Saturday, February 28, 2009

my first fondant roses

My very, very first fondant roses and leaves..... berbekalkan leaf cutter only, the rest guna apa2 yang ada in my kitchen as the tools.... improvise....
I've been looking at all those beautifully decorated fondant designs by other bakers and mesmerised and intrigued by their design and I do so want to do it so much, and my hands were itching to try to do it on my own and I am quite happy with the result, not elated or ecstatic but it managed to put a smile on my face, for a beginner.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

did three different kind of cakes last night but all three have one thing in common, chocolate base, oreo chocolate cheesecake, mini chocolate cupcakes and chocolate cake using different recipe.

Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake- no bake

" Saya nak cheesecake , akak buat tak blueberry cheesecake?" So far, tak pernah try , the other day pun ada my friend tanya blueberry cake, pun tak pernah, but blueberry cheese tarts, yes, i have tried and they are I guess I have to start searching for good recipe and try these two recipes. So I recommended her the popular choice among my friend , this Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake and she agreed to my suggestion. And I am glad to receive a positive comment from her later. Thanx for the order, Hafizah and wld like to thank the Chef whom I got the recipe from, worth the RM that I spent going to his demo class , for this is by far one of the best cheesecakes I've ever tasted.

repeat order for banana cc with cc frosting

repeat order from this lady but this time she ordered it for the office's meeting. Thank you dear for having faith in my cupcakes.Notice that the amount of cream cheese frosting on the cuppies are different from one box to the other

mini choc cuppies for a sister

I've only just known her , barely a month, but this is her third order for chocolate cupcakes and I want to thank her so much for the support. This time, she requested mini choc cuppies for her sister's 14th birthday to be shared with her friends. She requested chocolate curls on top of the ganache and since we are still in the month of February, so I thot, why not, just put the red heart on top of the curls., symbolising the love of one sister to another.

Yellow roses Birthday cake for another Mum

the three out of six yellow roses
The world is full of beautiful , loving and caring children and this Mother or Mak, the recipient of this chocolate cake has one of them. This fortunate Mum 's sweet young daughter wanted the cake just like the one I made earlier , remember the three red roses with chocolate curls?. The only difference is she wanted it square instead of round and I decided to use yellow instead of red for the roses and added three more roses. Every time I made these Birthday cakes for mothers, I always remember my Umi and I haven't made any for her yet cos she lives back in my hometown, furthermore I've only just started with this cake business and I hope this coming December 17th I will be able to make one for her too......although I am also a mother but I am still a daughter to my Abah and Umi and I hope I will also be one of those beautiful, loving and caring daughter too,

Quotes from Colourful Friends

the "purple " colour friend. Colour of the Noble ones, will help us learn true authority and wisdom of heart

"Yellow" colour Friend. Colour of the Sun. Friend who makes us laugh, and show usthe star when we are sad.

"red" colour friend, one who reminds us the rules in life, but encourages us to change, with warm loving words.
Quotes from the e-mail

another passion of mine is drawing, basically cartoon drawing. When I was young ( am I that old now? ) I like to draw the characters from the BEANO comic, from Roger the Dodger to the Bash Street Kids teacher to his students cos I can't really draw or paint potraits. Here are a few that I drew from an e-mail that I receive from my friend in JB. I'm sending these colourful friends back to her via my drawings.When will we see each other again Zai? It's been....more than 20 years? Wow! Has it been that long?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

another PPG

One chocolate cake with Power Puff Girls ( the girls are a bit tanned, supposedly had been sunbathing somewhere ( actually the colour didn't come out the way I wanted it ) and 50 pcs of chocolate cupcakes to be shared with classmates.

Fatimah Az-Zahra is seven today and mummy dearest asked me to make this PPG cakes and cupcakes for her youngest daughter. I really love that name. It's beautiful. I hope you like this PPG

visit malaysia

the wording ZOOM tak berapa nak jadi, I was doing this rather late at night and my internet in the kitchen tak leh dapat so I couldn't search for the logo, itu lah jadinye...not my best work of art, so i just drew based on what I sort of remember what it looks like. Next time I must remember to print them first

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chocolate curls for Mak

A thoughtful and loving daughter's request for her mother's birthday, she wanted lots of chocolate curls . I couldn't get the strawberries like the one in the picture that she showed me, so instead of strawberries i made roses instead. Actually I wanted it to be very bright red, but it didnt come out as bright as I wanted, hope she likes it .
the leaves and the curls,
The three roses ( symbolises " I Love You ") using buttercream ,"Ma, where did you get the roses from?", hubby asked me. " I made it myself", proudly I said to him. As amazed as he was , not as amazed as I am cos I never knew that I could do this, but I still have lots to learn, this is very new to me. If I have the opportunity, would love to attend one of those classes, learning is a never ending experience, there are always new things to be discovered

Love You Always Cake

Just a simple design cake with ganache topping and buttercream deco on the borders with red heart on the sides, the cake? Chocolate Costello with chocolate mousse sandwiched in between, not quite the taste that I'm looking for , guess I would have to continue with my search for that perfect taste

Remember the cake tin i bought?This is it! Supposed to be a welcome home cake but my hubby got home first before the cake was ready!

Mickey Mouse Egg

What do you see in this bowl? To me they are just three egg yolks , but to my 5 year old Batrisyia, it is Mickey Mouse! See, the two big ears! Whenever she sees three circles in this position, it could be her Milo ball in her cereal bowl, it is also Mickey Mouse ....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is in The Air

Her testimony; " Marvelous...sodap sgt, complete semua rasa..My hubby ckp lepas ni dh x pyh cari s*cr*t r*ce*pi lg. :). Am just glad that you like it dear...

Actually this sweet young lady just wanted it plain, no need to write anything cos she just want to "makan-makan" but my hand got very "itchy one" and i wanted to write something since today is Feb 14, so that's why ' Love Is in The Air" is on the cake.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

cakes and cupcakes for customer's office's Raya open house

vanilla magnolia cupcakes with yellow swirl on cake stand
The one and only, the Oreo choc cheesecake, with oreo base,and choc cream with cream cheese , topped with grated choc and sprinkled with cocoa powder

plain bake cheesecake with Marie biscuit as base

chocolate cake simply topped with ganache

another cheesecake with cream and cherries for deco

Vanilla magnolia cupcakes with ketupat design on cupcake tiers.

Readers Digest Choc cake, yup, that’s right, that’s where I got the recipe from, most complicated, layered with sponge, meringue, choc mousse and finally ganache., with buttercream writing " Selamat Hari Raya"

Almond & hazelnut gateau ( my first attempt, recipe from Chocolate Box Collection. ), thanx to hubby for the book.

Patiently waiting to be picked up for the raya open house for customer's office last Raya festival.

From left; front row oreo chocolate cheesecake, chocolate cake and plain bake cheesecake

second row: choc cake, plain bake cheesecake, plain bake cheesecake with cherries and cream and RD choc cake

back row:vanilla magnolia cupcakes with yellow swirl on cake stand, almond and hazelnut gateau, vanilla magnolia cupcakes on cupcake tiers and chocolate cake.
Thank you for trusting me to make these cakes, it's been a pleasure. Actually they ordered cakes only, the cupcakes are compliments from Zue's Oven.

closer up look on my earliest boxed cupcakes

just for photo shoot( but not a good one that is ), arranged the cupcakes on the cake stand
are these cupcakes upside down or what? but seems like birds eye view, no definitely upside down, so how do I twist it around, looks like I have to do some googling to find out how, oh well , just leave it as it is first.
try not to correct your screen view cos there's nothing wrong with your computer, just the photo, you just need to twist your head to the right at 45 degree angle to see this photo..he..he..

My earliest bulk raya order

My earliest and firstest ( first lah ) cupcakes in transparent boxes and ribboned complete with flowers, ready to be individually delivered ( specifically requested by my customer who is in KL, thanks Peng for these orders and the other orders too. )to her clients in and around Alor Star, well, a few are in Sungai Petani and Jitra too.
Varieties of design in each box, with three different flavours ;vanilla, chocolate and carrot cupcakes ( with cream cheese topping)

Who else but my loyal companion in the background, my two other kiddos helped too in other ways, my eldest daughter, is my to speak and my taster too whilst my son, is my photographer. (well....sometimes, cos most of the time, I finished quite late and he's already in dreamyland)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to enjoy your choc cuppies

Looks like the phrase “ sehingga menjilat jari ( finger licking good )” doesn’t just apply to K*C, hihi.. it also applies to Zue's Oven chocolate cupcakes with ganache, if I may so say , don't they just love chocolates, hey, not just kids you know, for; me,myself and I , am also a chocoholics! Always have something, like KitKat, or Ritter Sport in my drawer at the office. There's one particular cake sold at one of the cake shops which I really love , I mean, reaaally love and I've been trying to create something which taste somewhat similar, I know that there's chocolate mousse somewhere in the cake, probably layered with choc sponge cake, anyway, I might try it today and I'm going to use the new heart shape baking mould which I bought yesterday . Tomorrow is you know what day but we are not really celebrating it but just want to make it as a welcome home cake for my hubby who is coming back home from his outstation trip. It's just a thot,

and this is how you enjoy your choc cuppies hmmm...yummy... a picture speaks a thousand words.......

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes

just take a close look at the shiny ganache made from choc and pure cream, just chocolatey and creamy and yummy and scrumptious.

Both chocolate cakes and cheesecakes are very dear to me , both are different and unique in their own sweet, chocolatey, creamy and cheesy way esp when you use pure cream in the ganache…hmmmm…yummy, need I say more? I rest my case…

She just wanted it simple, just top with ganache and simply sprinkle with chocolate rice,no hanky panky, I just add a few drops of choc chip button on top. This is how I like to eat my choc cuppies too, simple but the ganache is a must. She ordered this during the final week of January and about one week later, she ordered another set because her son loves them. How sweet, those words sounds like music to my ear. I just love it when kids and adults alike take the pleasure in enjoying them as much as I enjoy making them.

Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

" Batrisyia nak buat camni ,Ma, buat pelan2, jangan bagi tumpah, nanti terbang2", those were the words coming out from my youngest, my loyal baking companion, while i was preparing the ingredients for "banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting", an order for tomorrow, from a very nice lady whom I've known way back when we were working in the same building and even now that we are not in the same building anymore, we are still " calling-calling" one another occasionally.
This is the second time I am using this recipe, the first time, I just tried out the recipe from a book which my hubby bought last year when he was in KL .My dearest friend in Langkawi wanted this flavour so i tried first to get it right . I guess nothing can go wrong when there's cream cheese in it.Before this I've always made banana cake whenever there were extra bananas in the house but using a different recipe and with walnut added to it. I like that recipe too. You know what I'd like to do with bananas other than making cakes, I like to make cokodok a.k.a jemput-jemput pisang.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spongebob cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes with Power Rangers and Spongebob design for an 8 year old Aiman whose Mummy also shares the same passion in cooking and baking like me. We would be talking about how to do this and how to do that ( baking of course, apart from other topics) whenever we have the opportunity.Missed having you as my neighbour...

A Masterpiece on a cake board

dated:6th Nov 2008'
I was drawing Spongebob on the cupcakes birthday order from a friend , when I saw that my daughter was also drawing something on another cake board and she surprised me with this..

My 4 year old Batrisyia’s masterpiece, ( she is 5 now but this drawing was done when she was 4 )
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, our future Picasso….or Van Gogh or perhaps , our very own Dato’Lat, the cartoonist .
My youngest daughter seems to show an interest in my baking, she would sit around accompanying me in the wee hours of the morning and asking me this and that and keeps on saying, " cantiknyeeee" every time i finished decorating my cakes and cupcakes. Who better can be a judge than a 5 year old kid. Kids don't lie, right, but then again, she is my kid, surely she would say nice things to her Mummy...

Batrisyia's Power Puff Girls

dated 21st Jan 2009 at 5.30 am, drew these three girls, Bubble, Blossom and Buttercup for my daughter's brthday on the same day.

Voila! the girls are all coloured with piping jellies with small blobs of pink/white buttercream borders with drops of smarties at the side .

Cartoon drawings on cake board

After my first attempt to draw Power Puff Girls directly on my daughter's birthday cake at 5.30 am! without using the transfer technique cos i didn't know how, I decided to try drawing these cartoon characters on the cake board, for an amateur like me, i must say that I'm quite pleased with myself ( masuk bakul sendiri...hihi...)