Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cookies for makan2

"Zue, boleh tak buat biskut yang warna hijau tu, sedaplah, Kak nak untuk makan-makan."
"What about the ones you ordered earlier?"
"Those are for raya. I want these for makan-makan. If you are free, nak esok atau lusa pun takpa."

ice cream green tea

and semolina or suji
Thank you Kak Zam. Enjoy your green cookies!

blueberry cheesetart for areena and Kak Bahiyah.Thank you for always supporting me.

my two dishes for break fasting on wednesday. Ayam masak kerutuk

and Ketam Masak cili. both are my son's favourite dishes.
Ayam masak kerutuk was quite easy to make, I just followed the recipe at the back of the pack. Kerutuk is the traditional dish from Kelantan.Here's how to make it ( even a first timer can do this i think , if you follow the instructions at the back of the pack..... I did:-)
ayam masak kerutuk
I used 8 small pieces of chicken ( from the thigh and drumsticks portion)
clean them first.
heat about a tablespoon of cooking oil,
and fry crushed shallots (10) garlic (5) and lemon grass until fragrant
Tumis these blended ingredients which had been mixed with the kerutuk paste:
tumis for about 10 minutes or until peach minyak
Add in the chicken and mix thoroughly until all the chicken were well coated.
add in about 1 1/2 cup of coconut milk
1 tsp air asam jawa
2 tbsp kerisik
1 cup of water
salt and sugar to taste
let it boil, then lower the heat, simmer till the chicken is tender and the gravy became thick.
Serve with hot white rice

Monday, July 26, 2010

before......on 19th july 2010

after......on 25th july 2010, it was a sad day for me, for I had to say goodbye to that gorgoeus long slightly curly and wavy hair of hers, but she kinda looks cute in short hair too.......short or long, mummy loves you the same, no more, no less.....

pink teddy in pink dusted skirt

Grandmother and granddaughter share the same birthdays.... cool and sweet ain't it?

the first time my teddy wearing something else other than its birthday suit:-)

this mummy wanted as much pink as possible,for her 11 year old daughter, and with less than 24 hours to work on the ideas and the baking, I came up with this simple and yet sweet pink deco with just a touch of green.

Wishing you Nurfatin, happy 11th bday and Happy ? Birthday too to the Nenek. Thank you Su for thinking of me .

another marble cheese brownies..

Marble cheese brownies yet again, well, I don't mind doing this over and over again, you can call me in the morning and you can get it in the evening....ehem... provided I am free on that day, otherwise, no can do.....
and...and you can have it delivered to your doorstep too...
so far, I had delivered twice, one to Butterworth and the other to Penang, across the bridge and both received these MCBs in good condition.

An order from one of Sharina's school friend, thank you dear friend and thank you Sharina for ordering on her behalf.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Jalan Larkin, johor bharu

bird's eye view of the school---this is an old photo,a veeeery old photo..... there are more new buildings built after I left it. This was my home for five years, five beautiful, happy memorable years

Glad to be part of it.......

Tun Teja, blue house-Block A

Tengku Arfah- Red house, Block B

mahsuri, yellow house, Block C, block/house!

FISCO DISCO gathering. chocolate cake with all the names of the houses in the school, there's a lady in baju kurung hijau somewhere.............

Dang Anum -Green house, block sis's block/house ,

set of cuppies for the kids

set of cuppies for the mamas

marble cheese brownies

brownies with walnut -compliment from Zue's Oven

a set of blueberry cheesetarts, and another set for Sis Eda too.

chocolate chip cookies , 2 jars for my sis and another one for Sis Eda

These cakes, cupcakes, cookies and brownies were delivered to Juru and later would be spending the night in Ipoh before making their way to Shah Alam for the gathering on Saturday at my sis's place.

Spongebob chocolate cake for baby Dhia

SpongyBob and his best mate, Patrick. His character is loved by many little children including this little girl, Dhia Qistina Naim , a very beautiful name. At first I wanted to name my youngest, Batrisyia Qistina but instead decided to just register her with Batrisyia only at the very last minute.

I hope baby Dhia who is two , will like this Spongebob chocolate cake which was layered with ganache in the middle and covered with ganache too, decorated with edible image of Spongebob, buttercream seaweed, fondant alphabets, eight legged octopus ( not Paul ) , shell, and the little Dolphin plus candy rocks. I wish I could create more , of the sea creatures but this order was quite short notice and i already have bigger orders for that day but I am happy nevertheless with the result and it is shared with my daughter who gave her nod ,or rather scream of approval with her remark,
"mama, that dolphin is soooo ciut.....cantiknyer......."

Atie also ordered an additional marble cheese brownies for the birthday BBQ? ( that's what I heard from her cousin, Hafiza:-) ). Thank you Hafiza for suggesting Zue's Oven to your cousin and Atie, thank you for trusting me with your daughter's birthday cake. It's a pleasure knowing you and it's enjoyable making this cake. Baby Dhia, aunty wishes you "happy 2nd Birthday", semoga menjadi anak yang solehah.

sweet roses for an equally sweet Lady

three types of cookies, choc chip cookies, semolina cookies and ice cream green tea wrapped and ribboned in this beautiful floral box

thank you Hafizah, a special package for a very special person.

marble cheese brownies with red hearts

Thank you Puan yati, for her daughter's 12th birthday. Happy Birthday Nurshahidah. best of luck in UPSR.thank you Kak Bahiyah

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

home Sweet home.....

willie, oblivious to the world around him....

this is life.......

every kid, older or younger than her, me, included( years and years ago ), would go through this phase in their lives, missing her two , err, one front tooth......her abah missed this Kodak, I mean Canon moment for he is outstation and so I took this shot yesterday. I was out all morning after much persuasion and coercion from her, to take her to the dentist. Her tooth had been wobbling for quite some time and mummy just couldn't find the right time and day to bring her there.
We waited patiently from 8.30 am to almost 10 am to a less than 10 minutes of tooth pulling, and she didn't cry one bit.
"was it painful? I asked
"yes" only a little right, you'll get a more beautiful and stronger tooth later
"Batrisyia kena minum susu?"
you sure do, plenty of it for strong teeth......

quarter to four pm, after a long day in and out of the hospital, ( that was right after the dentist visit, went to my eldest's daughter for her appointment ) ( close to eight hours .....whoa! what a long day for a stay home mum......), I was back home, home sweet home
I would normally go out to send my kids to school in the morning( about half an hour ), fetch my daughter from school in the afternoon (fifteen minutes ), buying butter, sugar, flour, etc for my cakes and cookies ( about half an hour or less ), that's about it and yesterday was a bit too much for me. I wouldn't mind if I were doing something else, but what bothers me was the waiting. Waiting for your turns ( my eldest daughter's actually ) , for your numbers to be called ( she had to see two people/ doctors ), and after the first one was done ( after waiting from 10.30 am to almost 1 pm) , we had to wait again , why? the doctors had all gone for lunch! and they wouldn't come back until after 2.30 pm the earliest! Forgive my ignorance but I was a bit upset about the whole thing but I guess that's how the system is... that's what we get for a free service..... take it or leave it....and I had to opt for the former.....there's always a blessing for everything thst happens to us.... this will not be our last visit, we still more appointments to go to and so, more waitings for us, just have to grin and bear with it......
Home Sweet Home.... nothing sweeter and better than coming back home to your house, after an exhausting and tiring day out.

Selamat Pengantin Baru

simple and minimal deco for the newly weds,

my hubby's aunt's daughter's marriage last Saturday.Kak Na and pasangan, "Selamat Pengantin Baru", semoga kekal bahagia hingga ke hujung nyawa.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jannah is Three

'Jannah is three' on Sunday. carrot walnut cupcake with cream cheese frosting , with Teddy , having her birthday picnic in a colourful garden with flowers, butterflies and bugs, complete with a cake, present , balloons and ice cream too!
three tiny candles on a tiny bithday cake

three balloons and one ice cream on the cupcake. then , Batrisyia came down and asked me, "mama, how did you make the ice cream?" so I showed her and I then had two ice creams, since everything else came in three, three balloons, three candles, three bugs, so I had to make another ice cream and that make three ice creams

three icecream on sticks and wait a minute, there's one ice cream in a cone topped with one red cherry ( Batriysia's idea to put the cherry on top ). I couldn't resist to make the cone ice cream too!

Teddy with number '3' on her, with her tiny present.

not forgetting, three butterflies too!

She requested for balloons and ice cream, besides the grass and the alphabets. I thot a pink teddy bear with her birthday cake and a present would make the set more colurful and cuter for a three year old Jannah's birthday.
despite quite a short notice, I was glad that I could make 'these' for Aniza.
Thank you, this set gave a big smile on Batrisia's face and she told me that she also wanted the teddy, the cake, the balloons and the ice creams for her next birthday...go figure!