Monday, March 30, 2009

Cake artist in the making

My son, ameer's masterpiece

my dotter, Batrisyia's masterpiece

A small artist at work

Friday, March 27, 2009


Syafiq is 12, ni kes dah seronok guna alphabet fondant cutter lah ni, semua nak pakai ni, start dgn previous post. nanti ada another version, kita guna yang lain pulak

green, pink and purple caterpillar
sat gi update, nak pi kitchen
While I was preparing this chocolate cake on Friday, I received a rather shocking news from fellow colleague, a friend of ours who went into labour the day before, had to undergo the C section due to some complication, is in ICU and desperately in need of blood ,type B. My heart went out for her and her husband and eldest daughter who is also Batrisyia's age. I prayed that she will be alright. Around noon, I went over to the private medical center and was informed by her husband that she was in the OT, went in around 10 am. Went over to the nursery to have a look at her newborn, it's a boy, that makes it a pair, her eldest is a girl and now it's a boy and this boy needs his mother, I couldn't help but felt a slight pain in my heart looking at this helpless , cute and innocent baby, no, insyaAllah with Allah's willing, his mother will make it and I know she will because she's a fighter, though sweet and gentle , she's a very strong willed young lady. I know that she will pull through.Went to visit her again yesterday evening around 6.30 pm. She's sleeping because she's on sedation, met with her two sisters on the way to the ICU, we spoke, comforting and consoling one another .
She undergone another operation on Sunday and I visited her again in the evening. "All's well", I've been told by her Kak Long. She showed much progress. syukur alhamdulillah. Sue dear, we all pray for you, you be strong and I know you are and hope to see your sweet smiling face soon.

Another ferry trip to Langkawi

banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting with a slice of banana on top.
Happy birthday Ogy, semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki

cheesecake with strawberries and peaches......

bluebrry cheese tarts

ice cream green tea cookies
to be continued. cerita sat lagi no.. nak pi buat Ben 10 cake sat, nak ambik petang ni. nanti sambung cerita.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

off the cupcakes went to the land of mahsuri, langkawi

thse rosettes cannot beat the ones made by Daalia, Ana, Ita and many others. theirs are gorgeous, mine, boleh lah kan....
The first of the two batches of cakes cupcakes and cookies to be ferried to Langkawi where there awaits my dearest Srikandi friend to share these with her colleagues.She requested vanilla/choc cupcakes with" good Luck Mapelai". She also requested some cookies so I made Choc chip and semolina cookies, ( tak sempat ambik gambar) . Ogy dear, thank you for your support

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cupcake deco history

my very first cupcake deco, July 2008........

Little did I knew that cupcakes would be phenomenal now. I first made ( the ones i did during my school days do not count) my cupcakes was for my daughter's 2nd birthday way back in 1996. Was not a big deal then. As usual I baked other cakes too and I ordered the birthday cake from a local cake shop. Occasionally I would bake " kek permaisuri" the recipe I learned when I was in Form One or two? , subject Sains Rumah Tangga at my school.Wonderful memories there, let's not dwell on that, I could write a whole book on my experience at a boarding school..nasi kawah, book toilet nak mandi, 10.30 off lights! etc, etc....

Again, in 2006, I made muffins and did not have time to bake a big cake for my son's birthday, so we just put the candles on the muffins instead.( I'll post the photo later when I am able to locate where it is.)

Last year I tried Nigela Lawson's basic cupcake recipe, nice but not so nice looking, they had cracks, like a volcano erupting, when suddenly hubby dearest said, " Ma, can you make me 100 cuppies for my office " kenduri kesyukuran" next week. That single sentence was the beginning of my involvement with cupcakes and cupcakes decorating. With those cupcakes, I used as my training ground for my ganache and buttercream deco.So the story goes....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

off we go to the land of fairies

It's about 1.30 am and I couldn't sleep, trying to get some ideas for my friend's cheesecake and cupcakes design. , took my sketch book and a pencil and I started drawing. Hmmm... i could use this design on my cake. I'll colour this the next time i feel like doing it. Baking is not the only passion, i love to draw too and writing. I could go on and on like the Duracell batteries, whoa...look at the time, I'd better hit the pillow now cos i have to wake up early tomorrow as usual...nite..nite....

Monday, March 16, 2009

my beautiful flower

it's that time again! these red and white flowers would bloom and give out such aromatic smell

BEN 10 cake, no,,it's FAHMI 10 cake

"What does you son like?", i asked that lady Dr. " i leave it to your creativity" Oh no! me and my limited skills and creativity, told her that I would try my best cos I have only just ventured into this cake decorating world. so I asked around, googled for designs and deco and finally I thot why not BEN 10?It's the "in" thing for little boys nowadays, but I was worried, it might be so for other kids but maybe not for her Fahmi who is turning 10, so I thot of asking her just to make sure and she replied " think so" and I went ahead with my plan for BEN 10 , only that I did not really plan to draw BEN 10 , instead i wrote "FAHMI 10" in BEN 10 colour ( more or less) for him and just put small photos on the sides cos i felt that less is sometimes more. Hope that The Lady Dr and her son like it.

The two cakes, cheesecake and chocolate cake, one flavour, the former was requested by the father and the latter, by the son .

She also requested a cheesecake for her 8 year old daughter Fatin, that too was up to me.... and on a cheesecake? not much can i think of but in order not to disappoint her, I came up with this... the colourful friend, remember the cartoon which i drew earlier, Zainah, if you are reading this, I make it happen, you did suggest that I might use that as one of the designs on my cake which I also thot of and I did, well, a little improvisation along the way .Not as good as the one drawn on paper, very tricky . Thank you Dr Zaharidah for the order, we may only have just met through these cakes but it seemed like we've known each other for quite sometime. Really appreciate your support and hope you and all the family will enjoy the cakes.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cartoons on the wall

noticed that small donald Duck at the left side of the photo, just next to the bricks, no more Winnie the Pooh and tinker Bell, the wall has been knocked down to make way for a sliding door between the two rooms. That is my eldest daughter in the picture.

Donald duck, Pooh and Tinkerbell drawn by me minutes before we knocked down the wall.This happened in 2006? let me check my diary first cos I am not sure of the year, because we renovated our house in stages.

Actually, i am trying to get some ideas on what to draw on a birthday cake for tomorrow, so while doing that, thot I 'd just load some old photos for my collection.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

fondant and royal icing flowers deco

the grand finale! never dreamt or thought that I could do this ( well, with a little help ), a wedding cake using fondant and royal icing flowers as deco.
the bottom

the middle, my own design, free hand drawn without using any stencil, the design which i took from a plate and use it as the design for the wedding cake, for the flower using the brush technique

the side

the top

fondant gift box

the same with the clown, my very first fondant gift box deco, using ivory colour

royal icing clown

I have seen so many clowns on so many fotopages and blogs and I finally did my own!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thank You cuppies

purple and white vanilla cuppies with bc

purple and white fondant roses

I quite like the rose even though it is not the perfect rose.
My first fondant roses for hantaran set, purple and white theme. I really, mean really hope that the lady who requested this will like it cos this is my first fondant deco for a customer. the one I did earlier was my sample, testing my " keras tangan" skill ( if any ). I did not have any of the equipments or gadgets for fondant deco, the only cutter that I had was the leaf cutter. even the design on the white fondant I used the end of a nozzle as the design. The rose, i followed the step from a video on the youtube.

Monday, March 2, 2009

my first blueberry cheesecake

There are so many "first" and this is one of them. Blueberry cheesecake is a favourite among many but I've never made or baked one before. In order not to disappoint this sweet young lady's request for a blueberry cheesecake for her Mum, I searched for the recipe, found a few but did not have the opportunity to do them yet until last night, I made one plain bake cheesecake and I decided, why don't I just put the blueberry filling on top, will that make it a bluebrry cheesecake? well... , there's only one way to find out and i asked this sweet young lady to try first and miraculously she gave the green light and even ordered one for her Mum and her nieces and nephews , I hope her mum will share her view .It felt so good when you know that people enjoy what you are making or baking.

Aqilah Dzarifah is 2

A simple cheesecake with a simple deco for a 2 year old Aqilah Dzarifah from a loving mummy.