongebob deco on the chocolate cuppies with colourful fondant alphabets.

i like these sets because they were so colourful.

happy birthday! 50 pcs of choc cuppies for her schoolmates.Thank you Nanie , last minute, tapi rezeki, rezeki jangan ditolak. true enough, I couldn't finish it by the evening but managed to finish them just before Maghrib. Nanie came around 10 pm with her two daughters and after she went back I got started with the Oreo chocolate cheesecake for tomorrow.,
OCC for Pah. that was about midnite cos hubby came back with fresh squids and prawns from Kuala Perlis and asked me to fry them on the spot, nak makan panas2 and fresh lagi.
while decorating abang Bob, Gladys mum came to collect her two plain bake cheesecakes which they truly enjoyed. She ordered one for chinese New Year and ordered again, these two for their seventh day of the Chinese New Year festival. thank you Gladys and Gladys' mum.
thank you Pah for the OCC, tak sempat ambik gambar OCC and the cheesecakes.

my little contribution

My little contribution to the orphanage program organised by students of Insaniah. Made this 3 kg, 12 inches chocolate moist cake with ganache and buttercream grass border with colourful fondant ribbons for the birthday boy.

I hope the kids like the cake.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Here comes the bride.....

Nas came over to personally invite me to her big day. we also discussed on her hantaran cake. and she wanted just a simple black and white with grey cake with love motives all around the cake. She saw the toppers ( different from mine, the bride and groom in gown and tuxedo )in one of the blogs and particularly liked them and I said to her, if I had the time I might make the toppers for her but the toppers won't be able to standup cos the cake would be boxed, that gave me the idea to make a bersimpuh figurines so, sweet and ayu in baju ala2 kebaya with labuci gitu...
walimatul urus, beautiful black and red invitation card, hmm that gave me ideas already, unfortunately the theme is black, white and grey, oh well.... maybe next time....

started with this bride first, followed by the groom the following day. This time I used real manik ( inedible ye Nas ) for the manik2. Left her face blank first cos I wasn't very good at drawing people's faces. left it to dry overnite . the next day I started with the miniature red and black cakes. Initially Nas just wanted the hntaran cake but since she had an extra dulang hantaran, she thought of giving another set to her groom and this time I suggested the miniature cake with the invitation card design.
just wanna see how it would look like sitting on the 'dulang' without the box

we are already legally married dear, mai la duduk dekat-dekat sikit, janganlah malu2....

malu ah.... tapi mahu.....

the whole look of the bride and groom on the fondant black, white and grey chocolate moist cake in the box with crystal flowers of the same colour theme, minimal deco because the 'dulang hantaran ' is already elaborately decorated.

close up look of the black and white crystal flower from atop with lacey ribbon which matched with the knife set.
(Hmmmmm kekanda kekanda, kita nak honeymoon kat mana ni? Oh adinda ku yang manis dan ayu, duduk bersimpuh , kat mana2 pun takpe, asalkan kekanda bersama dinda, terasa seperti honeymoon.....)

merpati dua sejoli di taman hitam putih and kelabu....
kanda kanda, lihatlah bulan dan bintang tu, cantik kan?
tapi tidak secantik dan semanis adindaku seorang.....

spashly made this set of cake cutting knife for this set, for nas to cut her pulut kuning with. I used the same grey lace ribbon and the black, white and grey smaler ribbon to complement with the dulang hantaran set.

the whole set, plus the knife

seven miniature black and red cakes with black ribbon

this black and white and grey hearts,

this figurines in white

becomes this..........
wishing Nas and pasangan,"Selamat Pegantin Baru", may you live happily ever after. thank you for letting me be part of your special day celebration.
ayam berkokok berjambul biru,
selamat Pengantin Baru......

black and red miniature cake and its card

I have always wanted to do this, a cake, a miniature cake which matches the invitation card. Thanx Nas for making it possible for me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

menjeling menjeling ku terpandang......

oops.... cannot menjeling yet ma..... no eyes.....:-)

I love this song:

Aku ingin menjadi sesuatu
yang mungkin bisa kau sentuh
aku ingin menjadi sesuatu yang mungkin bisa kau rindu
karena sepinya waktu, tanpa dirimu
oh karena,

kau seperti nyanyian dalam hatiku yang memanggil rindu ku padamu oh
kau seperti udara yang ku hela, kau selalu ada

you are my everything,
the sun that shines above you make the blue bird sing,
the star that twinkles way up in the sky,
tell me I'm in love,
when I kissed your lips
i feel the rolling thunder to my fingertips

300 plain cuppies

complimentary congratulatory MCB to kak Zam.
300 pieces of p plain vanilla and chocolate cuppies in cups with domes as wedding favour. thank you kak zam

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'll let you in ON MY PLANS......XOXO

why so many bedrooms? where's the kitchen? where's the living room? where are the other rooms? Why ONLY bedroms?
here's why....
if you say you'll be my valentine.....
I'll let you in on MY PLANS........
if you know what I mean.....kinky stuff, xxxxrated :-)

as per Ana's request, the design and deco to be the same or similar with the one I made recently with the wajik and if I were in the mood, I could add or make something different.Even the wrapping/ribbon is the same as the 'wajik' ribbon.
The 'bedroom plan', I saw it on a valentine's card somewhere and I thot it's kinda nice and sexy and kinky at the same time and after all, it's from the wife to her husband, so there's nothing wrong legally or morally, with being kinky and horny once in a while, ain't it?

chocolate moist cake covered with ganache, with red heart shaped sugar as the border and again, just like the wajik deco, I used silver dregees to outline the red ( instead of white) heart shaped fondant.for the base border, I nozzled out rosette using white buttercream but sprayed with chocolatle flavoured colour dust.

thank you Anna for your endless and continuous support. Actually I wanted to make more but as time was not on my side that day, this was all I could come up with in a jiffy. May you and hubby dearest celebrate more valentines, birthdays, anniversaries and eerything else together always.