Saturday, November 21, 2009

...... and again.....this is for yus

yup... I did it again!
This time not because I overslept but because we went out to watch '2012', the latest movie and by the look of the people thronging the cinema to watch it, it could be box office anydays now., if it hasn't already... Since the 6.30 and 9.30 pm shows were sold out, we had to take the 12.30 midnite show and it only finished at 3 something ( wow! two hours plus plus for such an incredible , sitting at the edge of your seat show), and by the time we reached home it was almost 3.30 am.Made the two oreo chocolate cheesecakes first,one for Yong and the other for Miza. then only I started with this deco. Took a quick doze , zzzzzzz....for about one hour because my friend said that she's picking up the oreo at 7.30am.yawn...yawn...sooo sleepy.....

The recipient of this set of cuppies is one lucky girl.It's not everyday that i receive a request from members of the opposite sex, male that is requesting for cakes or cuppies to be made for their loved ones. normally, it would be the ladies, from wife to hubby, from girlfriends to boyfriends, from mothers to children or , from daughters to mothers and fathers, from sisters to sisters, from friends to friends, the list goes on and on and they are all from the ladies. okay okay, I do have from fathers to their kids too..I had one guy requested a cheesecake for their 14th anniversary and I think it was soooo sweeeet and I think if the men did this, went out of their way to make this small but meaningful gesture, well..look no further, he's your man....that's my opinion, but not necessarily those men who didn't give cakes or cupcakes or didn't shower you with gifts are anything less worthy because they might love you in their own special silent, kinda way.As long as they are responsible, loving and caring , love them as they are.

S.W.AL.K. Ever heard of this before? those who were in love in the 80s would be familiar with this five alphabets. Sealed With A Loving Kiss would be written at the back of a sealed envelope whenever you were writing and sending letters or love notes to your loved ones. I still keep mine , notes, letters, postcards, birthday cards, valentines day cards, just momentos to keep and cherish, to put that smile back on your face whenever you read them back and remembering the sweet times and moments. Those were our means of communicating, no handphones for smses then....nor! I am so ancient!grey hair starts emerging as I am writing this ....:-)

Do you remember the other one, but more for friendship, F.R.A.N.C.E which means Friendship Remains And Never Can End.

it's not the same anymore, no more love letters, no more love notes written or scribbled on small pieces of papers, sometimes sprayed with perfume or just talcum powder or some people used perfumed paper, or chocolate wraps or tissues cos nowadays lovebirds exchange their love messages via sms or perhaps e-mails and the recent trend , I guess, is via cupcakes. this...we didn't have in the 80s, not with me anyway.

white teddy for the lass .Yus went out of his way to wish his sweetheart, his love of his life, his sugarplum, honeybee, pandai2 menokok menambah pulak.....a "Happy Birthday Sayang" and when I asked him how old she was, "21" he said. sweet, so young and so innocent, ( that's what I think , because Yus is sweet, young and 'looks' innocent too.......) dunno about that, with this borderless age, with the IT and the gadgets, i don't know if kids this age or maybe younger are innocent and naive anymore.

so, when I asked him what he wanted, he told me to make it simple but sweet, not too loud, perhaps i could make it similar to the one I just made for ana, that "Happy 40th birthday Teh" cuppies and preferable pink, because she likes pink he said, so pink it is, with a little bits of other colours too....but still soft and sweet.
With that in mind, I tried to create something sweet for him . At first I wanted to make "Boy meets girl', then " Boy likes girl", followed by "boy loves girl' cuppies but due to time constraint, I came up with this simple story of boy sending a S.W.AL.K. envelope which contains a red heart shaped Love note with a message " Happy birthday Sayang". Hope yus and u know who like this.
wishng her Sweet 21, she's got the key, the key to freedom, sort of....thank you Yus for trusting me with your love message and I also wish your dad speedy recovery from his illness. thank you and take care dear.

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