Sunday, May 30, 2010

spongebob cheesecake

let's play a game.

can you spot the difference between these two?

plain bake cheesecake with bluberry on one half and chocolate ganache on the other, as per her request. she came with her son and daughter and the former , the birthday boy, wanted Spongebob on it. At first he wanted the dible image of CaRS, but edible image was out of the question because this was very last minute order, and I decided to ju
st draw Spongy bob oon the white fondant, using edible ink marker

everybody say"Cheese" please, all things cheesey, blueberry cheesetarts, marble cheese brownies and plain bake cheesecake.
thank you Zue for this order and happy 10th birthday Lukman!

Black and white and gold too for Chah...

duduk bersimpuh si manis ayu,
selamat penganti baru.....

top tier- fruit cake covered and deco with black and white fondant and bride and groom figurines.

gagah bersila si teruna di situ,
semoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu,

bottom tier - choco moist cake , also covered with simple black and white fondant deco

Syah dan Razi sehati sejiwa,
semoga sentiasa kekal bahagia.....

middle tier- chocolate cupcake layered with banana chocolate chip cuppies and deco with minimal black and white fondant

carrot walnut cuppies with cream cheese topping on cupcake tier for the 'meja pengantin'

simple deco- rolled roses with small blossoms and wordings "Syah Razi", similar to the ones I did last year

this set of vanila cuppies was a last minute order from Chah, I was decorating her cakes that night, all the baking gadgets already cleaned cos I wanted to concentrate on the deco.She needed to fill up one of the 'dulangs' because of a small hiccup, I had to agree, otherwise, that dulang would be empty. My time was very limited, I had already allocated my time to do the deco for her ckes and other orders too, fortunately my daughter, Tsara, not Batrisyia ya..... could help out with the mixing of this vanila cuppies under my supervision.Once they were baked, I had to think of the deco, last minute deco. I hope this would do for a very last minute order, simple but still sweet , suitable for the function.

the three types of cakes on the tier, I hadn't decorated the tier yet when this photo was taken.

the knife set, decorated especially for this occasion, to match the black and white theme for the akad nikah ceremony.

matching design for both the tier and the knife set.
thank you Chah so much for trusting me and allowing me to be part of your special day. Unforunately I wasn't able to make it to the kenduri cos I had to go back to my hometown, to see my parents.Here's wishing Chah and partner, hubby, Razi, "Selamat Pengantin Baru", semoga berbahagia dan berkekalan sehingga ke hujung nyawa.

marble cheese brownies for amal

she's ordered cuppies for last raya but her nephew came to collect them. Her uncle ordered a vanila birthday cake for her aunt, his wife, still I didn't get to see her. Last two weekend, her cousin and another aunt came for my basic cupcaked deco class and still... no sign of her. but finally I met her in person, yesterday, just a few hours before I left for my hometown. She just came back for a short while and thought she would like to order this MCB from me after seeing it from afar, from Shah Alam.

Thank you Amal Nabila

terubat rindu...

Salam and hye to everyone who took the time to browse thru my blog.
just got back from home, my hometown to visit my parents. As usual, our visit was very brief. Left our house in Alor Star at around 11.30 am yesterday and by today, about 3.30 pm, we are already back at our own home, sweet home.

though brief, but meaningful, just want to see how abah and Umi are doing.Abah not as strong as before, now he has to walk with an aide of a tongkat. Umi as lincah and as active as usual but a little bit more tired, probably because of looking after her grandchildren, my nieces. Grandparents had to do what they had to do.....

Being away less than 48 hours from my oven and spatulas,going to get a good rest tonite, though I doubt it, laundry to do.... and tomorrow morning, I would start making the chocolate chip cookies for the nest day order.

We'll see you again abah and Umi,Zue dokan yang terbaik untuk abah dan Umi, diberi kesihatan yangbaik sentiasa, dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.Amin.

probably updating a few photos of my creations the day before I left for Kelantan.

Friday, May 28, 2010

cake marathon......

All in a day and night's work....cake, cupcakes, cheesecake and brownies marathon...

it was 8 am, The first person to collect them is from Prai who would later bring the chocolate cuppies back to Ipoh.Thank you Kak Eda, my Srikandi senior who took the trouble to drive all the way , just to taste my cupcakes.

later, around 3 pm, as promised, this bride to be, with inai still red on her fingers, ( baru pakai last night)came to collect her black and white three tiered cakes for the majlis akad nikah tonite.

plus this carrot walnut cuppies on cupcake tier for the majlis kenduri the following day

plus this basket of vanilla cupcakes for hantaran. Thank you Chah for your support and Selamat Pengantin Baru ( more photos later)

Balqis came with her twin sister to collect this oreo chocolate cheesecake, for their father's birthday. She didn't want to write antyhing on top. thanks Balqis for your continuous suppport.

This hemsem ,hehe.....young bloke came in the evening after work still in his suit complete with songkok ( very formal loooking) to pick up her daughter's birthday ladybird cheesecake, the design was supplied by his architect wife who mmsed me the picture of how she wanted the cheesecake to look like.Thank you anas and Diana and happy 2nd birthday Dareen. Ingat baru lagi buat the oreo chocolate cheescake for her first birthday.

last but not least, Ana sweet Ana came around 9 pm to collect this brownies with walnut, cut into squares and placed in a paper cup, deco with red heart and silver dreggees on each slice , as a gift for her friend. Thank you Ana for your endless support.
there you are, almost all Zue's Oven ' heaven on earth' creations were made in one day and night, from chocolate cuppies for ipoh mali tatak sombong friend, to fruit cake for the top tier wedding cake, mini cake , made from chocolate cake layered with banana chocolate chip cake for the middle tier, and chocolate moist for the bottom tier, carrot walnut with cream cheese topping on cupcake tier, vanilla cuppies for hantaran,all for a bride to be, oreo chocolate cheesecake for a birthday, plain bake cheesecake with buttercream, raspberry jam and ganache for alittle girl's birthday and brownies with walnut as a gift. Anything and everything for all kinds of occasion. You can find them all here , made fresh and with TLC from Zue's Oven .

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

purple and white birthday and congratulatory wishes

marble cheese brownies with a new look

Another beautiful Friday in my little kitchen..

They are no stranger to one another, one is the sister in-law to the other, whilst the other one knows that brother in law, one's nephew , uncle or something, I am confused here but I know that both of them know Amal Nabila who ordered cucpcakes from me last Aidil Fitri. in fact they are also no stranger to this baking world. I heard the word "double boil" in between them. hmmm... are they in the right class cos I would be conducting basic cupcake deco for beginners ie for those with almost zero knowledge .....

first, we started with the mixing of the mixture for the vanila cuppies. After weighing, sifting and beating, comes the filling of the cups with the mixture. Recognise the aprons? the same ones worn by the previous students. Told you that you could just come lenggang kangkung, everything is provided for, well almost.... next time I must prepare a piece of paper and a pencil too! :-)

Almost two pm but they kept on going, too engrossed in their work, making the fondant hat and handbags. Well, if they were not hungry, I sure was!Prepared the dishes early in the morning, menu for that day's lunch was masak lemak cli api ayam, daging masak dendeng, ikan kembung goreng and sayur bayam, just a simple meal.

Back to work after lunch, Kak Iman piping out the flower from the piping bag with the star nozzle.

Ton, sprinkling some coloured sugar on one of the cuppies.

Kak Iman, a lecturer by profession, is curently pursuing a pHD . But today, put pHD behind, we are decorating cupcakes!Very creative with the fondant deco, but need to work on the grass kak Iman. InsyaAllah you can do it too:-)

kak Iman's creations, neat and creative, with her own style and design, slightly different from what I showed her...tsk,,tsk,,,melawan cikgu ni......:-) no, this is what we called applying the techniques and doing it her way, her way or my way, I did it my way..... and she did it her way, beautifully and creatvely...

Ton, a committed and dedicated student, just follow what I did, very quick with the buttercream deco, but being a'hot mama', she has a hot mama hand syndrome, a bit like me, but she's hotter.......

but still the result is amazing, for someone who had never made any fondant deco before, have you or haven't you? hmmmm.
Thank you both Kak Iman and Ton for taking the time to spend your precious Friday with me. I hope it's time and money worth spent. mintak maaf kalau ada terlebih terkurang, terusik, usik mengusik bawa bahagia.....

Love is.....

love is....
baking cheesecake for your loved one at 12 midnite in the midst of decorating cuppies and baking marble cheese brownies...
and another MCB for his office too...

Monday, May 24, 2010

coming soon...layan.....

layan gambaq dulu la, story later, nak gosok baju sat...