Thursday, December 24, 2009

peach for wedding hantaran

This peach set was for a wedding hantaran, for a 'sweet girl as comel as the cupcakes ni', quoted what Kak Ita said when she came to collect these cuppies.

This set was also from Kak Ita who ordered the romantic bouquet set which was also for a wedding hantaran but from a groom to his bride.

I think this was my first peach set. Actually kak ita wanted the design to be similar to her first order of fondant deco cupcakes from me sometime in May. That time, I had just started with this fondant deco and I did 16 purple roses with green leaves on white base for her.

I think this set had improved a lot from my old deco

I would really like to thank Kak Ita for her never ending support, from those wedding hantaran sets, to those banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting plus the fasting month package and the exclusive hampers, thank you for trusting me with all those.
My get well wishes to you too, rest properly and insyaAllah by next year can start work again, take care and get well soon, kak Ita.

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