Monday, February 28, 2011

ten pin bowling anyone?

when all pins are down, you call out "Strike:,
twice in a row, Double Strike
three times strike, you call it "turkey"
and four time s strike in a row, you call it " Four Bagger"

when you hit only a few pins on your first throw, you get another chance of throwing the ball at the remaining pins and when you hit the balance, you get a " spare" and make sure that you hit more pins on your next throw, if not you will waste the "spare' points that you would be getting.
it's not that difficult to bowl. just throw that heavy ball, aim it at the ten pins and try to knock them all down in one go. the wrst thing that you could do was get the ball in the drain!

I love bowling. My first experience with bowling, was during my first year studying. during our spare time, we went bowling, I think it was in Romford,went with a few friends and believe it or not, I got a " strike" with my very first throw! pure luck or rather beginner's luck they call it.After that it's either the left 'longkang' or the right 'longkang'.gradually I improved and quite impressive too, with my curved ball....hehhe.....
besides pool, bowling is one of my other favourite games .....We used to bowl almost every weekend

just throw the ball, aim it at the ten pins

and strike!

mmm... not in this case, but at least, bola tak masuk longkang!

When I first got a call for this cake, she didn't mention anything about bowling. All she wanted was a cake for her mum's boss, a very dedicated, commited and hard working Boss. , a male boss. What would I do, how would I decorate the cake? I had no clue when suddenly the sms came, he loved bowling and instantly this picture came to mind, and it made my decorating the cake much easier.
thank you Sya and your mum too and to this dedicated Boss, Happy Birthday, hope yo enjoy the 'bowling' chocolate cake and continue being a nice Boss.

You'll Never Walk ALone

happy 12th birthday Ayie!

my first ever.....ever....ever..... drawing or sketching Liverpool logo

I don't know much about football

and what is this bird? a rooster? an eagle? vulture or a falcon?

"You'll never Walk ALone" Ayie....... your parents are walking with you......
thank you Kak Balqis and Happy 12th birthday Ayie, may all your dreams come true

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ini adalah satu pengumuman penting!

I'm having a slight technical problem with my current number 019-4786100, should you have difficulty in getting me at that number, I can also be reached at this other number 017-5677880,
you can either text me or e-mail me at I will try to answer the earliest possible.

Thank you

Beautiful words by beautiful people with sweet tooth

merely sharing the beautiful words by my customers The cake: chocolate moist cake with ganache
decoration: edible image with fondant and buttercream
cake size: 9 x 9 inches

The verdict:GORGEOUS!

beautiful words via e-mail:

"The deco was excellent, exactly how I pictured it, but you added the bees and ladybugs and flowers which turned it to be wayyy better than how I picture it....
I've never tasted your chocolate moist cake, so the choice was an added bonus.

Everyone loved it!!!!
Everyone asked for a second and third helping, and we had no extras to take home.

Overall, thanks so much for the trouble of making this wonderful cake.Marissa was thrilled and her mum, her mum was over-joyful too:-)"

me: It was no trouble at all, in fact, quite the opposite. It's a pleasure making it .

The cake/brownies: marble cheese brownies
deco: simple map of UK and ' orang lidi' with fondant London underground sign
the verdict: YUMMILICIOUS!

size : 10 x 10 inches

beautiful words via e-mail:

"Ya ALLAH cantiknya cake kak zue!!!! Ada map UK and London tube sign!!! impressed!!Siap nampak Cornwall hehee..
Thank you so much k.zue.Everyone puji cake tu yummilicious and they even asked me for more.

I wonder how Batrisyia maintain her weight when her mum never stop baking! "

me: nostalgia and Batriysia..... ikut mama dia....hehe......

The cake:GLEE rainbow cake with Swiss Meringue buttercream
The deco: fully covered with fondant and edible images on cookies sticks
size : 9 inches
The verdict: AWESOME!

beautful words via e-mail:

"The cake was awesomely Goood!!!! My sister and I had the first bite, and we turned and stared at each other & said sedaaaappppppp.....and dug in some more:-)

There was a 'moment' for a second for sweet tooth like us....
My other sister was eating it layer by layer macam kuih lapis, enjoying every layer.

Thank you so much ya.all of us love it esp little Cairiel."

me: My first Rainbow cake and I had an awesome time making it.

half blueberries cheesecake

a simple cheesecake with blueberries on half of it .
Thank you Nas

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Disney Tangled

Ahhhh.....phew! made it...... despite a little hiccup, alhamdulilah I managed to get this cake ready as per my customer's request. I have a few people to thank, CT , who is in Penang and her friend who lives in Pokok Sena but works in Penang, without their helps, this cake would not turn out this way. It would have been decorated differently

Marissa Izreen's mum's idea was incorporated onto this cake. I was only a making it happen for her, her idea to get Rapunzel's long hair all over the cake. At first I was not really sure how was I going to do it. I knew that Rapunzel was locked in a high tower by her stepmother, I knew that she had long hair which she used as a rope for her gentleman friend to climb up, but i did not know that she could get her hair ' tangled' around the cake!

"You'll be tangled up with our love forever", as requested by her mum, to be written on the Disney Tangled cake.
I like this, very sweet, very sincere and very comforting to know that this nine year old girl is loved and forever will be by her family, her mum ,dad, and her little brother.

thank you sharina for trusting me with yet another child of your's birthday, after the GLEE rainobw cake and now this Disney "Tangled" cake.Hope everyone will enjoy the cake, wishing Marissa Izreen, sedap nama ni, a Happy 9th birthday and may all her dreams come true.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Nik....

okay, everyone ready, betulkan barisan masing2.....and sing after me

Happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you Niiiiiik

happy birthday to youuuuuuu......

carot walnut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting individually packed with a small ribbon tied to the cover, for her friends and colleagues at work

cream chesse-yes
carrot ( the most important ingredient in this cc) - yes
all I need to find was the square casing
Nasib baik semua ada, for cases like this,mmmmmm last minute cases....., it's good to have all things ready but sometimes even when we do have everything in stock but, we are tied up with something else, some orders could not be entertained. therefore it is best, if possible to place the orders a few days in advance to avoid disappointment, sometimes we plan things in advance and sometimes it's the spur of the moment thing or decision, that happens.On my part, I tried the best I could and if Allah wills it, it will., insyaAllah.

especially for you Nik, my dearest Nik, We have known each other for a very long time, dari zaman solo ke zaman berdua, may this beautiful friendship last and remain sweet. Happy sweet dot dot, like some people said, age is just a number, stay sweet always. Semoga panjang umur murah rezeki, Nik and thank you so much for your continuous support.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

chocolate moist cakes

"Selamat Bersara and Selamat harijadi"

the other one, for makan makan

Thank you Cikgu Salbiah

Hari anugerah Cemerlang

waiting patiently for her turn to go up the stage for the first time to receive her award for her excellent achievement in her preschool
my baby, .....all grown up and......saving china? Mushu said to Mulan.........
but my baby Batrisyia. all grown up and receiving her first education excellence award and hopefully there will be more
my baby you
you're the reason I can fly
because of you
i don't have to wonder why
my baby you
you're the reason I feel so alive
tiba tiba je lagu Marc Anthony pulak this song....

okay, why don't we pose next to this post with flowers,
okay stand right there, hold your plaque and smile.......

waiting for mama, who was waiting for her friend.....

this is the smile that I am looking for...............

that picture of her going up the stage brought me back to my own sweet childhood memories, way back to Pulai chondong where i went for my primary school for six years. those years were my proudest moment as I went up the stage every year for being the best student for the whole classes from Standard One to Standard Six. Kira dapat nombor satu all the way, number one in my class and number one for all the classes......, and not just that, they also gave prizes ( there were no awards then ) and it was called Hari Penyampaian Hadiah ( Prize Giving Day or Ceremony ) for the best results for each subject and guess who went up the stage for those subjects...yup... yours truly.but of course, not all subjects, most of the subjects.
It's a different story when I was in secondary school. I went up the stage only a couple of times, but for different reasons, mostly for shows, dance competition, singing competition, teleplay and oh yes I did won something for drawing and colouring contest and some of the competitions too. My secondary school was the school for the 'creme de la creme' , cream of all the creams in Malaysia. All the 5As students ( from the Penilaian Darjah Lima exam, now called UPSR ) from all over Malaysia were chosen and selected to go there and I was one of them, not to sound too proud but merely sharing my sweet memories of yesteryears. These are the things that you like to look back on and tell your children and your children's children and their children......and yes I did went up the stage again in my uni years, to receive the scroll for my graduation /convocation day at the Barbican Centre. Another one of my proudest moments,

Batrisyia, with her best buddy, who is a few inches taller and a few years older but she loves to play with her, my friend's daughter who also received the award for her excellent achievement in Year 3 last year.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Princess cake for her little Princess

banyak betul dugaan masa buat si puteri ayu ni.
tapi alhamdulillah, it managed to stay sweet and stay as she is on the green fondant covered chocolate cake in the ala ala garden theme.

the princess was accompanied by her other friends also in pink dresses

This mother of Arianna specifically requested for mushrooms, flowers, ladybirds and bees .

For cute Arianna who turns two on 20th Feb, Aunty Zue wishes you Happy 2nd birthday, may you always be a bundle of joy to your parents. To Arianna's mum, Yda, thank you dear for trusting me with your daughter's birthday cake. It's a pleasure dealing with you Yda and I have so much pleasure making this Princess cake for your cute little Princess.
The sms from Yda:
smu org dtg puji cntk...yg pntg hbs licin.sdp la....
appreciate the nice words.thank you

mini cheesecake and banana cupcakes

mini baked blueberry cheesecake
ied out a new recipe from m ybook, this cheesecake used two types of cheese, ricotta cheese and cream cheese, the taste is yummy, a bit heavy but still yummy

It cracked in the oven, ( after being in there for about 25 minutes)

but the cracks closed up once thy were outside

banana cupcake

banana choc chip cupcakes...for makan2, got spare bananas

menu on 21st feb

It's one of those 'rajin' days, must make sure there's one veggie dish, masak lemak cili api crabs, sure no fail dish for my kids, very simple menu but tasty.....
sambal ikan bilis with petai

mixed veggie with prawns uisng fish sauce and oyster sauce

masak lemak cili api crab

boiled eggs:-)