Sunday, November 8, 2009

Transformers photocake

"Mak Teh, Adik nak order kek nak ambik esok boleh?"
Aduh, aduh, nasib baik nggak ada heart atack nauzubillah..
it's her son's birthday and her MIL wanted to make " makan2" for her grandson and Adik thought of me, to make the birthday cake for her youngest son.

2 kg Chocolate moist cake with ganache and Transformers edible image.
Since this is rather short notice, she wouldn't mind any cartoon characters would do. I bought this at the nearest shop and this was the only character available besides the Disney Princesses which wouldn't be suitable for a birthday boy. No BEN 10, no Upin Ipin, just Transformers and fortunately Adik didn't mind.
Thank you Adik for thinking of me when you thought of cakes.
comment from Adik via sms:
"ramai ckp sedap.leh tmpah lg."
short and simple but very meaningful to me.

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