Friday, April 30, 2010

Tiada kata secantik bahasa....

the purple and white set, the two tiers cake complete with the knife set, and complete with the mother-in-law overlooking the couple.hehe...
"dah nak kahwin dah anak dara mak ni, satgi lagi, sahlah kamu bergelar isteri, dah jadi milik orang lain, dah takleh duk bawah ketiak mak lagi dah. Pandai-pandailah bawak diri, dengar cakap suami tu, taat pada suami, dulu boleh bermanja dengan mak, sekarang ni, manja2 lah dengan cik si suami.

Si suami pulak, jagalah anak mak ni ya, kalau dulu, masa kecik2 sekor nyamuk pun mak tak bagi gigit tau, kau jangan pulak nak jentik dia . kalau yang silap tu, tegur2lah, isteri ini adalah amanah, kalau yang baik tu , puji2lah.....perempuan ni suka dibelai, suka dimanja, yalah, nak manja kat siapa kalau bukan kat cik abang dia kan".
Agak2nya, itulah yang bermain di fikiran makcik berbaju ungu sedondon ni ye....
perhaps all mothers would be feeling the same. it's hard to let go of something so precious in their lives. the baby that she had been carrying for nine months, had given birth to her, went through the labour pain, just so she could bring out this beautiful baby into this world and after many years of nurturing her, of raising her, she would soon be giving up the rights to someone else, to whom she would hope that will do or will continue doing what she had done for the past twenty plus years. however, the relationship shouldn't necessarily ends here, she doesn't lose her daughter, no, she doesnt, she has just got another child, a son!

Sayang, rasanya kita nak honeymoon ke mana? Langkawi ke? emmm....Hong Kong ke? Bali ke? ( most young couple's choice of honeymoon destination) emmm atau dalam bbilik je:-)
the top tier is chocolate moist cake topped with ganache before being covered with white floral patterned fondant. I still use the purple and white buttercream deco to match with the lower tier cake ( I made the lower tier cake first ).After carefully placed the bride and groom made from fondant on top of the cake . I just placed the yet again purple and white fondant blossoms around the love shaped mat where the bride and groom were seating on.

.The lower tier cake is vanila magnolia cake with bleberries filling sandwiched in between the two layers. with buttercream glazed.I had to make three different cakes for this sweet Ayu. My deco session started with this cake, I started making the buttercream roses, quite a number because I intended to place them all around the 10" cake and the top too.

I thot I'd do without borders this time and I decided to put these small silver dregees instead, a painstakingly slow process but I am very pleased with the result

sungguh mengasyikkan. no wonder I see so many cakes being decorated this way because it is very beautiful if I may say so myself, with the roses carefully placed next to each other all around the cake, and green leaves coming out in between them
After I finished decorating the lower tier cake, I started with this one. The third cake was for the hantaran but I made this one before completing the top tier cake. This is carrot walnut cake with cream cheese topping covered with white fondant. Ayu wanted it to look like her wedding invitation card

sama tak? Cut out the small heart shaped cutter and brushed the sides with pearly pink dust before sticking them on using royal icing. I'd like to share the content of her invitation card here:
Doa untuk Pengantin:
"Ya Allah,
Satukanlah hati kedua mempelai ini seperti Engkau satukan hati Adam & Hawa, Yusuf & Zulaikha dan seperti Engkau satukan hati Muhammad S.A.W. & Siti Khadijah,
Satukanlah hati kedua mempelai ini dengan iman, keyakinan & tawakal kepadaMu.
Jadikanlah mereka suami soleh yang sentiasa memimpin dan isteri solehah yang sentiasa membantu, murahkanlah rezeki mereka dan kurniakanlah kepada mereka zuriat yang beriman dan beramal soleh.
Semoga kehidupan mereka dipenuhi Al-Mawaddah dan Al-Rahman di dunia dan akhirat"
Amin Yarabbal Alamin.
Such beautiful and meaningful doa, this well wishes is for all the husbands and wives out there and for me too, insyaallah.
this purple butterfly looking for its partner....

there you are......, the other purple butterfly

A little something extra for the newly weds, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with simple buttercream swirl deco topped with fondant blossoms and loves, with a small message: Congratz Ayu and Alime

These knife set is spashly decorated to match the purple and white theme for the cake cutting ceremony

To Ayu and Alime, may both of you sail through this marriage life beautifully as beautiful as you both are. Communication is the key word,, when one speaks, the other listen and vice versa, if both are talking at the same time, the neighbours might be listening! sometimes you give in to your partner, giving in doesn't mean, losing, it's just compromise.
thank you Ayu for allowing me to be part of your special day.It gives me such great pleasure and satisfaction in making your day purply beautiful. Selamat Pengantin Baru...Ayu dan Alime and Selamat Berbulan madu ke.......7th heaven....blissfully romantic place.

ingin kumilik kasih AYU jelita......

Wajah Kesayangan Hamba- Hail Amir

ingin ku milik kasih,
Ayu jelita,
wajah cantik berseri,
sinar cahaya
sopan santun berbudi,
bergaya sederhana
halus tutur bahasa,
sungguh mulia

Rambut panjang terurai,
bagai sutera,
hias bunga sekuntum,
tambah jelita,
bibir merah delima,
merdu alun suara,
penambat jiwa nan lara,
rasa bahagia.

pipi pauh dilayang,
alis matanya lentik,
sekali mata memandang,
hati tertawan.

wajahnya mempesona, tiada lagi tandingan,
bagai dewi menjelma,
jadi temanku

Datanglah wahai pujaan
datang padaku,
lukisan wajah kasih,
diruangan mata,
kalung dirimu sayang,
dengan cinta nan mesra.
Wajah Kesayangan hamba,
kini kujumpa...

wedding cake for Ayu and Alime. Selamat Pengantin Baru....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its cartoon world!Spongebob, Power Puff Girls, Doraemon

Spongybob, Power Puff Girls are two of the most wanted cartoon characters, besides BEN 10, and I wouldn't mind doing them over and over again because they are so colourful and so cheerful.Why do kids love them so much?I did too when I was young but there were no Spongebob or PPG then. Back in the 70s, there were only Mickey Mouse and the gang, Donald, Goofy, Pluto & Minnie, Bugs Bunny 'Whats up Doc', Tweety 'I thot I thaw a putty tat', Woody heheheheho Woodpecker, the RoadRunner, and a few more.

I was updating my blog the other day when Spongebob was on TV.He's such a lovable character, kind and honest and he has an equally good and honest best friend, Patrick.

Kak Rose ordered these cuppies for her and her officemates too, she specially requested for cartoon characters, starting with spongebob plus any other cartoon characters too. lama tak main dengan piping jelly ni....

so, here they are, Spongebob, Blossoms, Bubbles, Buttercup, Doraemon, Mickey sikit and Dora sikit.

Thank you so much kak rose for these orders and hope you and your colleagues will enjoy these cuppies with your families.

Fairuz's CMC

Just for makan2 but this hand is itchy2 to draw, to deco on the cake:-)

Thnk you Fairuz and happy eating, enjoy the chocolate cake with your family!

Sepetang di Tmn stadium....drama sebabak...

"Mama, i want chocolate mousse , pleeease...." Batrisyia
"Dah lama mama tak buat biskut batik", Tsara'
"........................................", Ameer
( Malam ni mama buat lasagna boleh tak?)

a scenario at my house, welllll...not all on the same day but yesterday I made the chocolate mousse and the biskut batik. i made lasagne the night before, for our dinner.

cake chocolate balls

I just have to capture these moments. Before this, she liked her choc mousse plain, without the cream but when I started introducing it with cream, she has grown to like it too. the moment of truth... she starts to dig into the cream and the chocolate mousse...

almost there........

and into her mouth it goes......

ni mama punya, mama pun nak makan jugak...

Monday, April 26, 2010


Assalamualaikum and a very happy morning to everyone who has just tuned in ( macam dengar radio pulak:-) ) or walked in here.Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, I have managed to conduct my first cupcake deco session for beginners successfully the other day and I would like to thank my two sweet participants for making it work. I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. Therefore, I'd like to schedule another session for those who were not able to make it to that session or to anyone else who are interested to join in for the knowledge or just for the fun of it.
it's true like one of my fellow cyber baker friend once said, its fun, both learning and teaching are both fun and I find it therapeutic too.The above are just samples of what would be included in the module.
the session in place with me ( I mean, my assistant, in two senget ponytails, looking on ) as the participants are doing their thing.
the next session is scheduled to beld as follows:
Date/day: 1st May 2010/ Saturday
Time: 10 am till 3 pm ( or until complete)
Venue: Zue's Oven, Taman Stadium, Alor Star ( my house)
Fee: RM180 ( lunch is provided, insyaAllah)
Please refer to my previous entry dated April 12th, 2010 for more detail.
Like I said, you can come lenggang kangkung like my first two particpants did and they went back home with 12 + 2 cupcakes or you can bring your own things.
Please call or e-mail me for reservations, kay.
Thank you and have a nice day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Suatu hari Jumaat yang Indah

Nas and Jad, Jad and Nas, my very first two "Basic Cupcake Deco For Beginners" participants..

masa ni, baru nak kenal, they have never met before . Nas, my regular customer, selalu order terkejut tergempaq, her favourite is BCT, I made two of her wedding hantaran cakes, inai pun masih lagi merah di jari, baru bergelar isteri orang. Jad on the other hand, Ive only met her at 10 am that very Friday morning. She heard about me conducting a cupcake deco class and very much interested to join.
We kicked off the day with the baking. After measuring and sifting the flour, we started creaming the butter. Patiently waiting for the butter to get smooth.

"nas, apa yang lucu sangat tu, pelan2 masukkan tepung tu, satgi, pakai bedak tepung pulak :-)"
when the butter , sugar and eggs were well mixed, time to alternately add in the flour with the milk.

"Easy does it Nas". Both of them got the chance of doing this, 100% hands on.

time to fill up the cup, to get the exact weight that you wanted, it's best to use the weighing machine, but if you didnt have one, do not despair, just fill it three quarter full.
while waiting for th elittle cupcakes to bake in the oven, we started making the fondant mushrooms and handbags, just to let them have a feel of the fondant. Most of the decorations would be made from buttercream for beginners.

Khusyuknya jad, duk belek handbag tu....

Puan Nas pulak crative tu, laiin yang kita tunjuk, lain yang dia buat but that's what this session is all about, to unleash the hidden talents that you have inside, be creative, let your imagination run wild.

one thing I noticed after the day ended. I was so engrossed with the class and my two 'students' that I didn't have time to think about other things, I was so oblivious to my surrounding, no worries, no thinking of unpaid or unsettled bills, just concentrate on them, on making sure that they achieved what they were here for, and I hope they did.

okay, handbags...check, mushrooms, check.....

Nas tu duk pegang buttercream tu, nak buat apa tu....ohhh nak buat swirl ala-ala McD icecream swirl tu.... rossette and sweet pea dah siap belum?.

Jad duk buat daun tu , nampak pegang piping bag with green buttercream tu

At 2 pm, we stopped for lunch for a while and had white rice with ayam masak minangkabau and ikan siakap bakar with sambal, which I prepared earlier.Suka tengok Nas makan siap tambah lagi. Jad pulak, diet, patutla slim mlim je badan dia.

A picture says a thousand words and I guess, you can see from the smile that Puna Nas kita ni is very happy with her very own creations, 12 + 2 bonus cuppies to bring back home.

For someone who has never held a piping bag before, who never knew what the terms and jargons used in this cake decorating world, I am impressed with both their works. This were Nas's. Just take a look at her "Gu*ss" handbag, siap dengan kedut2 lagi tu.....

Jad, looking tired but satisfied I hope, posed with her 12 + 2 cuppies too, all done by her. she liked the design which I made recently, the white buttercream with a single red heart in the middle, so I added that to these deco.

Jads work, the gothic one....:-) mesti nak ada warnahitam tu:-),

tangan siapa pulak ni, ni mesti Jad ni, basib baik digital, kalu guna filem, mesti tak cukup satu roll ambik gambar , eh eh, ni student mana pulak ni, pakai baju biru ni. there were three cake stands, so the white one must be hers......:-)

ini Nas punya, ini Abang punya, ini mak punya, ini Nas punya, ini kakak punya, ni Nas punya, aik...banyak Nas punya ni.....

this is them, at the end of the session, sudah menjadi teman dan mesra, siap nak tukar2 FB lagi tu.... the beauty of cake decorating, it brings people together...

sweet photo of Nas and Jad with their sifu......ermmm.....junior....

Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful and thankful that the day went by smoothly and beautifully. the day was filled with fun and laughter, looking at how they did their deco, reminded me of how I first hooked on decorating, practise makes perfect dear, so in order to get that rosette, or that blossom, that sweetpea, the swirl and the shells, a lot of practise is required okay, I hope both Nas and Jad had a great time as much I did. thank you gals and kalau ada yang terlebih terkurang tu , jari sepuluh disusun, maklumlah , first time for this module.Terima kasih kerana sudi kemari. Wish you Nas all the best for this coming 1stmay event and Jad, buat, jangan tak buat. Before this, tahu buat kek je, ni dah boleh decorate sekali, kay....

choc cuppies for my niece & BCT for Balqis

BCT for Balqis who came back from KL, to spend a few days with her mum before leaving back to KL and within that short stay at home, she remembered my BCT, terharu rasa...thank you for thinking of my BCT....and take good care of yourself dear..
this set is for my niece, she and her friends were on a study trip and I only managed to see her just for a brisk moment. thot I'd give her these chco cuppies to share with her friends on the bus going back to UUM where they stayed the nite before leaving for Shah Alam the next day.

Sempat juga she left me a heart-warming message :
"Cik Jue, thank u so muchh for d cute little cupcakes smua kawan2 tek bgtau sedap kek tue, kejap je dah habis.thank u cik jue"

fancy some chocolate chip cookies anyone? saje buat ni for hubby nak makan2 on the way ke KL hari tu. These cookies ni a favourite kat rumah ni and other people's favourite too. thank you all...