Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's good to be back...
Home Sweet Home!
I will update the cakes that I made just before I went back to Kelantan later on okay.

we started our journey from Kelantan this morning at about 9.30 am, stopped for a couple of minutes at Bukit Bunga and stopped again for lunch at Hj. Ramli Spg Empat for kari tulang and fried chicken and reachd HSH at around 4.30 pm after driving the car thru a car wash at Jalan Langgar.

We were away for three days, three days away from my oven ( but not from my sister's oven! / more stories on that later).

i had to go back to my hometown for personal reason and as hubby dearest couldn't free himself from his job, I asked my good friend if she's like to join me since she also mentioned about going back home to her hometown in Pasir Mas.

That night, while I was preparing my last minute order of Ben 10 cuppies and also a fruit cake to bring home to my mum as she had just celebrated her birthday on 17th Dec, hubby called requesting me to bake him the cheesecake and brownies, his version is the nutty one, Luxury Brownies with lora lorra nuts, almonds, walnuts and cashews.

I made all the three cakes,:- plain bake cheesecake, fruit cake and Luxury brownies ( and ganache too for the BEN 10 cuppies ) at the same time, while I boiled the water for the mixed fruits, I melted the butter for the cheesecake base, and at the same time weighing and sifting the flour and cocoa powder for the brownies. whilst the machine was beating and creaming away the butter and sugar for the fuit cake, I chopped the nuts and etc, etc.

while doing all those, I put the two recipes , fruit cake and Luxury brownies close together as they were in two different note books , when the instruction required me to put the flour inside the butter and sugar, (mixture for the fruit cake), I accidentaly poured the brownies flour mixture which contained some cocoa powder in it ! the machine was on as I poured it in and I realised that I was pouring in the wrong mixture! Now my fuit cake became " chocolate fruit cake and you will see why I called it with that new name when you see the photo later.

Left my HSH on Sunday morning at 10.30 am and reached my other HSH ( my parent's home ) at 3.30 pm. Non stop five hours driving through the East West highway. My first experience driving on the highway , not as the co-driver and be able to enjoy the beautiful hilly view but the person responsible for the safety and comfort of my passengers, who are my children and my friend with her daughter. Now I know how my hubby must have felt after the driving...very tiring indeed!

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