Monday, December 26, 2011

A surprise but wonderful visit from a fellow baker

I am finally able to put a face to a name. i have known her for quite a while, to be exact since I started this baking and cake decorating craze. her name was mentioned to me by one of my customers. It was her teddies that brought me to her blog, and since then I always make a point to visit her blog as and when time permits.
Her creativity was captivating and her fluency in the English language just blew me away.several times I called or sms whenever I was in KL hoping to get to meet her in person but as it was not meant to be, we never had a chance until recently, on a clear and hot day in December when I received a simple text from her saying that she's in Alor Star, visiting and holidaying with her family.

I invited her over since they were very near my house and even though it was just a brief visit, but it was enough to embrace the warmth and kindlness from her and her family , just as she sounded in her blog.

I have a few photos of her as a remembrance of this special visit but I have to save the photo first because I seldom see her own photo i n her blog, and afraid that I might offend her if i put it in here.

Glad to have finally met you dear and hope we will meet agf ain, insyaAllah ada rezeki, I will drop by at your place , take care and keep those beautiful work and writing coming.

thank you for the beautiful flowers

december 2011..part

hey, I have seen this girl before!yup you sure did because i had done it before and this is my second time drawing this "Morgirl' character. It was my customer's request to do exactly the same, for her 3 year old A'isyah
a set of 35 pieces of blueberry cheesetarts and
and two apple pies, thank you Munirah and happy 3rd birthday A'isyah!

bollywood couple on rainbow cake

very soft pastel and romantic colours on red velvet cupcakes
me tum se pyar katihun.......

thank you Simran!

chooclate cake for Adam's birthday, thank you Yani

chicken lasagna, thank you Athira
23 boxes of brownies, cut into 800 pieces for my Srikandi friend and her sister, for their brother's wedding to be held in Ipoh. thank you Kak Eda and Adik.
golf theme cake
and MCB for birrthday celebrations,thank you dearies!
it might be a purple and white cake but once you cut the cake, you will see the colours of the rainbow inside. Iza , requested rainbow cake with butttercream deco for her cake cutting ceremony, with purple and white theme.

Tahniah Iza, Selamat pengantin baru Fariza & Anuar"

grey lovebirds on cupcake tier

Lucky Hazif, to be surrounded by not one but three sisters who were incharge of his wedding. Haiza, one of the sisters called me wondering if i could make the cupcakes, she already had the tier and so all I need to do was make the carrot walnut cupackes with the lovebirds theme. She would send the tier over so that i could arrange the cupcakes on it and I got to meet with the other two sisters on that day. While discussing on these cupcakes, they looked through my cake albums,and decided on another cake, ( that is if I could make it since the pick up date is the next day! ) since it would be their niece's birthday, the daughter of the other sister whom I didn't get to meet that night.

They chose carrot walnut cake too with simple and minimal pink deco, with a touch of red roses fit for a 10 year old nana, bertuah juga lah Nana sama macam her uncle Hazif, dapat aunties ramai and baik baik belaka.

'the love bird', with the theme, grey and white, with a touch of black

i finally got to meet the other sister, the eldest, when she came to collect these cupcakes and the birthday cake

thank you ladies for trusting me with your only brother's wedding cupcakes and I am glad that I could make them despite the short notice given, am always happy and blessed to be given the opportunity to be part of a happy occasion.

"Selamat Pengantin Baru to Hazif and Mazirah"

A place to call your 'home'

my cupcakes photo neatly framed at one corner .

I am sure you are wondering why am i enclosing photos of home deco, in this blog. please do not switch your channel for you are in the right place, cekmekzue's blog,only this time I won't be talking about cakes or cookies, cheesecakes or brownies.

"Home' , away from home

if you are looking for a place to stay while you are holidaying or visiting Alor Star, or attending weddings and 'kenduris' or your children's convocation or graduation? if you are looking for a place that will make you feel like you are at home, search no more, for this is the place for you , a place you can call 'home' while you are stay-ing here in Alor Star

with a simple but cosy living room, to just laze around, putting your feet up after a whole day of shopping at the Pekan Rabu , buying ikan pekasam or baulu panas, or sight seeing around the town , visiting Muzium Padi or the Telecom Tower, or attending your cousins' wedding or engagement ceremonies.

a corner of the kitchen, which you probably wouldn't spend much time in since you will be pre-occupied with other activities but nonetheless we provide you with the basic and minimum requirement, should you need to use them .

one of the 'zzzzzzz' rooms ( the back room ). A queen Size bed with comfy pillows and quilt to ensure you will have a peaceful, quiet and a good nite sleep..

big screen TV in the living room

another room, with Queen size bed with soft pillows and warm quilts to snuggle close at night and make you sleep like a baby.......prrrr meow or just like the cat in the poster hung above the bed. the poster, my personal favourite and collection, which was a present from a friend during my student days.

dining cum living room area , an ideal place for you and your family to gather, discussing on what to do the following day

the conversation would probably sound like this:

emm, should we go to Bukit Kayu Hitam or Padang Besar, or

if you bring your passports along, you can also cross the border to the other side, all the way to Haadyai or Songkhla,

OR perhaps you could also plan a day trip to Langkawi ,

whatever your plan for the day is, makan ikan bakar di Kuala Kedah or laksa di Teluk Kechai, or watching proudly , your son or daughter receiving their scroll on their graduation day, buying 'totos in bukit kayu hitam, you will come back to this queen size bed which is also the master bedroom , and rest/ sleep soundly for a long drive back to your own ' home sweet home ' the following day.

last but not least, a long mirror, so that you can have a full length view of your attire before leaving the house for the 'kenduri', nak betulkan samping pengantin lelaki ke, tudung tu matching tak dengan baju.........

located in the town area , at Jalan stadium, , about five minutes drive to the town centre, 10 minutres drive or less, to the Sultan Abdul Halim airport, less than five minutes away from Stadium Darul Aman. Easy access to the food joints in Alor Star,,five minutes drive or less to the MBAS swimming pool, and if you ladies, or mums who are looking for a good pampering, why not g for a massage or facial, manicure and pedicure, to a spa which is within walking distance, not forgetting the men too, the foot reflexology centres are nearby should you need a good massage for those tired feet.

and not forgetting, while if you are here and craving for something scrumptiously delicious, cheesy or gooey and chocolatey, you can always ring up Zue's Oven and place your order for the scrumptious oreo chocolate cheesecake, or marble cheese brownies or brownies with walnuts.

So, give us a call for booking, reasonable rate for a reasonably cosy and comfortable stay in Alor Star. Make this place your number one choice, and i am sure, well, I hope you will , want to come back for more, just like my marble cheese brownies, once bitten, you are forever smitten:-).


Zue's Oven


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

let me in....

Can I tell you something
I love you, if you let me in, I'm in, I'm not going anywhere

it would surely melt any woman's heart hearing this, unfortunately, she's spoken for.......

Saturday, December 17, 2011

the night before leaving for Pahang

10th Dec 2011, so many events and functions set on this date, weddings, engagement, birthday, just to name a few,and on this date, we have to be in Pahang.
looks familiar? well, almost, cos it is almost the same to the one I made for my cousin's wedding last september. Actually, the groom wanted yellow and white deco just like the one I made for my other customer but her auntie fell in love with this colourful flower deco,so, guess who won! it was for a function on the 10th dec but the date co-incided with my hubby's aunt's son's wedding in Pahang and thus she had to pick this cake earlier than the intended date.the night before we left for Pahang, just like the two other orders.

after about one week, this was the sms that i received from her a couple of days ago:

"Salam. My nephew said d cake cantik n yummy.He's happy. Tq'

Alhamdulillah, I am so glad he did.Thank you Kak akma for trusting me with your nephew's cake. May his marriage be blessed and be as wonderful as he and his auntie are.

She texted me on the 8th morning, for her engagement ceremony on the 10th. i am afraid that was not possible unless she's willing to have them earlier and if she's willing to take the extra chocolate cupcakes that I made for a birthday order for I was unable to bake any more cakes because i was in the midst of decorating two other was not really a short notice, it's just that I wouldn't be here to do them. she agreed and thankfully she just wanted a simple deco with purple and white's such a small world, she's a friend to my friend's daughter whose wedding that we attended in teluk Intan and she's also a friend to my other customer.another thing, she's working in Pahang, exactly where we were going to the next morning, what a co-incidence.

At least, it was six days before the date, 10th dec, and again , I had to tell her to pick them up earlier for i wouldn't be here on that day and she agreed. chocolate cupcakes with Disney cartoon characters, last year it was Spongebob. Thank you Kak Rose.

when all three had collected their cakes, then only I started packing for we planned to leave very early the next morning.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Angry birds

I had made Chuggington bday cake, Ben 10 MCB , red velvet cake and many more for her and she , like my some other customers, had been such a pleasant customer, no fuss, no last minute order, gave me plenty or ample time to do my research , and this order was no exception. this time, she requested "Angry birds" theme birthday cake for her daughter. Interesting but overwhelming! i had been wanting to make them after hearing all the fuss about it. My daughter' s been playing the angry birds game on my iphone and ipad and yet i still had no clue what it was

I then googled on the net, drew some sketches, watched the game and movie trailers on youtube, just to get the 'feel' of these birds. what makes them angry and why, etc , etc.

made the first three birds, started with the red one, black and yellow, plus the blue little ones

catapult in the making , when the incredible hulk is angry, he turns green, but when these burds are angry, they catapulted themselves towards the green enemies

the target.......the green piggies

drying up.....

the view.....

"we better guard these eggs with our lives"..... the birds must be saying

" those eggs look yummy, perhaps I could make scrambled egg or half boild eggs out of them"...that must be what's going on in this green piggie's mind

Blue bird: just you wait....wait till I catapult myself over......

green bird with long beak: me next!,

"don't you dare come near our eggs" , we wouln't even let a mosquito or a butterfly come near it, let alone, you.......

King piggie:psst..psst.... how do you think we are to 'egg'nap their eggs?
another green piggie: be patient Sire, when the right time comes.......when they weren't looking..........


Ouch! that hurts, i hit the bricks and some of them fell on my head and i still couldn't get the eggs back...:-(

another blue bird ( or as informed by my daughter, actually there was only one blue bird, but when it was catapulted, it split into three birds......

thank you sue, Batrisyia and i had fun making this cake, it was a sad feeling departing with this cake but I hope it gave a cheerful and happy feeling to your daughter

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

creamy and cheesy BCT and MCB and chewy gooey BWW

woke up yesterday morning and saw two messages, one was sent at 6 am, about half an hour ago and the other at 10 pm the previous night. I had an early night, waited for " From Russia with love', the James bond movie but I slept while Rocky III was playing, and hence I didn't read her message until that morning. she wanted MCB and chocolate chip cookies by this evening, after 5pm, that shouldn't be a problem. the other message,the lady wanted the usual, brownies with walnut, readily sliced and blueberry cheesetarts, by 11.30 am, the same morning. Alhamdulillah, all the ingredients were there, I was in, so shouldn't be a problem, and she's a regular, plus she wanted to treat her friends for their break fast that evening. Banyak pahalanya berpuasa on the 10th of Muharram. thank you dear sis for always supporting me.

Farah was in KL so her sister came to collect the MCB and the CCC, her sister would also be leaving for KL the next morning.since there were a few extras of BCT i gave her to taste them when she asked me what other goodies that i made, and in less than ten minutes i received a call from her, asking whether it was possible for me to bake another MCB and two boxes of blueberry cheesetarts, they were creamy she said......thank you dear for the nice words, so glad that you like it.

the other MCB was for another sister, from what i found out, all three sisters reside in KL and co-incidentally all three married a Kelantanese! all three! ....depa ni pakat ke...hehe.....


slightly different design from the earlier MCBs and

the two boxes of BCT which I managed to complete by 12 midnite. she came to collect them as promised, early in the morning , before they left for KL. thank you Farah, thank you Farah's sister, sorry i didn't get your name, but thank you for your continnuous trip back to KL.