Wednesday, December 30, 2009

last marble cheese brownies for 2009...and a Happy New Year 2010 Wish

The last entry 'mahu tapi malu'... was not the last for 2009 because i received a very last minute request for this MCB.

I was getting ready to send my eldest daughter to her school to get her books for the new school session and later on to go to my youngest daughter's school to register her for her pre-school and at the same time to sit for the briefing at the school, when i received this sms asking me if I had any extra cakes.

ini memang soalan cepu mas ni. Kalu tanya ada kek extra ni, mestinya nak kek:-)

okay....come out with it, nak kek apa?

At first when I saw the name on my phone, I thot, hmm, ni mesti dah tak sabar nak tengok cuppies dia ni, fortunately I had made sure they were ready the night before because I knew that I would be busy in the morning with my daughters school things, but it turned out that she was asking on her mum's behalf., "mama ada jamuan jam 2. smlm die lpe nk 0rder.smpt x watkan mcb 1 biji? kalaw xsmpt takpe"

Replied to her that if the briefing finished early then I could make the MCB for her.

By almost 11 am, the briefing showed no sign of finishing, the Head Master was still on the dos and don'ts for the year 1 students from 9.30 am and he still said nothing about the pra-school students, but I wouldn't blame the HM because he was so passionate and committed with his work, after all he's the longest serving HM at that school, six years as compared to others who were only there for two years the most and some even nine months only ( according to him ) .

What he said had some truth in them and they were good advice to new parents who were sending their kids for the first time.It is very true what he said that kids listen to teachers more than they would their own parents, and that is why teachers' responsibilities and roles are very big and challenging. They are the role models and there''s no compromise on that. My father is a pensioned teacher himself.

Teachers do have great impact on your lives as one particular teacher did to me when I was in my primary school. She's my English teacher. Her name is Ms Teo Chu Kan. I don't know where she is now, probably somewhere in Trengganu.I've always liked that subject but she made it even more interesting with her method of teaching , her enthusiasm and passion and made me love it even more. I always got good results, in fact the highest score for my English....ehem...ehem... not just English mind you, ni cerita zaman kegemilangan sekolah rendah (primary school glory days ) lah ni.:-)She gave me books, dictionaries, etc whenever I got my good results. I wouldn't call it favouritism but more of, encouragement i think . I still remember the beautifully illustrated children's books "The Little Match Girl" and " The Little Mermaid" which she gave me , which regretfully and sadly I didn't know where they are now:-( I love the books so much and I do hope I would get to see her again (and the books too, wishful thinking) . She's probably as old as my father now I would think.

Speaking of primary school, I 'met', well not actually met in person, my long lost primary school friend thru my sister when I went back to my hometown last week. My umi and my sister went to my friend's sister's daughter's connection.....and ...okay..okay.. to cut the story short, my sister got my friend's number. I called her and I hope that we would be able to resume from where we left off, and hopefully we would meet again someday.

Back to my briefing story, I had to leave even before the HM finished his briefing, sorry daughter had called and I had an MCB to bake cos I had promised someone. Janji mesti ditepati.

Upon reaching home, I took out the butter and melt it on the stove while frying the egg and meat for my son's breakfast. By 12.30 noon, the MCB was out of the oven and while letting it to cool off before cutting it ( because Sya wanted me to cut it for her mum), I went to pick up my daughter from her school but when I got there she was still waiting for her turn which I didn't think would be ready before 2 pm. Sya is coming over at 2 pm to collect her mum's mcb so I had to leave my daughter first.

By 2 something sya came, but decided that her sister will bring back her 'malu tapi mahu...crimes of passion' cuppies because she came by bike. She liked it.I am so glad that she liked it and she even stayed for awhile and we had a really nice and interesting conversation between the two of us.

later in the evening, while watching Indiana Jones with my children, I received this sms from sya:

k.zue. thanx taw utk cuppies 2. rasa sya taw msti yummy. dec0 cntek amat! muah muah utk k.zue. mcb 2 laku td mama ckp"

I'd just like to share, a couple of days ago while updating my blog, I received this sms:

"k.zue thumbs up utk kek kek yg cntek2 ni. kami skuarga tgh melht blog k.zue:-D teliur tgk da 2 rasa syg pulak nk mkn. kami doa k.zue tr0s sukses ya."

that sms was from sya herself., the same person who ordered the 'malu tapi mahu...Crimes of Passion' cuppies and this last minute mcb, not forgetting the 'off they went to the land of fairies' choc cuppies, the golfer mcb, the ribbon choc moist, the oreo chocolate cheesecake with pink picture frame. I was touched by this 4 sentences sms, to know that someone out there would visit my blog, toook the time to read what i had written, admiring my not so perfect cakes and cupcakes, ( sambil telan air lioq:-) , and most importantly and the sweetest thing was that she was doing it with the whole family...what could be more sweeter than that. Last but not least , for their doa for me to be successful in what I am doing. thank you Sya and your family for the support and well wishes. Wish great happiness and wellness to you and your family too.

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all Zue's Oven customers and friends and fellow bakers, and with 2009 coming to its end and the ushering of the new year 2010, wish everyone a Happy New Year and may all our dreams come true.

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