Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teddies bride and groom

Two teddies, a bride and a groom, sitting on brownies

not only am I baker and cake decorator, a seamstress too? with needle and threads, to sew her 'veil'.......haha....I become a wedding gown designer too......setakat veil je lah....

Zue's Oven, endorsed at the back,

thank you Sharina, who always give me somthing new and interesting , not forgetting , challenging task to do. The red velvet, the camera lens, the rainbow cake, and now this teddies. She already has something up her sleeve for next month, guess, we'll just have to wait and see what it will be.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

take six minus one, Stitch,

vanila cupcakes, brownies, chocolate cupcakes and marble cheese brownies

my daughter said, this looked like a mini garden, that's the idea. When it comes to MCB, not much can be decoed with it

Hanis's 'ladybird cupcakes for her BFF friends' birhdays. thank you Hanis

12 chocolate cupcakes for makan-makan and

12 chocolate cupcakes for engagement hantaran set. Fieza's set of light green and white cupcakes for engagement

thank you Fieza.

rainbow cake, for a cake cutting ceremony, before covering it with the Swiss meringue buttercream

thank you CT, bownies with walnut, the "Four Flower' design, in a box with a simple ribbon and the grey and white love bird set for her engagement ceremony.

the rainbow cake, covered with the swiss meringue buttercream, thank you Yana and Selamat Pengantin Baru

the knife set for Yana's cake cutting ceremony, with the theme colour, purple and grey.

for her FIL

If I had the time ( the order was at night and the pick up time was the following day ), she would want me to draw, prayer mats, books, and mosques on the cupcakes. They are for her Father in law.

Had time or not, I I would try to do as per their request, in such short time frame and my limited drawing skills, I did the best I could. thank you Hannah

gold and white

Friday, May 27, 2011

take five, they said......

a friend,two actually, husband and wife , from KL, ampang to be exact, visited us, after sending their daughter to a uni in Penang, stayed for one night, catchin up on old times

first pick up was at 8 am, blueberry cheesecake and blueberry cheesetarts( forgot to snap the photo).thank you Kak Mala

next pick up, but delivered to the school nearby was at 9.40 am, chocolate moist cake with ganache and simple deco, thank you Cikgu

third pick up was at 10,30am, marble cheese brownies , thank you Atira

4th pick up was at 12 noon, this "Spongebob" chocolate cake will be shared with other Taska kids where Adam went to, for his birthday celebration this afternoon. thank you Liza

5th pick up was at 1 o'clock, for an office small makan makan, thank you Sya Aleesya

oh, another one, make that 'take six' rather, last minute order on the morning itself, marble cheese brownies for two ladies, thank you Asmah and Asilah ( i hope I got the names right) by the way, it was Azira who made the call, no dear, lambat angkat phone bukan apa, sakit tekak so dread to talk cos bila cakap, pedih rasa tekak.

there you go, with a simple "take five' message from my Ampang friends( for me to have a rest, take a break from baking ) `, I literally took five orders on the day they left my house.

you'll never walk alone

this vanila 'ball' shaped cake with Liverpool themed , logos and jersey was delivered to a house in Lorong Peringgi, off Lorong Kg Pisang, to a 12 year old boy.

I bought this ball shaped cake pan for this cake, the order came all the way from Chennai via e-mails

She gave me a sample of the cake photo and wanted me to do exactly like the picture shown but of course, I didn't and wouldn't do exactly the same.

ordered the edible images from CT in Penang, thank you CT, and sorry ya, kak zue selalu order last minute, but she's always being nice and accepted the order, insyaAllah nanti nak order lagi. I thought I asked CT to print the jersey with the birthday boy's name on it and the number is his age and CT did a beautiful job!

thank you Aslamah in chennai, nice dealing with you

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The day a cake was delivered to my house......

when my sister told me that they , she and my parents would be coming over this weekend, I thought this year I could celebrate the day with my parents and my sister but they had to leave, so after they left, I sat back on the sofa and thought of a new recipe I would try since my calendar was clear for May 22nd until I received a call

she was referred to me by another baker in SP, Jie of SPC, and she required a set of cupcakes to congratulate her friends who had just graduated, and she wanted it the next morning, at 8 am. Well, since I was free, and had no major plans for my 'special' day, I said 'yes' and yes, the next day, she came to collect the cupcakes at 8 am, I was only relieved that I managed to complete them on time .thank you akmar

this set was for an 11 year old boy and her mum picked them up at 1 noon as promised, the third call or sms that I received the day before ( after the 'book ' cake order ). thank you Zu and happy 11th bday Lukman, who shares the same birthdate as mine.

just when I thought I only had three orders for may 22nd, I received a call that very morning, and the voice on the other end of the line knew that the only cake that she could order and get as early as 1 noon on the same day was either the brownies or marble cheese brownies. Therefore, while finishing up the above chocolate cucpakes for Lukman, I baked this brownies in between whilst the carrot walnut 'book' cake was put on hold first since it was only due for collection at night. Thank you Azira

As I was preparing, baking and decorating these cakes, i still didn't have 'my' birthday cake, friends had been asking via FB if i am making my own cake, if my cakes was special, well sorry to disappoint, I didn't get to bake my own cake!

this chocolate cake was collected after five, it was not even in the order list, but I received the call on the same morning, jus few minutes after the 'brownies' call. It was for her husband who celebrated his birthday previous day, just a simple golf theme cake for this golf lover birthday man. though she knew that her hubby is not much of a cake person, but she just wanted to make one for him anyway:-)

this was the sms I received that night:

my hubby very happy with the golf deco chocolate cake.Tq tq tq, makan juga a slice.

glad to know:-)

and she added:

my hubby said chocolate cake is not so sweet, rasa cocoa, and that's why he ate it.

thank you Nik

suddenly, the doorbell rang, when i asked who it was, he said," I am delivering a cake"

What? did I hear it right?

normally , people came to collect the cakes 'from' me or I would be delivering cakes 'for' them, but there it was, 'my' birthday cake....
( which I didn't get to eat until after 12 midnite, )

the last pick up for the day, a 2kg plus plus carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting in the shape of a book for a "Teachers' Day' celebration at her school. the third order that I recived the day beore my birthday.thank you farah.

there you go, from nil to five cakes in a day, I am happy if the recepients are happy, they too want to celebrate their birthdays, I am blessed. thank you

by the time, the last cake was collected, i was already 'bushed', less than two hours before it went into another day, my birthday cake was still in the fridge, untouched and the box unopened yet.But we did go out for dinner and a few minutes past midnite, we finally cut the cake. It was not a big day, a birthday celebration is just like any other days, you just remember it as a reminder that you are just a year older and hopefully a year wiser, after all , age is just a number.you are as young or as old as how you would think

Thank you to all the well wishers from my friends, via the facebook too.

i like this corner

just a simple bunch of flowers in a wooden bucket, with frames of memories.

another red and white hantaran

the theme was red and white, from the same lady , for the same bride, but different flavour cake this time , it's chocolate cake, and slightly different deco. why? it was the wrong date!

She ordered these two jars of chocolate chip cookies to bring to Johor , one for makan2 in the car and one to give to her son or daughter? I am not sure, but anyway, it is not meant to be , she did went to Johor but she forgot to collect them, tak dak rezeki orang kata, nak jadi rezeki my other customer who came to collect her carrot walnut 'book' cake and my friend who came to visit us from Ampang. insyaallah kalau ada rezeki, it will be her rezeki .

No 10 chocolate cake and brownies with ganache on top

Azrina is 10, dah besar dah Baby Azrina ni. ni last minute order so aunty decorate simple simple je ya.....

tetiba je terfikir nak buat cake bentuk 10 ni, just took the oval shaped cake pan for number one and used the round cake tin for "0" , just cut out the circle in the middle, and I got number '10' cake! Happy sweet 10th birthday Azrina, thank you Sis for alway supporting me, not just by ordering cakes for yor kids' birthdays but also for helping me out whenever i am in need of a few extra hands with my 'big' projects and other things too, , muaaahhh........

her SIL really took a liking to my brownies with walnut, not dusted with icing sugar but spread with the whole chocolatey and creamy ganache! her follow up order after the other one, less than a week ago. thank you farah

red and white hantaran set

A sweet lady's gift for her colleague's wedding, as part of the hantaran set.

the theme was red and white, the cake was vanilla with blueberry fillings, covered with fondant and decorated with gumpaste flower,thank you Kak Mala