Monday, December 9, 2013

just another day

and I am taking it slow, nice and easy.
It does feel good being able to finally sit in front of this screen, not just browsing and keeping up to dates with friends on the facebook, or googled cake photos for ideas and inspirations, nor watching SKKS episodes over and over again on Youtube but, actually writing and updating my spiderwebbed blog (for leaving it far too long), leaving big question mark on some people, wondering and guessing whether I still bake or not.  
Yes, I do!
I still am!
and enjoying it too!
 and with many new goodies, cakes , brownies , pavlovas, and cheesecakes to satisfy their cravings.


I don't know where to start!updating my blog, I mean.......

so, what should I do?
I am so out of touch, I have all these beautiful pictures of  the cakes and cupcakes, but I am just not sure which is whose or when,. Perhaps I would just start by loading the pictures first, and the story comes later

Monday, December 2, 2013

A fine, gorgeous and colourful sari as a present for her friend

accompanied by some cookies

packed in a nicely decorated basket 

I do and i accept

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunkjunkwan Scandal and more

it got me hooked after watching it the first time, not even the first episode but 4th, somehow, one particular charwcter in that drama caught my eye, but with many more interesting characters with beautiful setting and well written script, it caught me, just like Winter Sonata did many many years back
this photo is just a teaser, plenty more where that came from, almost a year's collection of cake photos to be updated, will try to update in the coming weeks, hopefully, but in the mean time, anyone who is interested to get the latest photos or infos on my baking , feel free to visit my facebook at Zuriani Ab. Kadir

I am off to deliver, a cake, or rather, cakes and cupcakes, will update more, just so that you know, for those who are wondering, yes, I am still baking, still doing the things I love doing, only time does not permit me to have the pleasure of sitting down infront of my laptop or PC actually writing and updating my blog.

Ciao for now, xoxo

Thursday, September 19, 2013

lessons learned

Batrisyia, wake up! it's 6 plus already, go and take your bath, time to go to school
but Ma, today is Friday!
So it is!
So I went up, took my wudhu and performed the solat Suboh. cake order today ( except for one customer coming over at 8.30 am for her marble cheese brownies.
I was at a traffic light but somehow I couldn't see the light clearly, wasn't sure whether it was green or red. After realising that it was not yet 'green' I backed my car and allowed the other cars to pass. However, something was not right, the traffic wasn't moving! nobody can neither go here  nor there.
what went wrong?
Out of the blue, a policeman came over and tapped on my window
oh oh, what have I done now
Is something wrong officer?
I quickly asked my girls  to sit at the back
I checked to see if my seat belt was on.

is there some kind of accident that caused this chaos
He didn't say much,only  a smile
He asked for my driver's license.
This is the first
Suddenly I saw  him writing on his summon paper.
What was my offence?
What did I do wrong
What was I summoned for?
I asked  him again but again I got no reply from him

He left me flabbergasted and suddenly my car moved forward
How did that happen

I did not hit the gas but the car kept moving and I was driving away from the junction towards a row of shoop lots somewhere nearby.
I parked my car and started walking and approached a lady in one of the shops.
I was asking for her help to get me back to the junction , which I was not familiar with. All I mnew was that it was the main road from Alor Setar to Bukit Kayu Hitam
wow! Thatbis a very long stretch!
I had to get back there cos somehow, which. didn't know , I lost my two girls! How could I have left them there? In the middle of nowhere! in a strange place, at night!
I had to get t them fast.
somehow, we just couldn't find the road , she didn't seem to know and I definitely couldn't remember the place
What am going to do? What will happen t my two girls?
i panicked! waht if? so many what ifs came into mind
Bam! it struck me! the kids never get off the car so surely they were still in the car with me but why did I have  this feeling that they aren't?
but the question now is where did I park the car?

I did not push the pedal but the car  moved and suddenly I wa driving away from the junction towards a few blocks of shop lots

Saturday, August 17, 2013

anugerah Syawal

seindah Ramadhan
seperti lagu Bunkface
u-u, yeay yeay
u-u, wo wo
selamat hari raya!
hope it is not too late to wish all Muslim viewers a wonderful Aidil Fitri,
After all, today is 10 Syawal,

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hello ! how i have missed my blog, it's been left untouched, unopened ( well, opened but uuupdated, is there such word as unupdated? Whatever......)
i am back! well Ihope I am.
what have I missed? a lot I think and I have not visited my other blogger friends too.
I am here, still at my working table in my small kitchen, still baking, still decorating  cakes whilst at the same time doing my motherly and wifey duties to my three children and husband.
The picture above, is an old photo, taken from my picture archives. i am just testing whether i can still load pictures in my blog cos I wasn't able to do so before and hence the long absence from my blog.
The owner of the blue lovebirds are already married and this cake was for their engagement.
There is a story behind this cake, there is always a story behind every cake.
12.45 am every Saturday I would switch on to 8TV to watch this Korean drama, despite not really following the story but somehow it kept me company most of my long nights decorating my cakes and cupcakes

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

where have I been?

where do I begin
to tell the story of how great a love can be
where do I start
with her first hello
she gave a meanng to this lonely world of mine

forgot the lyrics lah

it's been a while, a looong while.....
I don't know even know how and where to begin
I still bake, still decorating cakes and cupcakes and much more
at the same timeI am my kids' drivers, driving them to and from school, the only difference is that I am sending only two and not three this year because my eldest is waiting for her  SPM result.

I have to stop here for a while, to send my son for his tuition.
hooe i can find the time to write more
till then ,,...ciao