Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jeli Dec 2014

Not this Beetle but with our Harrier
Time: close to 8 pm
Location: somewhere after Batu Melintang towards Jeli

"Where are we?"
Have we entered Kelantan yet?
Not less than a few minutes, we saw the sign
"Welcome to Negeri Kelantan"
There, my question answered.
Almost soon after, we could feel the difference
The road, not as smooth
No white lines to divide the lanes
And yes, no lights too
It was pitch dark except for the lights from the oncoming vehicles
It was pouring outside, not cats and dogs but enough for us to be cautious and to drive slower than what we normally would have done

They were busy chatting, my mum and mum in law
Batrisyia has dozed off
My father occasionally joined in the conversation
I thought of checking my messages and was reading them when I suddenly heard my husband said Allahuakbar!

I remembered being shaken a few times , practically being lifted from my seat
I was speechless
I was ....I don't really know how to describe that moment
That split seconds
That .......
When the car finally came to a standstill, then only it struck me!
We were in a car accident, it was a narrow escape from a head on collision
No doubt no broken mirror, no shattered glass flown around
No damage to the car because we didn't hit anything
But the damage was quite severe
My husband lost her mum, I lost my mum in law

New year 2015

It is a new year!
I'm back!!!
A year has passed since my last posting
What have I been doing the past year?
The same, same ol same ol
Same ol' me but with more grey  on my head, more fine lines where it should be
But no extra weight gained, still the same 49kg me.

2014 has left us, left us with many memories, bitter sweet sad, some had left marks and scars and some has left voids in their hearts.
The missing MH370, the MH17 crash, the big flood which hit the country, the worst ever .
All that what the nation experienced but on a personal note.
It had left us with a small visible scar but very big and unseen scar more to physical injury plus traumatic emotional scar
They say always look forward, don't look back for what is past is past ,
What is done, is done
Look forward and move forward
With positive attitude and positive thinking
May this new year brings us all more joy happiness wealth and good health.