Friday, December 18, 2009

crysanthemum cuppies for Ina's engagement

"Wslm..I don't mind really, in fact i love it very much. Thank you very much.."

a simple sms but means a lot to me.

As Ina was getting ready for her big day, (today is her engagement day), she took a few minutes of her precious time to sms and thank me for these cuppies. Her brother came to collect them because her schedule was really tight as there was a change in their plan.

We had been exchanging e-mails, smses and phone calls ever since I first received her e-mail more than a month ago. She gave me a smaple of what she wanted.

My first crysanthemum flower, hope it looks like what it should. this was what Ina wanted and I gave my best shot, wouldn't want to disappoint her.

Went to the shop to get the boxes and some ribbons and saw this bead and I bought them in different colours as I thot they looked kinda pretty. Found this brown flower lace in my ribbon and lace box and decided to deco this plain glass with pretty lace and beads and this is what I get.

place the decorated cupcake inside the decorated glass. For an amateur, I am quite pleased with myself.

For my own wedding I didn't have this opportunity, no nice wedding favours or cupcakes, not even a wedding cake ( it was just a small wedding reception, not that it matters much ), I want every gals and guys who are getting married or getting engaged to have the finest and the most beautiful things that they can get and this is my contribution to their special day and I hope in my own little ways it would make it special and memorable.

wishing Ina and fiance, "Selamat Bertunang"

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