Sunday, July 31, 2011


Salam Ramadhan Kareem

1 Ramadhan menjelma sudah
bagi yang rindu,sudah terubat
Sama samalah kita tingkatkan ibadah
Agar kita mendapat berkat

Semoga kita dapat menjalani ibadat puasa di bulan yang mulia ini dengan penuh kesabaran dan sempurna , semoga amalan kita diberkati


Saturday, July 30, 2011

six more please

and one box with yellow and gold, fit for a Queen

mini brownies with daisies

brownies with walnut cut into small round shaped, covered with white fondant and decorated with daisies, white green, yellow, pink and purple for the VVIPs in Perlis.

green set for Raja Perempuan Muda

yellow/gold set for KDYMM Raja Perempuan Perlis

pink set for the Princess

all six, decorated

thank you Puan Balqis , such soothing cololurs, and I am so glad and relieved when I saw your first impression upon seeing them when you came to collect them .

unexpectedly busy night

six mini brownies in beautifully decorated transparent boxes. I thought I had the whole day and night to complete these , made the daisies one day ahead to enable the flowers to dry,to bake and deco at nite and should be ready when they were supposed to picked up at 7.30am , and I could conduct my class as planned.
thank you Mdm Balkis...

that was my plan for that date, until I received a call requesting for the 'blue and white' and wedding cake,

oh oh... i was going to conduct a class for three, the following day, i was planning to cook two dishes for lunch for that day, can I do it?

Whether I could or could not do it, I had to do it, for I had already said 'yes' dalam 'mamai', i was sleeping when I got the call and i had agreed to make it, and now I had to keep my words, plus i couldn't disappoint hubby's friend and his cousin could I ? I had to really plan and manage my time properly with the additional task. I already had to bake one brownies and to cut into six, and decorate them with daisies ( which I had prepared earlier ) I could only tie the ribbons and decorate them with the crystal flowers when everything was done., at the same time, i had to bake one big cake, double the ingredients and to decorate it in blue and white theme, since I was short of time, i decided to use the extra daisies for the decoration.

2 kg plus plus , 12 x 12 inches chocolate cake with ganache filling and covered with blue buttercream and decorated with white daisies
I managed to bake the cake at night and while leaving it to cool, made the ganache and the fresh buttercream for it. I had to leave the deco for my brownies box aside to deco this cake first. I decided to cover it in blue buttercream first and to finish decorating it the following day because it was already 3 am and i had not even started with the boxes yet. I finally managed to complete them, all six by 5 am.( the scheduled pick up time was at 7.30am ) I had to get at least two hours of sleep so that i would not fall asleep during the session the next day!

Thhis cake was collected at 1 pm as per schedule. I completed the full deco, just before my class started. phew! Thank you Budin and selamat Pengantin baru Ina and partner

What's the story behind these two? I received the call the nite that I was making the 12 x 12 chocolate cake and while my head was thinking of how to decorate the six transparent boxes , and thus I had to put them on hold for a while and started making and baking the chocolate cake and the marble cheese brownies
Scheduled pick up time was also 1 pm and therefore I had both of them ready by night, The only thing incomplete were the names of the birthday people

wrote the names just before they were picked up .

Thank you azira

class on 23rd july 2011

eh! what is she doing there? where are they? One mummy of three kids, the other two, mum and daughter team, all three of them, but they are all so shy shy one......refused to be photographed and i respected their decisions and hence, Batrisyia's photo , here.

nice fondant bracelet

lunch for the day, but not home cooked, unfortunately.... or fortunately...:-)

ooops, patah dah bracelet tu....

aahhh, there it is, my signature dish, ayam masak minagkabau, pagi ni sempat masak satu lauk je because last night was pretty tight.

when Sue first asked for this date, july 23rd, my schedule was free, and so i agreed. I then got one order for six boxes of mini brownies with daisies to be collected early morning and I thought i could do them without jeopardising my class.

however, the previous nights i received a call from hubby's friend who is also my customer, requesting for a wedding cake, to be collected by noon on this particular day, I had to say 'yes' if not, the bride would have no cake on her akad nikah day. as I was making the cakes and brownies and trying to decorate the boxes for the six brownies, i received another call, my regular customer, requesting for a cake and a marble cheese brownies for birthdays. I just couldn't say 'no' but all these 'yes'es only allowed me two hours of sleep before my scheduled class the following day, and hence i only had time to cook one dish.


kak long's ( kak H's daughter )

Kak H's

However, despite the unexpectedly busy night with last minute orders, I managed to not fall asleep during the class, thanks to my lively and jovial students who made the class fun and entertaining. Alhamdulillah, the class went on smoothly, no ice breaking session needed , as we all know one another very well.

thank you Sue, Kak H and daughter for your willingness to share your Saturday with me in my little kitchen.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pasta oh pasta!

first time, I made all three types of pasta dishes in one day,

Athira ordered this one big macaroni au gratin for makan2 at her kedai, thank you Athira.

A friend who happens to know that I was making the macaroni, requested me to make a smaller portion for her, thank you dear Balkis

SSince there was some minced meat left and I had some meat balls in the freezer, I thought why didn't I make spaghetti sauce with it. Plus, there was also some white sauce left fom the macaronii au gratin, I thought, hey I could also make lasagna, since I was already making the spaghetti sauce, and I also had the white sauce, just layer them with pasta for lasagna, I could make one for Ameer who had been asking me for lasagna for ages. I made sure to boil extra spaghetti for Batrisyia because she likes to eat it plain, on its own, without the sauce

A small portion of lasagna, layers of spaghetti sauce, and white sauce in between the sheets

sprinkled with mozarella cheese, lots and lots of them

I also made one small portion of macaroni au gratin for my kids,so yesterday afternoon, had spaghetti bolognese for lunch, and they had the lasagna for dinner, and that left the macaroni still untouched, could save it for later, just leave it the freezer, and whenever we feel like having it, just bring it out, thaw it, and bake it.

Bon apetit!


Monday, July 25, 2011

say cheese..........all things cheese

marble CHEESE brownies

another MCB

blueberry CHEESEcake, thank you Puan Noormala

blueberry CHEESEtarts, thank you syue

She is now officially a mummy cat!

3 dishes from 3 different chef ( their books )

my simple lunch last week

small lala , masak cili and serai

Sup cendawan and carrot, Batriysia loves this

ayam masak Nyonya style ,


She arrived at my house at 9 pm on the dot, after driving all the way from Pahang, collected this MCB for her kid's birthday and then went back home to her mum's place in Jalan Tanjung Bendahara. thank you Atiqah for thinking of me for your kid's birthday cake/MCB.

Syue's follow up order, after less than a week, three days actually, nak bawa ke Kelantan katanya, thank you Syue!

Athira's brownies, if Mr Din is our brownies man, then, Athira could be our brownies lady, paling kerap order brownies. thank you dear

two packs of 9 x 12 inches macaroni au gratin for Kak Has and family. the fillings: chicken, meat, prawn and squid, plus potatoes, etc.Actually she wanted lasagna but over the phone, she said macaroni and that's why I made her macaroni. Another reason why we should reconfirm the orders in black and white, right?But she doesn't mind, gave her an excuse to order lasagna next time. thank you Kak Has.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

the 'Royal' carrot cake

carrot cake walnut with cream cheese frosting

with white daisies

most privileged to have been given this opportunity. Thank you Puan Azmah