Monday, March 26, 2012

It's been a busy, hectic and tiring week but it's worth it.......

These BWW ( brownies with walnut ) were destined to be in KL, together with 6 MCBs ( marble cheese brownies). the weekend started with these brownies plus a few more cakes, whilst baking them, my mind was trying to figure out the deco for the other MCB and BWW which would be going to KL too the following day, they would not be as simple and as straight forward as these ones because the theme was Dora and Diego, I had not done 3D figurine for either of them before. Seen and heard them on TV, thanx to my daughter Batrisyia, i knew these characters , i could draw them on paper but 3D? that was really challenging!

10 boxes, securely wrapped and tied into four boxes
For each one ( not each box but each person ), i put an extra box underneath
thank you my Srikandi friends, Adeeb, Along, Anyah ( and Fizz too, my a Level friend ), Robi and Angah.
which consist of these, blueberry cheesetarts, chocolate chip cookies and melting moments.

simple red alphabets on white fondant on cream cheese frosted red velvet cake
thank you Faiqah

"Zue, depa cakap kek ni sedap lah....."
thank you Kak Maziah
red velvet in slices, topped with cream cheese...yummm
waiting to board the 11.30 pm bus, going to Hentian duta
'Zue, suke suke suke sgt. so d very comel
hid them in the air-cond room, can't wait to see their faces
ha....nampak nampak....Soraya dah asyik tak tahan je, geram je....tak sabar...hehehe...."
thank you Mum, my srikandi friend.
"Salam auntie zue.thank you very2 much for the cupcakes. all the celebrated people tanya miza, " kalau x nak mkn cupcakes ni blh x? Cantik sgt!":D syukur to hear them liked n felt happy when they accept it.:-):-);-)
so in return, miza doakan auntie zue dn sekeluarga selamat dunia dan akhirat, dimurahkan rezeki dn dikurniakan kesejahteraan sentiasa".......
part of the really sweet, innocent and heart warming sms that I received from her,

each box of chocolate cupcakes in individual paper bag, thank you Miza and thank Mista for showing me how to make that small, cute ribbon.
" owh, she adores it!!! Sgt sgt hepi..Thanx for ur great design! :)
thank you Natrah...

6 MCBs and 4 BWWs, boarded a bus going to Hentian Duta to my Srikandi friends.

thank you thank you all for the endless support, for enjoying them, be it for you or your loved ones, to be given to friends and clients, for makan2, or for birthdays, or in conjunction of a special day.
To be a singer, I don't have the voice, ( can sing in the toilet only )to be a model, I don't have the height, but to bake delicious ,scrumptious and yummilicious cakes, brownies, cheesecakes and cookies, insyaallah I am able to do them. Back ache? body ache? sleepless and restless nights, it's part and parcel of doing this but the result? It puts a smile on my face, if it puts a smile on the recipients' faces. The feedbacks and comments that I recieved either via phone calls or text messages just made up for all the pain, and the lack of sleep. would I do it again? and why not? over and over again I would..........:-)
BWW withh conratulatory wish for getting 10A in the SPM exam,
testing , testing.....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

to forget is to err on our part

vanila and chocolate cupcakes for pure indulgence,with two jars of chocolate chip cookies, what more to spend a leisurely time with your family in front of the telly munching on these crispy chocolatey and walnuty cookies and cuppies, thank you my dear neighbour.
A truly MCB fan for this family, thank you for taking a liking to my MCB, thank you Ita

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

just another day...doing her thing

using the internet as her teacher and guide to teach her to sketch, her fav character ( one of, actually, she has so many favourites from barbie to winx club to conan the detective)
after attending a kenduri in our taman, she continued with her sketch, a final touch up, a little shading here and there
and there you are, detective conan, 100% sketched and shaded by Batrisyia, an artist in the making..... I think.....

Monday, March 19, 2012


Assalamualaikum and a Happy Tuesday to to all visiting, my blog, it could be your first time, or it could be your 'daily' visit here, whatever it is, you are all most welcome!

I have not been updating my blog as often as I had used to and sometimes i just posted the photos without any writings. I have been busy, or making myself busy, as a mother of three growing up children who go to three different schools ( the children, not the mother...hehe ) and since I am a home maker, it is my duty ( is it?, not, if I have a driver.....) to send them to schools and to fetch them from schools, three times a day because three different times!

( picture above: what i made the other night, one MCB, chocolate and vanila cupcakes plus chocolate chip cookies.)

brownies with walnut" Tahniah' wish for a not so newly wed couple, but nevertheless wish you both a happy and blessed marriage, to hafizah and partner.

Fancy that!Me, a home maker cum a driver, cum a baker, cum a cook, cum a cleaner. If an Indonesian maid gets paid Rm700 for a single task, how much do you think i should be paid for all the different tasks that i am doing everyday. Hmmmmmmmm.........but i am not an Indonesian, nor am I a maid, but a proud mum to my children so no amount of RM can pay me.....naaah, they can't afford me......

I think i have side tracked from the topic, yes, there is a delivery to KL for products which come out from Zue's Oven. sorry Lee, not as far as Toronto!! I am afraid....

My cakes had been going to KL via buses and collected at the designated bus station as agreed by the customers. So far, they had been satisfied with the services, no cakes cracked or figurines falling off the cakes ( i am referring to cakes with teddies or Wonder Pets characters on them), even the latest three tiered wedding cakes delivered last weekend arrived there safe and sound.

I had also sent boxes of cookies and brownies to KL and soon, this coming weekend a few boxes of MCB , ie marble cheese brownies will be boarding a bus to KL and the customer will pick them up at Hentian Duta.

Before, I am only doing this out of requests from my customers but since there is a demand for it, i am happy to inform here that should you , those not staying in Alor Star, feel like having cakes, cookies or brownies from my oven, feel free to call or email me and we can make the necessary arrangements.At the moment i can only cater to requests from KL. not from other places or states yet. oh,,, and Kota bharu too.

It gives me great joy and satisfaction knowing that someone, somewhere, is enjoying my box of marble cheese brownies or chocolate chip cookies, even my rainbow cake too, maybe having them for tea, or munching the cookies in front of the TV set or whatever it is that you are doing, Thank you for all the support.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Angry birds.......grrrr.....

Four days notice for me to prepare this angry birds birthday cake, does it make me angry? no, it's the opposite. my second angry birds themed birthday cake, this time i seeked Batrisyia's assistance in making some of the characters because i was quite tight with other orders which I had accepted much earlier.
I made them a few days earlier, so that i could just assemble them on the day the cake was baked
the fallen bricks
the catapult
Batrisyia helped me with the green, blue birds and the eggs, thank you dear. I woldn't be able to complete them without her help because i was busy making the mini cakes and the three tiered cake at the same time
Alhamdulillah, the feed back i received from the customer:

"gorgeous la cake angry birds tu kak zue"

actually, she's the customers' sis in law but who made the order on their behalf. Thank you farah and thank you Farah's sis and bro-in-law, and Happy birthdays to the three heroes, the three brothers.

variety is the spice of life

Made this MCB for my srikandi friend, we played a little game while chatting in the Facebook, it's called, 'guess the artist name". My other friend posted a video /song of an indonesian male singer and i said that i really do like one indonesian Lady singer, as popular as the male singer in that era, the 80s, late eighties, early 90s when i was still studying. A few of my friends tried to guess, and somehow, two of them managed to get it right, well, actually only one got it right but i was feeling generous that day and so i said, i will bake one for Mum, the one who gave the right answer, and another, for intan who also tried to guess the singer's name which is Dina Panduwinata. So I baked one MCB and one BWW and brought them to KL on 14th March to another Srikandi friend's house for a mini get together. it was a blast. Thank you Anyah for being a wonderful host and it was fun meeting Adeeb, Along and nizah too, besides Mum and Intan.
This box of red velvet cupcakes with simple deco was delivered to her sister's office in Jalan Teluk Wanjah on the morning of the day we were leaving for KL. thank you Yani and sister.
Just a simple 'HEPI BDAY ' message for my son's friend who celebrated his birhtday.
a double the size appple pie for simran, thank you dear
eggless orange cake for Simran, her repeat order. thank you dear for always supporting me

minnie's ribbon

on a pink fondant covered carrot walnut cake
this design, chosen by my customer, taken from another cake design and therefore i will not take full credit for this cake, the credit should go to the first person who created it.

always a pleasure dealing with Yda, and thank you again for trusting me with Arianna's 3rd birthday. happy 3rd birthday arianna, may you always be a bundle of joy to your parents and be a good sister to your adik too....

3 tier wedding cakes went on a bus to shah alam

top tier, vanila cake with strawberries fillling in between the layers, covered with soft gold fondant and decorated with gold dregees on the top border and non edible golden ribbon at the bottoom border with orange flower gumpaste on top
middle tier, vanila mini cakes also covered with soft gold fondant with almost similar deco, only that a non edible butterly is glued to each mini cake.
rainbow cake with swiss meringue buttercream filling
covered with fondant and decorated almost similar to the top tier
this three tiered wedding cake and the knife set plus the tier, boarded a bus to shah alam for a friend's niece's wedding. she herself, my friend, has to be in Taiping for another wedding and therefore her niece, the bride, will pick the cakes in Shah Alam.

The cakes arrived safe and sound at its destination, thank you to the bus driver who takes great care of the cakes. thank you Kak Ina for trusting me with your niece's wedding cakes. It's a pleasure doing business with you, appreciate the support. Merci beaucoup.

Sweet girlie bday cake ' red velvet'

the owner of this doll ' red velvet' cake celebrated her birthday in Cameron highlands. Thank you Arnida

Friday, March 9, 2012

off they went to Taiping

50 individually boxed mini vanila cakes ready, to be delivered to Sg Petani, before they would make their way to the final destination, Taiping for a wedding function on sunday.
this is how they look like before going into the box, individually covered with white fondant , tied with soft purple ribbon, and decorated with white and purple flowers with a touch of silver dregee to meet their colour theme requirement of purple,white and silver
packed in a made to measure, specially designed hand made paper as the base and transparent plastic cover to ensure the mini cake snug comfortably and nicely in it.
two different shades of purple ribbons and further decorated with a touch of bling bling, to add more elegance to the decoration
as a door gift for the VIP guests to the function
Hopefully they will reach Taiping safely , thank you Kak Ina for trusting me with this super cute and mini wedding cakes. It's been a pleasure.