Saturday, January 31, 2009

birthday makan2 for Tsara's friends

brownies with walnut dusted with icing sugar
ice cream cake, 3 layers of sponge cake with choc and strawberry ice cream in between, covered with fresh cream and topped with hand made pink roses, ( the ice cream cake is my first attempt), i guess still has room for improvement...this is her second birthday cake, earlier ,made choc cake on her actual birthday.

Made and baked brownies, blueberry cheesetarts, orange cuppies and my first attempt on ice cream cake for my daughter's birthday makan2 for her friends. not forgetting the main dish is macaroni au gratin ( got the recipe from the internet), couldn't think of anything else to make in such limited time period and furthermore, with no assistant, the least I could come up with for my daughter.Also, bubur jagung compliment from dearest kakak, thanx dear sis ( n daughters too ) for my fav bubur and for helping out, my kids for cleaning up the house while Mummy is busy in the kitchen. Hubby is outstation, coming back today so I channelled all my energy to my other passion.... my baking and cooking passion

Thursday, January 29, 2009

choc cuppies for my brother's lady friend in KL. yup, these cuppies survived the 3 hours drive along the North South highway.
This purple theme cupcakes were made for my youngest brother's akad nikah in Skudai on 19th Dec 2008. The cuppies survived the long journey all the way from the North to the South, together with another set of choc cuppies for my other brother who is in KL, for his friend's birthday on the 19th Dec.( So many brothers huh? Actually I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters, that makes 8 of us, remember the series "Eight is Enough" in the 80's?)

This is the cuppies that I made for my youngest brother's kenduri on 24th jan 09 back in my hometown, the cream didn't look as smooth as the pro's but for an amateur like me, am quite pleased with the result. This time, the cuppies travelled from the West to the East using the Timur Barat Highway which took us about 4 hours drive. As usual, my daughter, my baking companion, in the background.

Batrisyia with her PPG birthday cake

Another photo of Batrisyia's PPG birthday cake which I sent to her kindergarten for her to share with her friends. A story behind this cake, I started baking the choc cake at 10.30 pm after watching Gilmore Girls and it was ready by around midnite and i had to let it cool first before i could start decorating, so Mummy decided to go for a short wink and lo and behold mummy woke up at 5.30 am!Rushed down to my kichen, fortunately I had all the ganache and buttercream ready so I started drawing Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles on the cake, my very first time, on the cake that is, and finished by around 6.30 am ..phew! made it on time, then i had to rush to send my eldest daughter to school. Came back and bathe my youngest and off I went to her kindie with the cake and off to my office.

tsara's birthday cake

another photo and this time is the birthday cake which I made for my eldest daughter who turns 14 on 24th jan

power puff girls birthday cake

it's 1.30 am and 1've just finished baking choc cuppies for tomorrow, just waiting for them to cool before pouring the ganache and to sprinkle with choc rice. Meanwhile, I want to put in my cake photo and I want my first photo in my blog to be the power puff girls birthday cake that I made for my youngest daughter who celebrated her 5th birthday last Wed, the 21st Jan.

my first baby step

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum, as a start to anything.
Why do I call it "my first baby step?" well, cos it is my first time, my new beginning, my intro, and baby cos baby is innocent, naive and this will take some time for me to get familiar with this new toy of mine, ie blogging, well, not really, it's just a medium for me to write my journal, esp my cakes and cupcakes journal entries . I started writing in my diaries when I was in Standard 5 when my Abah introduced me to the Diary world and I have been keeping diaries ever since only that now they are not written daily due to my busy schedule as a Mum, wife, worker, friend, sister, and many other roles that I have to play. Speaking of which, look at the time, have to go.