Wednesday, December 16, 2009

blueberry cake with fresh cream, thank you berry much...

" Demo buak kek dok?"

Ado buak, hok oghe order, pete ni pung ado oghe nok maghi ambik kek, bakponyo, nok kek ko?

What in the wold was that? Was that French? dutch? Anyone can make out those two sentences mean?

Translation: ( just for the fun of it )"

" Do you make cakes?"

"Yes I do, orders from customers, as a matter of fact, they are coming over to collect them this evening. Why? Would you like to order a cake too?"

that concludes our lesson on Kelantanese dialect speaking for today.

Blueberry cake with fresh cream as requested by Mek and her Dad for their makan2 with her nieces and nephews and his grandchildren .

Let's take a peek at what's inside this sinfully rich fresh cream coated cake, shall we? yet another layer of generous amount of blueberries sandwiched in between the two layers of sponge cakes....slurp......just as you wanted it Mek....

Speaking of classes, I remember the time when I did a class for my hubby's friends who wanted me to teach them a bit of English, I guess I wouldn't call it teaching cos I wouldn't classify myself as a teacher but more of sharing what I know more than them at that time.

The year was 1994, I was heavily pregnant with my firs daughter, eight months I think, they voiced their interest in learning that subject, my favourite subject during my schooldays and I thought , why not, it would do me good too, after all if I didn't use it , it might get rusty. Just to show how much their interest were, they even bought me the white board to use during the lesson. It started off well, unfortunately the classes didn't last long, I think I only manage to do only two classes with them, I think because I was due for my labour and I guess that was the end of the classes, how unfortunate.....but anyhow, I still have the white board:-)

It was fun while it lasted.

Back to our blueberry cake, which is a favourite with Mek and her clans...thank you dear and thanks to your Dad too for ordering it while I was at the station to get the petrol receipt. Have a safe trip back to PD to your Along and family.

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