Sunday, November 8, 2009

Black and red cuppies for the love of Ana's Life....

"Hello kak zu, dis 8hb is zaly's bufday.As usual nk cupcake ok? for colour, jz black n red ok"
part of the smses that I received from this sweet lady for her hubby's bufday

The flavour: choc and topped with ganache
the deco: using buttercream
the wordings: up to me , besides the 37th bufday wish.
the colour: black and red. I guess the ganache can be used as black? hehe.....
red? this is going to be tough...

red and black ribbon for red and black cuppies. For red buttercream, I had to leave it overnite to get the red, even so I couldn't get the red despite mixing it with super red, bright red and whatever red cololur that I have. However, surprisingly, by the time Ana came to collect her cuppies, it turend out really red and a beautiful red that is. Ana likes it and me, speechless, so sayang to let go cos the red is sooo beautiful. I guess the picture didn't do justice to the actual red . dunno if ana were to ask me to do this red again, whether I could get this red again, but ahh, it was so very beautiful bright red. I am going to say it again. It was soooo beautiful, so red, so gorgeous if I may say so myself......

You complete Me. ( Was this the phrase in Jerry Mc Guire, where Tom Cruise said this to Renee Zelwinger, do I get the spelling right)
I just like this caption. suka2 je tambah, ana tak suruh pun but I guess it relates her feelings towards her other half. After all, husbands and wives should compelement each other.

Happy 37th Birthday Hubby dearest .Even the leaves are red in colour:-)

so full of love, love shape with sliver dregees in it.
Ana dear, thank you so much for your endless support. I still remember last year's cuppies were orange in colour with the wordings " You Rock my world Baby" and I guess he still and will always rock your world dear.
Would like to share Ana's sms to me which I received last night:
"Thankz a lot k.zu! everybody super love da so proud k.. especially da design, so next time i can count on u, again thankz sis"
How sweet and thoughtful. this is why I love making cakes and cupcakes because they bring smile and cheers and happiness to others

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