Monday, December 28, 2009

choc chip cookies

Kak had been asking me to make these cookies for quite sometime but she didn't give specific date, only that for me to do them whenever I had the opportunity and that opportunity and time was last night.
This is her daughter's fav cookies, chocolate chips with walnut. It is also my son's fav, therefore, I made extra for us too, cos It is my fav too. I think I could have easily eaten almost half of the jar while baking and storing them. The aroma, the fresh from the oven aroma, just like the smell I so love whenver we encountered the F*mous *m*s counter, the crispiness, the walnuty taste, is so heavenly and so irresistably good....
I also made extra for my hubby to bring to KL and eat while driving and he's on his way as I am writing this.... I am missing him already, everytime he goes away, he takes a piece of me with him, remember the song by Paul Young
every time you go away,
you took a piece of me, with you....
thank you kak bahiyah, thanx a heap!

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