Saturday, April 30, 2011

black and white cupcakes and MCB too!

White is pure, doesn't matter which colour was matched with it, it will always turn out beautiful. black is beautiful, so when you mix white with black, they are purely beautiful!

by 8 am, they are ready, as promised. this wouldn't have happened if I had not woken up at 4.30am. I was only going to have a half an hour sleep before finishing these black and white cuppies (and the pink and white set too- coming up next)but my daughter seeing how tired I was decided not to wake me up.within the next four hours I did manage to complete both sets, thankfully

marble cheese brownies for her future....ehem ehem......insyaAllah, Amin.

six large chocolate cupcakes with ganache and fondant topper and deco, in a transparent hantaran box complete with ribbons and flowers

plus 3 additional ,

thank you Areena, (and your friend too ). by the way, Areena dear, congratz on your new job, best of luck in everything you do

Friday, April 29, 2011

pink and turqoise

in between preparing the 'wrong date pink and white theme" cakes and mini cakes, I baked this marble cheese brownies for this lady's additional order besides the turqoise and pink cupcakes,

She referred me to my previous design, just a slight change and of course, the names were different...

upon seeing the picture of the two pink and white sets in transparent boxes complete with ribbon, she decided to change from the 16 hole box to the same type of box and luckily I managed to transfer the four cupcakes ( second row from the top )without breaking the fondant layer on top.Phew!

unfortunately I forgot to snap the photo of the new box complete with ribbons and flower."-(

Thank you Puan Normala ,

I want that pattern, please....

what should I call this pattern?Whenever I am making the pattern for these brownies, it never crossed my mind what they were called. sometimes I used this design and sometimes others. Perhaps I should try to name them because this girl specifically requested for this particular design for this brownies. It is for her cousin's engagement and the cousin insisted on this one. she referred me back to my 2009 post.

Should I call it the "Four flowers"? hmmm, yes? No? Maybe....

Anyway, thank you Athirah once again for your continuous support

pink and white sets

the brownies were done and so I started making the preparation for the next order which was the turqoise and pink engagement cupcakes, when I received this call,
"Mek, dah siap kek?"
What cakes? werent' they were for Saturday?,
no, the ceremony is tomorrow and so I need them latest by tonight.... did I get the date wrong, or did he not mention the actual date, or since all my orders were for 1st May and so I assumed that his were also for that date

he left everything to me, what types of cakes, the deco and the design, and the budget long as they are reasonable, so fo a limited time permissible, I could only think of vanilla cake, the easiest and the fastest and yummy too, sandwiched with blueberries filling in between the four layers

with a simple message "Selamat Bertunng Ina and Man " on a fondant covered vanilla cake

plus another set of nine mini chocolate cake with the same theme, pink and white

complete with a transparent box with ribbons and flowers of the same colour theme.fortunately I managed to complete both on time, close to midnite

thank you Budin, and Selamat Bertunang wish to Ina and Man.

on you r mark, get set go, and the marathon begins

started with this brownies , for a makan makan for her father's employees

thank you Athira

Thursday, April 28, 2011

bakul or mengkuang?mengkuang or bakul?

mengkuang it is........

brownies ith walnut

cut into squares and placed in a container,

vanilla cupcakes with fondant topper and deco,

chocolate chip cookies,

and semolina cookies

thank you Farah.....

plus one set of vanilla cupcakes ith buttercream deco and colourful 'smarties' for her and her cute and gebus Aisyah

samples for an upcoming event

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

brownies mania

one box for a friend, the other box for the friend who's taking the first box and one box for the friend who orders this brownies.. confused, don't be.....thank you Nik

blue and red cheesylicious cheesetarts

A mixture of blueberry and strawberry( new) cheesetarts.....

for a special high tea for a friend's friend., time to bring out her best China or her Noritake tea set, fresh flowers bought for the occasion, special napkins carefully laid out to welcome her friend. hope you had an enjoyable time with your friend whilst enjoying these creamy and cheesilicious BCT and SCT from my kitchen, thank you Mrs S.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get well soon dear Friend

Get Well Soon Dear Friend

brownies with walnut for my dear friend in seremban

chocolate cheesecake- improvised

the recipe called for a pice of chocolate cake as a base and I have a few chocolate cupcakes extra and i thought , "Why not?", rather than let them go to waste, i will substitute the chocolate cake with cupcakes instead

the chocolate cream cheese mixture

since I only had a few cupcakes let, and not enough for the 9 inches cake tin, i decided to use the 8 inches instead, press it to the base of the cake tin lined with aluminium foil

pour the chocolate cream cheese mixture on top of the cupcake chocolate base

water bath it in the oven at 140 degrees for about one hour

leave it to cool at room temperature first, then only chill it in the fridge, and ready to be eaten.

i am very pleased with the result, I only got to taste it the following day cos i brought this chocolate cheesecake to my brother's house in Sg buloh and we only ate it the following day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winnie the Pooh

hello Pooh!spashly packed in a ribboned casing for the birthday girl

so tiny, as compared to the Pooh cuddly toy

sitting among the other cupcakes for her kindie (preschool) friends.

Happy 7th birthday Farhana, may you always be a bundle of joy to your mum and dad and thank you Fitriah for thinking of me fo your daughter's birthday cupcakes

happy birthday mama Oreo chocolate cheesecake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA, a simple three words message but deep in meaning, from a beautiful daughter, no, not one beautiful daughter, but two, one, just gave birth to a cute baby girl and the other, counting the days to her 'big' day. These are the daughters that I knew but I think they have other siblings, another sister, or sisters if I am not mistaken.

The initial plan was for me to deliver this oreo cocolate cheesecake to her mum's office but since her mum was attending a course elsewhere, they came and collect it instead.

nothing could bring a smile to a mother's face than the thoughfulness of her children, I am sure it is every mothers' hopes and dreams to raise such beautiful and warm hearted children. the love that they have for one another,could be felt in the air.

thank you Yana and Ifa for trusting me again, for your mum's birthday, forever sweet 17 to Puan Zaidah, may you always be blessed with good health and happiness

fishy and floral MCB

is that a fish? looks like it

yup, fish alright, 'fish' design MCB for fish related person:-)

and this marble cheese brownies will be on its way to KL soon. thank you Intan , my Srikandi friend, all the way from KL

Sunday, April 17, 2011