Monday, December 7, 2009

roses in a box

I was so glad that I agreed to make these four cuppies with pink roses deco, they are simply sweet and demure and beautiful, if I may say so myself.
Hani wanted to give something different and sweet for her friend's wedding.Anything, as long as they are nice, beautiful and sweet, perfect for newly weds who had just entered into a serious yet beautiful relationship, called marriage

one pink rose strike a pose in a cup tied with a beautiful red and white flower ribbon

three gorgeous pink roses beautifully laid out on the green base with a few white and green leaves poking out in between them

arranged inside the small box with the same motif as the cupcakes themselves. I like this set very much and I hope Hani likes them too. She wanted to give them to her special friend who's getting married. Hope her friends will like them too.
I let this set go with a heavy heart because they are so beautiful ( why do I keep saying this....), just felt like staring at them all day....but they were not mine, I had to let it go.thank you again Hani for trusting me yet again ...thanx dear.


  1. thanx alots kak zue!hani ske sgt2 cupcakes 2...
    very nice n cute as well!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hye hani! I am so so glad that you like it. Kak zue sayang sangat kat cuppies tu, especially duduk in my own favourite box. couldn't find a box to fit the 4 cuppies nicely and beautifully,so I decided to let go of my box but it was worth it! so beautiful, if I may say so again... nak masuk bakul sendiri ni...:-)

  3. askum
    hi kak, nak tny mcm mn nak order n nak tau pricing to ctc ya?do u hav fb acc?wil b easier 2 ctc na?:)