Friday, March 25, 2011

Princesses everywhere.....

modern days Princesses, unlike my time, who were our Princesses ? or screen movie heroins? Dayang Senandung? Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, Jula Juli Bintang Tujuh,no don't think we had these kind of Princesses but we do have Srikandis, like Tun Fatimah, Mahsuri, and a few others ( sorry , my history is a bit rusty )
Belle from Beauty and the Beast, couldn't get enough of the story, watched it over and over again,

"Belle! you came back!"

of course I would

"I can see you one last time"

Oh no! Please don't leave me......

I love you ( in a very soft whisper), and the last rose petal fell.........

Snow white, from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Tsara's favourite cartoon when she was a baby, played it over and over and over again, she just kept on asking for it, Ariel, Little Mermaid, whose favourite?, Cinderella, an evergreen fairy tale love story, with a " and they lived happily ever after" ending, my favourite too, watched this for the very first time when I was doing my A Level, last but not last, Tinkerbell, Batrisyia's favourite.

for makan2 and as gifts. thank you dear Nik.
Another set f Disney Princesses with an addition of Princess Jasmine from Alladdin.From a thoughtful friend to her craving pregnant friend.thank you Areena dear


Kasihnya ibu, membawa ke syurga,


from Areena,


and Ain, the youngest

All three 'talian hayat's centred at the big momma's heart, for no matter where they are, Johor, KL or nearby, their hearts remain close to their mama

A birthday carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting from these three lovely girls for their mama's birthday, my task was to deliver this and surprise their mum at her working place. Happy birthday Kak, wishing you happiness and good health always. thank you Areena and sisters for yet again, trusting aunty zue with the birthday cake of the person dearest to them.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


they love going to movies, but I am sure they don't go to ODEON cinema anymore, nowadays, there's the CINEPLEX or GSC, Golden Screen Cinema is it? I think my first experience going to a movie theatre or 'panggung wayang' was during my teenage days and that was the only time! After much persuasion from my best friend in my kampung ( during the school holidays), I said yes. ( let's not count the ones after SPM and during my a Level ).

At that time, ODEON or was it LIDO? was showing the hit musical love story starring Jamal Abdillah and Ogy Ahmad Daud, yup, you guessed it, "AZURA" ,

"nama saya Zakaria bin Puteh, panggil saja Zek", one of the famous lines by Jamal in that movie. here's another one , "Azura dah dapat kerja tau, dekat boutique", Ogy's line

kenangan manis kau dan aku,

takkan terluput,

duri ranjau dalam bercinta,

lumrah dunia,

sayang menyayang

cinta dikenang

perasaan menjadi rindu

ooooo, lihatlah diriku, yang kehilangan,

tanpa kasihmu sayang, siapalah aku.....

waahhh, siap hafal lirik lagi, that was how crazy and absorbed I was at that time, and the dialogues too! let's not get me started with "GREASE", Olivia Newton John and John ravolta, love love that movie and the songs!

dim light just like in the movie theatre, with a few screenings in one day, the theatres are much smaller than the old theatres where they showed only one movie a day, unlike today, where you can choose which movie you want to see first and followed by another one in the next room.

What's a movie without popcorn and drinks! They are a must!
during school days, it was really interesting and fun watching movies, under the sky with the moon and stars above us, open air movie on the netball court and sometimes inside the hall. Of course, we didn't have to queue up for the tickets, just lay a few pieces of paper on the ground, have a few bags of junks and drinks ready , gather round with your buddies and enjoy the " Arjuna Mencari Cinta" or Rano Karno movies , or be scared, really scared with "Penangkal Ilmu Teloh", or "Jaws"and be thrilled with a few James Bond movies
If the movie was shown inside the hall, we made sure that we went to the hall very early with a piece of chalk and marked the floor with our class name on it, 3(1) '81, didn't matter if it was 82 or 83, we were still 3(1)'81.Such wonderful experiences, those school days, after the movie, we would normally hang out at the basketball court and had more fun there, just before saying good nites to each other, leaving for our respective dorms and had our sweet dreams, either dreaming of Rano Karno or some other heroes......:-)

NOW SHOWING "Happy Birthday BOROI" and that is today, March 21st,

"ily", "imy" and 'iny" have meanings . only Sya knows and B to find out and I think he already did

next change, it's a story about a boy named B and a girl named S , they met and fell in love, well, if you wanna know what happens next, just wait for the next screening!
Thank you Sya and Happy birthday Boroi( hope you don't mind me calling you this too!)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

cuti cuti Penang

Sukanyer dia , with all those tinkerbell and friends and other Disney characters

browsing through old books at the Chowrasta Bazaar
A must place /shop to go when you are in Penang, not just to stop but to buy and bring back home these jeruks, the best thing is you get to taste all that were on display
, my fav is jeruk kelubi and jeruk buah salak...yum.... next stop is the gurney Plaza at Gurney Drive, another must go place for us if we go to Penang.Introducing your new Cliniq*e promoter:-) er promoters.....
kids and water are inseparable...... indoor
or outdoor

eh...ada anak turtle di Penang? ingat ada di Dungung 'Ganu kite je...
mak penyu....

Day 3: Queensbay Mall, our final stop , but wait till we get to the mainland, a few more stops before we headed home
"mama, sama macam beg kakak"
Curious Case of Adam and Batrisyia ( not curious Case of Benjamin Button )
crossing the Penang Bridge, heading towards Domino Pizza! another must stop since we don't have this in alor Staq....

Thank you...

Thank you

blueberry cheesetarts in mini baskets

banana walnuts with cream cheese topping in a floral patterend box

fancy cookies, had seen a few design of similar pattern but the most intriguing was done by Fiza of Chiquecakes. Hers were extremely gorgeous and fine!

What's inside the basket,goodies from zue's Oven

A "thank You" gesture from a friend to another

thank you Mrs Sarab, hope your lovely friend will enjoy the goodies, and for you, enjoy yourself in the land of beautiful beaches and sceneries

Friday, March 18, 2011

for makan2

Thank you Anin- from Putrajaya, chocolate cupcakes with ganache and royal icing flowers

Thank you Nik, she's bringing back this box of BCT for her family in Kelate,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gift cakes

'Selamat Pengantin Baru ' cakes for three couples/newlyweds, all on the same day, March 12th 2011